Abigail Wainwright ~ July 21, 2021

Divine Union

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes! The true purpose of any relationship on Earth, romantic or not, is to assist in your own personal spiritual growth.

That being said, how beautiful to reconnect with your chosen ONE to experience the Love that surpasses all lifetimes through the growth of you Magnificent Heart…Quantum LOVE! Please read this article, realize you are ultimately blessed in every relationship you have, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Honour your Divine Union & your true sacred Twin Flame. This message goes to all advanced souls who are currently on this challenging path but could still be confused with different souls. Firstly I need to point something crucial out. Whilst we are all One & Beings of Divine Love & God, you only have One Divine Twin Flame that was created as your identical divine counterpart exactly at the moment you also were created. You may have other experiences with souls who have a close vibrational match or a part of the same soul group, but there is only one other that is completely identical in blueprint to you.

The reason this is confusing is because not all on earth are on this path & also they could still be experiencing lessons with other souls to learn about unconditional love & oneness.

A soulmate, a karmic & a Twin Flame are not the same thing & represent different energies but may have similar attributes & can be a partnership. A soulmate or karmic relationship is not always a romantic one. This can be your mother or father, siblings, children, or even two unrelated people that team up for any given reason. It can be romantic, though, when there are lessons for this still needing to be dealt with also. The energy is a partnership to assist both different souls, so they are more prepared for true Divine Union.

Your true Twin Flame is your exact soul signature & mirror-image in masculine & feminine expressions & does not always rely on gender in some cases. You are two counterparts hence being called ‘Twin Flame.’ This needs to be honoured fully. Your Twin Flame, although whole, represents a completion of energy to your own soul. The purpose is the wholeness of merging & Divine Union which goes beyond the limited human concept of love & relationship. The purpose also is to reach the soul’s full potential on all levels in Ascension, which in turn lifts the earth higher in frequency.

There is a much deeper purpose driving a Twin Flame connection than a Soulmate or Karmic one. In some lifetimes, if you are not ready for full Twin Flame Union, you decided to have soulmate relationships. They might have similar qualities to teach you something first, but they also have a Twin Flame you helped them with. As I said before, though, not all are on this path, so it’s why this is not fully understood yet as to why Twin Flames came to assist the earth. When you are truly ready, you will come back fully with your true Twin Flame. In this lifetime, many Twin Flames are ready & being called to let go of outdated lessons so they may come together with their Twin Flame in love & connect all chakra points fully again for merging. ~ ℎℎ ♡

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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