Sundeelia: Twin Flames and the Sacred Marriage ~ March 28, 2021

Oye.  This is a topic that is much misunderstood in the ‘New Age’ community. 

There has been put forward that you will never be able to experience the fullness of your Being unless you have a physical relationship with your Twin Flame.  Pure unadulterated poppycock.  It can happen, occasionally, but more like you will discover a ‘soul mate’ rather than your Twin on this plane of existence.

What is a ‘twin flame’?  Metaphysically (beyond the physical) it is the concept that souls were divided into twain (two) one half with a more masculine emphasis and the other with a more feminine emphasis.  Hmmm, perhaps. 

Personally, I do know and communicate daily with my Twin Flame; he is one of my Eagles, an Angelic protector if you will.  I don’t see him with my physical eyes yet I know what he looks like as I can visualize him with my inner eye, sometimes known as the ‘third eye’ or pineal gland.  He… my Twin, resonates at 6D/7D as do I… at least at Home in the Pleiades – it is a different frequency here being in a 3D/4D physical body.

Do I know my Twin at Home?  Of course.  We have known each other for lifetimes.  We do not always incarnate at the same time or for a similar purpose.  He has acted as a protector, at once physical and this lifetime, etheric protector, as an Eagle of Archangel Michael. 

New Age literature suggests that Twin Flame relationships, i.e., sexual relationships, are highly desirable.  I happen to disagree.  True, on the 3D/4D plane, you can mate or marry your Twin Flame, but when you return to a higher frequency, you will NOT mate them… you will work with them in Service to the collective.

The focus on the Twin Flame relationship and its so-called desirability serves as a distraction with what should be, IMHO, the goal of any true spiritual seeker and that is coming into alignment within.  This includes clearing the emotional body and the mental body.  I found this wonderfully concise description for healing the mental body here:

If you have read the linked article, you will understand that clearing the mental body involves releasing beliefs and programming that keep your mind closed to new transformative energies.  If you are currently experiencing cognitive dissonance or the inability to comprehend at a gut level (intuitive) something that challenges your current beliefs, then you are dealing with a clogged mental body.  Those people who are fearful of change will have a difficult time adjusting and adapting, even accepting information (intelligence, Light) that is and will be forthcoming over the next cycle of the Great Awakening.

When some writers and commentators speak about the war on consciousness, they are addressing the overt attack on the mental body of the collective consciousness of humanity, the masculine aspect of the soul.  This ‘attack’ is accomplished by the repetition of lies, gaslighting, propaganda, social media attacks, trolling, applying techniques of divide and conquer, using ‘isms’ and censorship.

Anything used to attack the mental capacity of humanity can be viewed as a form of war, whether it be done through the intentional poisoning of our food, the air, the water, the soil, or poisoning our minds through repetitious means designed to imprison people within narrow belief systems and doctrines, mental constructs not based on reality or nature. 

Since a high percentage of humanity still lingers in fear, until they break free as individuals, they will not succeed in going forward into the New Earth frequency, which is felt, not necessarily seen by your physical eyes (another reason to clear both mental and emotional bodies, don’t you think?).

Meditation can be used as a means of mastering the mental body, basically allowing the mental gyrations of the ‘monkey’ mind to calm down so you can begin to ‘tune into’ the still silent ‘voice’ of your intuitive knowing.  Meditation can be done in many ways.  I walk.  Some people do yoga.  Others choose to simply sit or lie down and listen to their breath.  If I do that, I go asleep!  I journal, too, a way to move through the thoughts crowding my brain. 

If you are seeking help to learn how to meditate, there are many who ‘teach’ various techniques.  I’m not one of those people. 

When I am working on a puzzle, attempting to determine whether some energy is coming from, I will tune in and listen, ask questions and expect answers in reply.  I guess it is a matter of trust.  Of course, when you are seeking answers, it might be wise to first shield your energy field (auric field) first so any negative entities will be automatically turned away.  Despite shielding, it is then your responsibility to discern the frequency of the message or answer received.  How does it make you feel?

Now, the purpose behind clearing the mental body – this won’t be accomplished during one go-around, but will happen bit by bit, layer by layer.  Some of those layers have been tucked away inside your Light Body for generations, lifetimes, thousands of years.  Like a careful anthropologist, you will have to chip away, carefully brush, and work through the layer cake, patiently. 

Anyway, the clearing of the mental body and the emotional body is to allow for the sacred internal marriage or energetic connection and alignment of the masculine and feminine essence of your soul.  As you take in new information (Light) you interpret it through the avenues of mind (critical thinking, common sense) and the heart (intuition, inner knowing).  You can then perceive what resonates with where you are at in any given moment and allow for adjustments to take place as new information comes in.  This is a vital stage along the path of soul evolution.

As you perceive, judge (weigh) the information (Light), you can then allow yourself to be guided by how you feel.  You will find yourself able to accomplish fine adjustments to how you are now able to perceive the world around you.  You will achieve higher levels of compassion and acceptance for the diversity of the human collective as you yourself expand your consciousness.

With the sacred union of masculine and feminine within, the Divine Male and Divine Female, there comes, inevitably, an expansion of Light that can enter into your waking awareness.  Light is Divine Intelligence, Christ Consciousness, if you will, that was symbolized by the Christ figure incarnated by Jesus of Nazareth.  It is, obtainable by every human with a heart flame.  Christ Consciousness is the Christ Child, the creation of the blending and balancing of mental prowess, using integrity, authenticity, common sense, critical thinking blended with the delicate art of listening and feeling within for the gentle nudges of the intuition, as communicated through the intelligent cells of your own physical vehicle, the body.

With the coming of Christic awareness, you won’t necessarily have omniscience or the power of being ‘all-knowing’.  However, you can gain access, through much attention to your own thoughts, to the Akash.  And you will discover that sometimes you just know things without having to be instructed upon them.  This is called Claircognizance or knowing without knowing how you know.  The trick to learning how to handle this particular ‘gift’ or ‘siti’ as it is called by the Hindu masters, is to learn to trust what the inner senses are telling you, so trust is a huge component to becoming a fully Christed being.

Keep in mind, this is a process.  There will be much cycling and recycling, or looping and repeating certain aspects of personal clearing, whether of the mental or emotional bodies… and learning to trust the information that flows forth once you have touched upon the eternal Spring within, the golden flame of Divine Intelligence.  Layer by layer you will cycle through in – if you are indeed ascending – in a spiral fashion, passing through areas of your mental life, including old memories, emotions, whatever continues to act as a trigger.  As you discern and notice the triggering events, persons, or memories, focus your attention in releasing, breathing out the energies, the emotions that arise.  Once you can remember something without feeling uncomfortable, you will know the trigger has been completed dissolved. 

As you come to balance, you will naturally discover a greater sense of ease, acceptance, and comprehension of what other people are still experiencing.  You will naturally move into a place where you will feel more detached without being numb or using disassociation to avoid painful feelings.  You can observe the feelings, feel them, perhaps note some images or visions that precipitate down into your consciousness and release the feelings with a sense of gratitude and appreciation.

It is a gift to experience this world.  It truly holds treasures for those who are willing to put in the inner work.  The treasures are both physical and immaterial as our souls and spirit work on more than one plane or dimension.  We are truly multi-dimensional Beings.  Once you come to a greater inner balance, you will eventually come to understand that concept from a feeling level, rather than an intellectual or ego level.

So, I think I will end this article here.  This is by no means the whole banana.  I encourage everyone who is new to spiritual or metaphysical (beyond the physical) concepts to put some time into doing their own research.  Just like intel, there are many sources, not all alike or even truthful.  The discerning person will carefully study many different perspectives, taking in and keeping what serves and letting go what does not resonate.  Expansion and growth happens when your mind is open to accepting new information and deciding on your own whether or not it makes sense to you.  Your truth will be discovered as you continue to investigate.  Your truth is what resonates for you, not anyone else. 

What is being asked of humanity now is to grow up, to move out of victimhood, to take back our power (masculine) and to love ourselves (feminine).  In short, we are being asked to become adults, able to think on our own without being directed by a particular belief system or ‘authority’ figure, able to question those things we don’t agree with, and able to stand in our power when confronted or challenged.  We are being challenged to discontinue the old program of looking outside of oneself to someone to act as a ‘savior’ figure, whether that is Jesus or Trump or someone else.  We must be willing to look within, to use both our Heart and Mind in balance (like the Chariot tarot card, pulling equally) to find our way through the worlds, both seen and unseen, conscious and unconscious.  This is the Path of Self-mastery.  This is the Path that Buddha and the Christ walked for us so that we might follow in their footsteps, not in lockstep with someone else’s theories or ‘holy words’ written and edited by men with a control agenda.

The Path is an internal journey, not one that can be pre-defined by anyone other than you.  So, take out that machete and start cutting your way through the jungle of outdated, worn-out belief systems that no longer serve.  The image of the thorn forest surrounding Sleeping Beauty’s castle comes to mind, a metaphor for self-discovery and the sacred union, where the masculine seeks and finds his true love within after clearing a way through the thorns.  Perhaps bloodied and tired, his spirit revives when he awakens the sleeping intuition, as the sacred energy of kundalini arises up the spine, activating the power centers, curves across the Crown and pierces the Inner Eye.

Hmm, interesting – that last bit was channeled.  I will leave off this article now.  I am sure there is a lot to think about.

I send you all love and blessings,

I AM Sundeelia

© All Rights Reserved, videos and recordings of this material are not permitted.  Eliza Ayres, and

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