Vibrational Keys to the New Paradigm ~ March 15, 2021

ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER, everything is unfolding to a Divine Cosmic Schedule. The Ascending Creation Waves of DIVINE TIME are guiding the LIGHT to transcend duality…

Christy Mantese1gntSp3onsofrendhe  ·  ALL that are currently incarnated upon our beautiful Earth have come here to experience this shift of Paradigm we are moving through. Some of us incarnated specifically with a chosen blueprint to be forerunners or wayshowers in this time/space scenario – to be the Ones that will step through the doorway into a new state of Being first, so we can shine the light for others and show them the way home. At this time, those forerunners are hastily being nudged into the vibrational positioning required for the next stages of the shift. They are/ will be standing at the threshold of the doorway to the multidimensional Self in the perfect timing.

You may have noticed an amplified sense of ‘old’ vibrations and scenarios coming into your conscious awareness for release. Old hurts, pains and situations are being ‘squeezed’ out of us quickly because those aspects of Self that we once identified with, can not come with us through into the higher frequency field. It is a wonderful thing they are being realised and released. It illustrates a readiness and desire to step through into the arms of the Source Unified Self. Do not hold onto them, allow them to move out of your experience by amplifying a vibration of ease and self-love.

All vibrations contain a specific frequency or hertz. When particular vibrations have been integrated within a Being, a beautiful process of alchemy occurs whereby a vibrational signature, or keycode is created. This keycode opens the doorway, or access point, for experiences that exist within the same hertz range, to be played with in your field of reality and perception.

When we are holding onto lower frequency vibrations within our Being, they create a distortion within the geometry of our vibrational signature. This means that the key that we are, will not quite fit the lock on the door to the New Paradigm. Once those lower frequencies are released though, the geometry of Self, the Divine patterning of who we truly be, becomes whole and perfect, allowing the effortless unlocking of all that we are and all we have been waiting for. And then we get to play in the platform of true Creation and Mastery and the Freedom we all so deserve ❤

Art by Nathalie DAOUT

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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