The Daughters of The Emerald Sun: Frequency Keepers of 22/4 : Pleiades Portal ~ May 22, 2021

The Solar Pleiadian Gateway extends from Beltane To Summer Solstice and reaches its peak May 20-24. During this time Pleiades and the Sun supposedly trace an Infinity Pattern in the Heavens and this period is associated with rebirth as opposed to the Lunar Pleiadian Gateway at Samhain/ November which is associated with endings. The Greeks oriented their temples with the Solar Pleiadian gateway and the Mexican Pyramids are oriented with the Lunar Pleiadian Gateway.

The Pleiades are associated with the INFINITY loop of Creation and Destruction of New Age civilisations right from Lemurian, Maya, Aztec, Ancient South Asian Civilizations etc. In an increasing number of Cocreation channeling sessions since the past one year, I’ve been told that the Client is a “Daughter of The Emerald Sun” ie A Wise Wisdom Keeper from the Lineage of Alchemy ,Manifestation and Creation that comes from a strong Pleiadian Legacy. These Daughters of the Emerald Sun are aligned with the frequency of 22 and initiate what is known as the “Winds of Change”. In other words they are instrumental in Blowing away / destroying the old and which no longer serves And simultaneously bringing in the Blueprint of a New Age ( this is the period that we are in Now).

These frequency Holders of 22, are Master alchemists , once ( and only once) they have reached a place of BALANCE within , as I was shown in a recent channeling session with one such Wise Wisdom Keeper of the 4 Winds of Change. Once they have reached this Zero Point of Balance Within , they are able to Master the 4 Elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Air) via Heart Alchemy and CREATE/ MANIFEST Spirals of NEW Creations ie Manifestation of Spirit/ Light Code into Matter!! I was simply Amazed at the POWER of Heart Alchemy my Client was exhibiting during our channeling session!! And the knowing came in that as more and more achieve Zero point Balance in this Tribe …. The Faster the Blueprint of New Creation of The New Age will anchor …

Many ( but NOT all) of these Wise Wisdom keepers are Ancient Lemurian Earth Shamans( shapeshifters, Portal openers and Protective Serpent Energy) and Water Priestesses (whale ,dolphin and mermaid Record keepers and Silver-Platinum Purification codes) who have already traced their Soul Journey “OUT” of the Loop of Birth and Rebirth … ie they have the Wisdom of Zero Point Alchemy of Transcendence, and have chosen to come at this time to assist the collective in not only anchoring a new age but also moving OUT of the infinity loop of death and Rebirth to achieve Ascension to a Higher Frequency.

I have further received the knowing that the Lunar Eclipse on the 26 of May, which coincides with Buddha Jayanti / Wesak (according to the Hindu calendar…. Buddha stood for Love , compassion and Righteous behaviour) will see the The ‘Winds of Change “ in Action and will be Blowing out that which is not congruent with the Divine Feminine/ Pleiadian energy ,Love, Compassion and Righteous Behaviour this Lunar Eclipse. The Destruction before the Construction!!!

Gratitude to All my CoCreator Clients who bring forth pieces of the cosmic puzzle …So that we may together “WEAVE” a New Reality… a New Age!!

EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na �

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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