Teachings of Cicada ~ June 16, 2021

Cicada 3301

Editor’s Note: Those who have been following the spiritual scene for a while will remember a mysterious group calling themselves “Cicada 3301” who posed various puzzles to be solved. Video’s were also released with symbolic information, all the while to be used in puzzle solving. Please see the parable below highlighting why the cicada has been used to teach humanity.

The cicada moth emerges on a 17-year cycle. Is this a symbolic reference to the “Q” emergence (the 17th letter of the English Alphabet?) now sweeping the Internet with salient information designed to help humanity “wake UP?

Read on to learn more about the cicada, it’s attributes, and how this vehicle has been chosen to lead humanity into emerging into a new and higher level of consciousness, all the while by BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


The universe always has an interesting way to present its wisdoms. Living tucked in the side of mountain in east Tennessee always has its teaching. Just recently I woke up to the loudest noise I have ever heard ‘in these here hills’. I texted the farmer neighbor next place over and asked him if he could hear the noise, he texted back and said you mean the cicadas? I thought holy moly what a powerful energy these cicadas were, The noise was so loud echoing off the holler I thought it was like 50 emergency vehicles gathered for some global emergency. So yes the Cicada has been a spirit totem for many of us.

Every 17 years the vibration of the Cicadas come to give us a big reminder and teaching. Their wakeup call serves as a direct calling to people who need to come out from hiding and break free, “to shed the old skin”. The Cicada shows a person’s ability to be reborn as a new, better individual. Cicada teaches you how to identify your authentic voice, all the while helping you embrace transformative moments in your life. When the Cicada comes into your awareness as a Spirit Animal, a time of emergence is at hand. You can no longer hide underground or sit on the sidelines. It’s time to stand up put on your big girl panties and work on self-development.

Cicada hums about the past, metamorphosis, and changes yet to come. It is time for shaking off the restrictions imposed by self or others. Cicada signals shedding your old skin, the process will be a little uncomfortable at first. Examining elements of your past requires a lot of honesty. Once you release the old ways, like the Cicada, you re-emerge and blossom. Cicada challenges you to work on your communication skills, to find your true voice, something to carry forward into the world that beats to the rhythm of your heart.


A Parable: “The Cow and the CICADA”.

lifesaglitch (34)in #cicada3301 • 4 years ago

Possibly one of the most beautiful short stories I have ever read. I found this while following the Cicada 3301 puzzle this year. This was on the http://www.sevens.exposed website. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. – LAG 062817.jpg

A Parable: “The Cow and the CICADA”.

As the farmer makes his way towards the farmhouse, sunset falls on his pasture. His cow chews its cud. While the song of the cicada fills the air.

“Come out where I can see you,” shouts the cow, “your song is so beautiful it deserves recognition”.
“Thank you” says the cicada, “but I prefer to remain in the shadow.”

“Why?” Asked the cow. “You should take pride in your song. Quick, come out there’s not much light left.”
“I do not seek a stage” says the cicada.

“But talent deserves recognition.” says the cow.

“Ah!” exclaims the cicada. “Define recognition”

“Fame.” Says the cow. “Don’t you want fame?” asked the cow somewhat curiously, “My favorite time is when I get to go to the state fair, and show off my fine hide and healthy girth”

“But just ask yourself why you seek attention” said the cicada.

“But just come out for a moment to show me what you look like, so we can get to know each other” said the cow.
“I cannot” said the cicada “There are predators around who want to kill me.”

“Then why do you sing? Asked the cow.

“I am calling to the others to create a chorus” said the cicada. “And we can all thow our voices so the hunters can never find us.”

“Ah, that’s too bad” replied the cow, “I have a good life. I am praised for my milk and the cheese I provide. The farmer givers me an easy life, full of sunshine and grass. What more could I ask?”

“Oh my friend” said the cicada. “One day your farmer will introduce you to the knife”

“Utter nonsense” replied the cow. “The worse I go through is an occasional injection, and they are to make me strong. I think. The farmer protects me, and provides me with all my needs”

“I choose not to rely on what a farmer can provide. I prefer freedom.” replies the cicada. ” I possess nothing except my song, and even that is to be shared. I choose not to depend on the farmer, and I do not trust his workers, his injections, his sprays, or his empty promises.”

“Then you miss the chance of bliss” replied the cow.

“Perhaps you are right” said the cicada. “But tonight I go to the river and many of us will sing together. Why don’t you join us?”

“I can’t” replied the cow. “I am obligated.”

“We must choose our obligations” said the cicada, in a soft voice.

With that the cicada vanished, as the last second of the daylight died.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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