Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic ~ August 7, 2021

Dear belved Families of Divine Love Light as above of all Company of Heaven / beloved Archangelic and Angelic, and Elochim and Central races and other beloved Spiritiual Beings with our beloved Prime Creator / beloved Father Moter God /, and oue beloved Star Families in physical forms in Galactic Faderation of Lights, and other lovely friends as blue Avians and others helping us and watching our ascension u physical forms, together with our lovely planets, so bellow Aghartans as our inner Earth Families and otheres, and on the surface with all Humanities, together with all lovely Souls in all Kingdoms / Plants, Animals, and Mineral Crystal/, and Elements, this is very important key moment in this and unique great experiment, when we must be all together as One with our beloved Father Mother God.
We are aware that are many different opinions about this because of free will, particularly when dark ones trying to prevent this to happen, using many of their deceit forms of thinking as this one, describe in this context above, trying to explain our ascension by walk-in Souls in our bodies, and nullifying our Divine Soul spark of Divine Love and Light network connection in our Heart Portal centre, that will Divine Love network connection with all Souls on surface of our planet, together with our beloved Mother Earth, and Father Sun Sol. Dark side has no Love and Light energies.

Only knowledge they grab from minds from imprisoned higher Light Soul, collecting in main AI dark computer, that are controlling many human Souls with 3 D ego mind communication network system, or specially psy weapon on lightworkers, or using human bodies with lower frequencies for their negative walk in Souls / who has it working for dark side /, but this type of walk in is used only by dark entities for controlling our politicians, and their human scientists slaves or bank system, or big multi million corporations particularly in communication system, or aristocratic negative bloodline families, to be easily controlling our surface world through deception in media, as their dark creation of this virus, and vaccination and mandatory face mask for trying of depopulation of our human race, knowing for our capabilities of collective awakening and rising of collective frequencies, and their final end of their suppression and controlling us and our world.

When we are being awaken, with positive attitude, we are starting to receiving more Love and Light energies in many of Gamma waves, directly from our beloved Father Mother God from our Great Central Sun, that will activate slowly our 12 and more chains of DNA, allowing addamantin particals form our higher selves Soul essence coming into our bodies, and reunion with our higher selves on Divine Love base bringing us more Sacred Spiritual knowledge, and activating our Ancient Knowledge, secretly stored in Bank data of DNA with memories of our many of thousands and thousands previously lifetimes, so burning and destroying of ancient knowledge books from dark side could not hidden our true Human history, and our Star and higher dimensional inheritance of our Soul.

This is battle for Souls of Humankind, one when dark side using dark entities through walk in in human bodies, and imprisoning human souls for repeating reincarnation cycles in time space continuum to be their slaves, or through fear controlling program, as a virus and vaccination program and deception into mass media, while We, Humans, and all lovely Souls from all Kingdom and Elements with the higher Angelic kingdom Souls, deeply connecting with our Beloved Father Mother God / Prime Creator /, when We are with positive attitude and awaken, receiving more and more Divine Love and Light energies, and upgrading our DNA with more layers of DNA, and with changing our body contraction from carbon to crystalline, that will absorbing more Divine Love Light energies, raising our frequency of existence and raising frequency of our Consciousness to the level of our true God/Goddess selves, as One with all Beings of Love / Light, and Lifht Love and Rainbow leaded by our Sacred Heart centre together with our beloved Mother Father God.

We are stepping out from all dark programming system, leaving this limited time space cycle, and leaving this computer AI system of game program, with ascending to 5D and higher dimensional system, where only Divine Love and Light exist, with Abundance and Happiness and Joy and respecting each other are present, leaded by our Heart Portal and Divine Love and Light, as true Love electromagnetic Cosmic force toward reunion with others with same energies, and Divine Love and Light energies are only present in this Universe, and Multiverse and Cosmos. With raising of our collective frequencies, the new newborn Souls in our
Offspring, only higher Dimensional Souls are coming form now and here, not reincarnated Souls with dark mind ego programming anymore.

The dark game for our many thousands of reincarnating Souls is over, and we are thanking to dark side for our greater experience. Our true and deep apologize and sending great Love to our beloved Mother Earth, and all lovely Souls in all kingdoms and elements, as other lovely Souls in Universe and Muliverse for our bad and destructive behaviour, deed under controlling of dark programming of negative Ai computer system and their dark soldiers, and our Forgiveness, and Love and Compassion, first for our negative roles in our previously live times as part of harsh teachings, and Forgiveness, and Compassion and Love to our fallen brothers and sisters, for their still negative role, to wake up soon.

I am asking all Higher Dimensional Beings to spread this letter and this true knowledge of ourselves and our Divine Power of Love / more being activating through 144000 awakened light workers, white Brotherhood / Sisterhood on Lion’s gate portal on 8/8 /, to magnetosphere and final break tough compression and starting of 5 Dimensional frequency coming and bathing our surface and all environment, with full activation of Pyrmaidal portals / first from Bosnian pyramids on Mediterranian as New Lemuria, as Love portal and reunited with Giza pyramids as Light and New Atlantis, and activating all Crystal Grid outside, and inside, and nodes and meridians of lay lines on surface with all heart to heart network connection with all lovely Souls in all Kingdoms and Eements, and in this Universe, and Multiverse, and Cosmos with reunion with our beloved Father Mother God in Great Cosmic Center, with reunion of all, as one with this first Solar blast, coming on 8/8/2021.

All my love to all in Cosmos, and love and healing to beloved Mother Earth/New Gaia/ Archangel Sopha, and beloved Father Sun Sol.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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