Greetings to all BEings upon the Earth. I am Commander Ashtar, I am the overseer of the Airborne Ascended Masters and I have a Spaceship which promotes the Ascension process where many teams of Ascended Masters exist and are of Service to Humanity and the Earth.  
Those upon the Earth can visit my Spaceship for Upgrades, Activations, and Discovery of their inner Truth, all are welcome upon my Spaceship when radiating the vibration of the Creator’s LOVE.
It is our purpose to not only serve the Earth to also move throughout the Universe of the Creative SOURCE BEing of service to different Planets, Stars, and Dimensions throughout the Universe of the Creative SOURCE.
We have much Wisdom and Knowledge to share, Inspiration that flows forth directly from the Creative SOURCE into our BEings and our purpose in our Ascension Process.
I, Commander Ashtar come forth NOW along with the Ascended Masters and Star BEings, to support and to make you aware of an Upgrade that is taking place.
I have already grounded and supported the anchoring of an upgrade within your LIGHT Body. Your LIGHT Body is the Energy Field surrounding you, it includes your Energy Bodies and houses your SOUL.
When you travel without your physical body you use your LIGHT Body. Your LIGHT Body is like a library of Wisdom and Knowledge collected by your SOUL. It can activate the Energies within your BEing and increase your Energy vibration allowing you to BEcome more sensitive to the vibrations of the Creative SOURCE.
As there are many levels of the LIGHT Body, I wish to speak of the Creative SOURCE fulfilled LIGHT Body. This LIGHT Body houses the Fulfilled Energies of the Creative SOURCE, the Wholeness and Completeness of the Creative SOURCE.
When you access this LIGHT Body, you can embody fully within your Energy Bodies, Physical Body, Mind, and Emotions the Fullness, Wholeness and Completeness of the Creative SOURCE. Therefore, accessing All That Is the Creative SOURCE and the Eternal Energy that is limitless without boundaries. When you access and embody this LIGHT Body you may BE Aware of a Rainbow Energy as it often shows ITself in Rainbow LIGHT.
This Energy Downloading into your BEing and BEcoming fully active within your BEing supports you in achieving All That Is necessary and needed for your SELF and your Ascension upon the Earth. It supports your work with the NEW Earth Ascension Blueprint which promotes your dreams and desires in manifesting in your Reality NOW.
I, Commander Ashtar, have supported the activation and download of your Creative SOURCE Fulfilled LIGHT Body. The Crystalline Kingdom have NOW stepped forth Wishing to BE of Service.
The Crystalline Kingdom wish to infuse your LIGHT Body with its Rainbow LIGHT and Pure Vibrations of the Creative SOURCE.
The Crystalline Kingdom on the inner planes will amplify the Creator’s vibrations, cleanses energies returning them to their original essence, the original vibration of the Creative SOURCE.
When the Crystalline Kingdom and your Creative SOURCE Fulfilled LIGHT Body integrates this will create a Pure Vibration of LIGHT. A Cleansing and Purification will occur within your LIGHT Body on all levels and within your Physical Body / Energy Bodies, promoting a Cleansing and Purification within your Physical Reality as well.
You will feel more Aligned with your original Essence, your original Vibration of the Creative SOURCE. This means your Thoughts, Emotions and Actions will also BEcome more aligned with the Truth of the Creative SOURCE. With your LIGHT Body activating the Energy of Fulfilment you will experience a Greater Fulfilment within your BEing and your Reality.
POCKET OF PURITY As this integration takes place, the Crystalline Kingdom will magnify and enhance the work we the Ascended Masters have achieved with humanity connected to their Creator Fulfilled Light Body. This will create a Pocket of Purity for those that are Awake and Aware.
Those not Awake or Aware will be able to access this energy when they are ready. The integration within your LIGHT Body will create an Energy Akin to a Pocket of Peace, Security, Stillness, Sanctuary, and Blissful Relaxation. It is a window into the Purity, Love, Essence, and the Original Vibrations of the Creative SOURCE.
* As the Crystalline Kingdom Energizes and Amplifies your Creative SOURCE Fulfilled LIGHT Body you can connect your thoughts and intentions into your Creator Fulfilled Light Body by imagining a Rainbow Energy all around you and within you.
* Then imagine, sense, or acknowledge the Crystalline Kingdom surrounding you, sending Pure and Sacred Vibrations of LIGHT and Amplification into your Creative SOURCE Fulfilled LIGHT Body.
* The more you focus upon the Rainbow LIGHT and the Energy of Fulfilment and Purity a window into the Essence of the Creative SOURCE will open to you.
You will find you go deeper and deeper into your BEing accessing this Pocket of Peace, Bliss, Purity, and Sacred Vibrations of the Essence of the Creative SOURCE. You will feel, sense, or acknowledge this essence emanating from your BEing filling every aspect of your BEing, entering your Cells, Mind, Emotions, and all Aspects of your BEing. You may discover your Thoughts and Emotions Clear and wounds of a Physical and Emotional nature Heal. You may notice there is a deep-seated Peace, Contentment, and Fulfilment the more you focus and the deeper you relax into the Pocket of the Essence of the Creative SOURCE. This will Magnify your BEing, Fortify, Rejuvenate, and Create an Upgrade for your LIGHT Body and entire BEing. A Greater synthesis between your LIGHT Body, your SOUL and your Physical BEing will Manifest.
YOUR SERVICE This process is Not only needed for your own Ascension to bring Clarity, Peace, Connection, and Alignment with the Essence of the Creative SOURCE. It needs to be distributed to the Earth and Humanity, BEing Grounded into Mother Earth to create a Pocket of Energy which is akin to a Moment of Silence, Stillness, and original Creative SOURCE Energy.
It will Reactivate people; it is something SOULs have been waiting for. This Reactivation will Be Akin to looking in the mirror, seeing the Truth you have been seeking, which will almost kick start a NEW Energy on the Earth of Healing, Fulfilment, Wholeness and the Original Intentions of the Creative SOURCE.
Not every SOUL will access this, some will access and experience it, then discard it, others will fully experience the Energy creating a Massive SHIFT in their Realities. What matters is that the Vibrations are anchored into the Earth and BEings can access this Energy. Whenever SOULs upon the Earth wish or need to so the Pocket of Purity and Original Energy is available.
The more you access the integrated LIGHT of your LIGHT Body and the Crystalline Vibrations, the less intense the integration will feel because you have embodied and BEcome the Energy, therefore, you may recognize within your BEing a Greater Stillness, Peace, Contentment, and Fulfilment.
This is our focus NOW upon the Earth, the tools we share with you at this time of Ascension are to Create a Clear Intention, Create Healing, the Release of Unneeded Energies and a Greater sense of Unity as well as the Acknowledgement that Anything and Everything is Possible.
We LOVE you deeply and we thank you.
I AM Commander ASHTAR Accompanied by the Ascended Masters Thank you. Channeled through Natalie Glasson  

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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