Your Sunday Digest for March 28, 2021: Nothing’s Changed? [videos] ~ March 28, 2021

For those who say nothing is happening and it’s biz as usual for the New World Order… consider this update from Telegram (seen below). Check it out for yourself.

They cancelled the Annual New World Order Bilderberg Meeting in 2020.
They all gone.
No mention of it this year either.

Euro Royals are Cactus.

Wikipedia (
List of Bilderberg meetings
Wikimedia list article

The Bilderbergers have met EVERY year—but no meeting in 2020 or 2021? Do you think it’s because they believe it would be a super-spreader event? LOL  They are not meeting to plan their agenda because there is no future for them, folks. They’re over. They got Q’d.

Someone on Telegram said there are about 8,000 Qs in the NSA. That’s quite an army.

This is interesting theory on coming events. Full moon was last night.

Post from Whiplash347

Read Thomas Write Up.
He is an analyst.
You will notice he talks about the 2 Times of the Year when China can attack Taiwan. It has to do with the Tides. Watch the Suez Canal update above and they talk about the Tide rising on Sunday.
This is from the SUPER MOON SUNDAY. This weekend.
Putting 2 & 2 together it is when China will make their attack.
The EVENT starts.

Here’s someone who reached their precipice and is trying to wake people up. It’s a short video from the UK.

The Kung Flu plague has been a test and Humanity passed. We’re watching the unification of Humanity with another case of the whole supporting the one. See the video here.

#Spain 🇪🇦 Police try to arrest a woman for not wearing a mask, what happens next is epic. The crowd remove their Masks in support, singing out FREEDOM as The Police retreat. UNITY will win this war. Long Live the People

LT did an overall update on the 27th for us from And We Know.

This is potentially something to watch for to see if it happens today, or if anything else happens that might be related.

Possible Starship flight tomorrow afternoon

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 28, 2021

The Earth Alliance likes to keep the cabal on edge and guessing.

SpaceX delays Starship test flight

Simon Parkes is reporting that the “something” I suggested that had been shot down which I tacked onto the end of the Evergreen Container post was a satellite. Audio and visuals at Simon’s blog from several perspectives at the link below. Awesome footage.

It looks exactly like what my other half and I witnessed streaming over Easter Island many years ago except that the debris was bright green that night.

Satellite Destroyed…

Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Conference Call is tonight, 6 pm Pacific/9 EDT. To call in live or listen to the recording, see below. Each week seems to bring us more developments to watch for so dot-connecting is more valuable than ever. It’s not always easy to understand the significance of what is in the independent or mainstream news any more. Many people think things happen in isolation while Q has said, “Everything is connected.” It sometimes takes a little intel or wise perspective to provide the relevance.

Our conference call line is:
Dial-in number (US): (712) 770-4598
Access code: 767664#

International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: scottm6975
Join the online meeting:

Replay Number: 712-770-5402
Access code: 767664# / followed by # again

Backup Number: 425-535-9162
If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support: (844) 844-1322

We had a house guest this weekend so that’s all the time I have for this. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and remember to have a boo at the comment sections beneath each post for good information and updates from the crew.  ~ BP

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