Arcturian Message To The Starseeds ~ April 5, 2021

Your Story

Dear friends, we are here, standing before you. If you did not have that veil pulled over your eyes, you would see us clearly. Why is the veil there? You put it there yourself, our friend, for you wanted to experience the level of difficulty inherent in the third-dimensional plane.
You were already an expert on the higher etheric realms and you wanted to play in the nitty-gritty. And yes, your journey has been very down to earth so far; and painful and joyous, and everything in the middle.
But right now you find yourself engaged in trying to tear down that veil between you and the higher dimensions. You have a deep ache inside yourself to return to the knowledge that you once had. Your time on earth in the third dimension was fruitful, very fruitful indeed, but you grew tired of it. And that was the plan; that you would become tired of it and rise to change it.
Many of you are impatient or upset or regretful that you came here. But let us remind you, that when you chose to come to this earth plane experience, you felt as if you had won the jackpot. And you have.
There are many beings in many dimensions and many galaxies watching you and wishing they could trade places with you. Does that seem far-fetched? We know it does to you. But this is the truth that you are hiding from yourself, for yes, you are the one that drew the veil down over your eyes.
“Let’s see what will happen if we do this,” you said. But you didn’t really think that you would lose your connection to the divine. The crushing sense of loneliness was such a surprise to you. Oh, sure, you knew it was supposed to happen but you didn’t really think it was going to happen to you, not to you, for you were rock solid in your knowledge that the higher planes not only existed but existed for your enjoyment.
As you journey through your earth plane existence, many of you think of it more like a slog through the swamp or perhaps like backpacking in a deep fog. You are carrying a weight that is way too heavy and the peak of the mountain has not even come in view. Is this journey interminable, you ask? Yes, all these things cross your mind, for you have lost sight of your mission.
We come to you in your dreams and we remind you repeatedly. We discuss your mission and you give us your input. But alas, in the morning it fades for you. Oh, you know you were somewhere else, for you wake up rocky and disoriented. You are not even sure what planet you are on. “I wonder why that is?” you muse as you rise out of bed.
Your existence, our friend, is multilayered and there is much going on in the background of which you are unaware. It will all be revealed to you in time and you will be the one to reveal it to yourself. But until that moment, keep the faith and try not to be too discouraged.
Trust us, you wanted to be here and we wanted you here too. All of the galaxy applauds as you slog towards that mountaintop. Perhaps the fog will dissipate and perhaps it won’t, but we have faith in you and we know you will crest that mountain and be glad that you did.
We are your Arcturian family watching proudly from behind the veil. How we love you.
The Arcturians channeled by Rita Kempf

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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