April 8, 2021: The Plan is Unfolding, Like It or Not [videos] ~ April 9, 2021

What a wild ride. I just saw a posting saying Facebook and Instagram are down. You can check for outages on downdetector.com.

This link to Telegram shows a LOT of sites down. Some of my links below may therefore not go anywhere. Try again later.


The next Evergreen update from Scott McKay on Patriot Streetfighter will be starting soon.

On Easter weekend there was a “lights in the desert” event but not what you’d think. It was a massive group of campers and partiers out in Tonto National Forest—an event organized on Facebook. They’re claiming more than 5,000 participants.

I guess people are fed up with all the restrictions and needed to let loose, and let loose they did. The weather has been gorgeous here now that it has warmed up and the fresh air and sunshine are just the ticket for killing viruses and boosting the immune system.

Hopefully the ecological damage done wasn’t severe or permanent. Here in the wild west, people with four-wheel drives and ATVs tend to lack respect for restricted areas for land regeneration areas, etc. It’s rough country out there and you may get into a spot you can’t get out of.

No arrests ensued because the Sheriff’s dept. doesn’t know who the responsible parties are. Here’s a hint for you: They all showed up; they’re ALL responsible. No one will know if you don’t arrest anyone.

Why don’t you go after the criminals who rigged the election and leave these people alone? Video at the link.

Officers break up massive party in Tonto National Forest

The creatures running the world left no one out. Elections are not what we thought. They can call Bolivia and others a third world country but are Canada, the US, Britain, France or the Netherlands any better? Apparently not. They love to tell us we have a “democracy” but we do not. The few rule the many.

If you have a Telegram account watch Ron DeSantis in this video https://t.me/GhostEzra/5389 doing a Trump impression. It’s so good it could be POTUS in a DeSantis mask. It’s uncanny. It can’t be a Qincidence. Could it be a deep fake?

Those were my thoughts when I saw it—and then they posted more. Look at the next few posts from GhostEzra. It’s like Trump came back in the form of Ron DeSantis. They’re so similar. This one shows the morphing of appearances to the degree it’s someone else entirely.

And you have to see this one. https://t.me/GhostEzra/5393 What the heck is going on? The ones of Biden and Putin from Tik Tok are hysterical.

The world is about to change. The wake-up call is going out and we’re going to learn we’ve been living a deep-fake life.

GhostEzra says… “If you still think Hillary Clinton is roaming the earth you are the reason the movie goes on. Find the mirror and say it’s because of me. I am dead asleep.”

The Earth Alliance is pushing the snoozers ever closer to the precipice.

EXCLUSIVE: ICE converting these seven hotels into ‘casas’ for migrant families

The arrangement worked for Turdeau in Ontario. They built tents for immigrants that were never used because they put them up in Toronto hotels on designated floors which were subsequently trashed.

I doubt the folks in Chandler will be happy about the “Mi pueblo es su pueblo” approach for illegal aliens.

If  you’re keeping an eye on the WW3 Info – Battleground Research channel on Telegram you can see them setting up the chess board for conflict in the Ukraine, and involving USA. As some have said, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but on the other side it will be incredible.

If you believe that someone else is going to do all the sacrificing and you won’t be inconvenienced or have to do anything at all to liberate this planet then your ride will be all the bumpier. If you accept the reality, embrace the challenge and commit to doing whatever is necessary to benefit the ALL then you will be elevated by the rest of the Lightworkers and will share the glory.

There are some fascinating decodes on this Twitter account. Warrior Anjill shows us a strikingly similar pattern.

I stumbled upon the One World Alliance of airlines today. They have 13 members now and guess what —they’re all about your travel safety and reminding you every step of the way that there’s a scamdemic going on. Don’t worry—they’ll protect you. This is how they do damage control and con people into flying when we should be boycotting every airline who tries to enforce the New World Order agenda.


Dan Scavino posted this. Trump is putting his way back to the White House?

Some people are wound up way too tight but I’m having fun. We want to make room for appropriate social commentary.

Someone posted on social media that their boss offered them $500 to get vaccinated. Their boss must hate them.

In Alberta the People finally got after their MLAs and the Covid war is heating up. The deep state is going with the virtue signalling tactic.https://lockerdome.com/lad/9983089980152422?pubid=ld-6490-6798&pubo=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.starshipearththebigpicture.com&rid=&width=580

BREAKING: Kenney defends renewed lockdown – ‘it’s my moral responsibility’

Gradually folks are learning the risks of testing and vaccines and are avoiding the system. Appointments skipped!


What happens when world leaders refuse to cooperate with the psychopaths running the world? They may leave us suddenly under mysterious circumstances, as happened with Tanzania’s president John Magufuli. Some may not yet be aware of this so we urge you to visit the link, read the short text and watch the brief videos.

Top African CoVid-Con critic dies. Murdered in hospital?

In closing, I’m letting you know that the Canadian authorities nabbed Gerald Brummel aka Agent Margaritaville. He lost his own child to the child trafficking system in Canada and has been working with a team to expose the corrupt and demonic ones so the White Hats can pick them up.

If you would like to assist by contributing to the fund raiser, this is the link:


A lot of personal demands took my time today and I’m closing here. Enjoy the ride and stay positive, my friends.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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