The Split is Happening Now ~ April 11, 2021

Namaste beautiful souls

As many have been observing, there is a split happening.
There are many who have chosen to play out certain timelines. There are many in between two dimensions and many who are beginning to awaken. Many who are merging into their higher selves. There are many anchoring onto new timelines.
This is a free-will planet, every single soul will have the choice to ascend.
Every single soul chose what they want to experience here. We need to honor that. All will be given the choice.
Do you choose love or do you choose fear? We must have so much compassion for ALL. This is their own journey, honor their journey, honor the divine within. The matrix is crumbling, this is the change that we all wanted.
There are real deaths, many losing family members, there are many with no jobs, no income coming in to provide for their families.
There is so much fear, anxiety and suffering. We need to honor this and not pretend this is not happening. Humanity is suffering.
We need to hold space and see it. We need to hold them in our divine light and love. We need to honor everything that is happening. By ignoring it, we are not honoring ourselves or others. We need to feel it all. We have to feel it and alchemize it and trasmute it for the collective. This is apart of our mission.
Be your Christ self. Do not turn away from anyone who crosses your path just because you refuse to look at it or feel it. We must have empathy and must practice having a state of neutrality. Honoring where they are, honoring their journey.
This is the end to the old and beginning of the new. Stop fighting the old, be the observer and start creating the new. Focus on your path and ascension. Focus on how you can be of service. Aquarius is all about being the humanitarian. This age is about being of service, the end to service to self.
Ask yourself what gifts can I to bring to others? How can I be in service today? Can I honor myself and all emotions coming up? Can I have empathy and hold a state of neutrality for that soul going through that experience? Can I hold space and listen to them and have empathy? Can I put myself in their shoes and understand their experience?
We must all start BEing the example and the leaders. We must BE the love and BE the light holders.
I love you beautiful souls. You are so courageous for volunteering to come here to assist humanity. The light has already won. Love has won. You are the event and it is happening now. Together we continue to rise as ONE.
I love you beautiful souls. All is well. Be at peace, Be of service. Be your divine self.
Author unknown. Please email us if you know them so we can give proper credit 🙂

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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