August 5, 2021: Two Opponents Duking It Out at the Chess Board [videos] ~ August 5, 2021

August 5, 2021: Two Opponents Duking It Out at the Chess Board [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture August 5, 2021

There was no update from us yesterday, in case you were wondering. There was no time or energy for news so I took a rare day off from being a war correspondent. I knew the war would rage on without me while I recover from what feels like moving for the third time after we had painters in and had to move furniture and a lot of other things and then put it all back.

The last two determined players slog it out in a higher realm while we perform our due diligence and do what we can to defeat the dark here in this one.

Today, as every day, there are plenty of breaking headlines. The first of my day came from Health Nut News to say that Erin’s spouse, Dr. Joseph Mercola, has been forced to capitulate to the thugs. Twenty-five years of factual and inspirational medical writings gone in a few hours. The good doctor explains in the video below.

And what of this?

At least 640 doctors in Indonesia have died of COVID

It sounds like a few ships were “Evergivened”. I wonder if there will be any creative routes revealed as there was for the Evergiven.

BREAKING: 4 ships off UAE in Gulf of Oman warn they’ve lost control

Life is tough all over for the global criminals who are finding that their activities are being exposed and that they no longer have carte blanche to lie, cheat, or steal behind closed doors. They are going to learn, “they don’t get to keep the diamonds”. Diamonds aren’t forever if you steal them.

Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos ordered to return $500 million in energy shares to Angola

Is that a snake around her neck? Is she really a saint? Names can be deceiving in the “nobility class”.

Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos

Queen Romana Didulo has posted a lot of great information you can scroll up or down to see on her Telegram channel. This is a snippet. Link to Telegram. 

Here’s the second half of that really long post @romanadidulo

try to keep them alive, try to keep the blood flowing within them.” Mr. Gould further states at approximately the 27:25 minute/second mark, “The Quantum Banking System controls planet earth now!”

We hear the war may go hot in August. Mike Adams reveals his sources’ tips in this heads up for patriots. Please read or listen to the beginning of the podcast if you are thinking of attending any demonstrations in America.

The coming Delta lockdown is DESIGNED to invoke nationwide protests so they can be exploited as a backdrop for false flag event to blame “anti-vaxxers”

The American patriots have been very calm and orderly throughout the last several years since Q arrived on the scene to explain the situation. They’re fully capable of mobilizing just as those in France, the UK, Italy, Venezuela, Cuba, Australia, Canada, Germany, and other nations have—AND they’re armed to the teeth.

Will they, or won’t they? We’ll see what happens. Mike says under no circumstances should we show up at a protest with weapons of any kind—even pepper spray. The deep state is desperate to lock up peaceful protestors and MAGA fans and we can’t give them any excuse to do so. The January 6 event was a test run. The exercises nearly always go live.

At a protest in Berlin this past weekend we saw numerous examples of “police” using excessive force on women and children. An outcry has gone out as the footage went viral of a police officer throwing an elderly woman to the ground and it was difficult to tell if she hit her head on the pavement or not, from my perspective. Shoving a little boy off his mother whom they were attacking was also highly disturbing.

What kind of  monsters are these… attacking unarmed women and children? Are they really police, or hired thugs? What kind of police officer tramples his oath to attack the public he is sworn to serve and protect; the ones who sign his paycheque? Have they sworn allegiance to another power with deeper pockets?

‘Suspected bodily harm’ | Berlin police under investigation

LT did another outstanding video about all the major developments I would have discussed had I done a post yesterday, and more, but he then uploaded a new one. Here’s the one from Aug. 3.

8.4.21: This FIGHT is INTENSE. Messing with MILITARY (former/active) was a HUGE MISTAKE! PRAY!

New York’s kinky Governor Andrew Cuomo has a slick new monicker. He’s a “Cuomosexual”. Cute—or it would be if he weren’t so disgusting.

New York AG: ‘Cuomo Sexually Harassed Current and Former State Employees,’ Violated Federal and State Laws’

But he’s upwardly mobile.

Andrew Cuomo Official is Top Candidate to Become President of CNN

A massive wake-up call will be heard by all but the comatose very soon when the facts about the 2020 US Election are officially announced in finality.

In the mean time, we can research and see what happened on November 3, 2020 that almost reversed the rotation of the Earth for the patriots paying attention.

I have to agree; once you’ve seen this, you can’t unsee it.

Told you…We Have It All.
My favorite piece of media in all of 2021. ⬇️#FraudTreason 💥#CrimesAgainstHumanity

— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) August 4, 2021

This might put a little spin on things.

Giant races visited Earth until ancient Mesopotamia. Some good, some bad.

The #NEPHILIM explanation was invented by elites to keep humans ignorant about the abundance of life found elsewhere. Angels do not mate with humans.

They lied about God, and a big universe God created.

— Kab (@Kabamur_Taygeta) August 4, 2021

Walk this woo-way:

A to Z’s of the Rapture Event

And now it’s time to moderate the many comments. Thank you all for accompanying us on this fascinating journey of joy and justice.  ~ BP

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