“STARLIGHT ACTIVATIONS ~ 3 OF 111” ~ March 15, 2021

AS I met again last night with BEINGS from another Universe, yet here inter-dimensionally, they told me they have no Earth name. They told me I may call them the ILLUMINATED WAYSHOWERS.

Each one of this sacred group of Starlight Beings are unique. The first one that came forward was a crystal being made of a myriad of diamond like crystals. In a flash they revealed that they can change forms. As I watched the crystals vanish, a new form emerged. They loved showing me how easy it is, to change forms. Even as they appear as solid and as real as any form on Earth.

One by one they showed me their ability to change form at will and be in more than one form, simultaneously. They can appear here with me and also APPEAR in another UNIVERSE. And in many parallel worlds all at once.

They were fun and playful and highly AWARE of the DIVINE process here on Earth the Earthlings are going through.

Their brilliant light and hearts were magical beyond the imagination. The light they carried was more brilliant than the sun. They were glowing all over with this majestic light.

They told me the crystalline forms that I saw are made of light crystals that are the result of many stages of evolution they went through. As their mastery of LOVE became anchored into all their thoughts processes, they then emerged as a one flow of crystalline BEING. Which they then began to maneuver through as their consciousness and their advancements became one with the crystalline FORM. THEY SHOWED me when they dissolve the crystalline form, they are still present and continued to speak with me, proving of course, that they form, whether appearing solid or of light, is simply the vehicle through which consciousness flows through.

They loved vanishing, changing forms.

They let me know that as the form gets lighter and lighter through the heart, that the awareness of not being form settles in and that all BEINGS IN this UNIVERSE are changing forms, in one way or the other. To greater light or to greater density.

They showed me that during the process of what humans call Ascension, the form goes through this chrysalis stage before emerging as a master of form, and being and holding their awareness through as the new crystalline form. The New Human Being.

They told me they are always present with me. Loving and kind, they showered me and all that will ever read this, with a magnitude of Light so beyond this world, that all I saw for hours was pure light. With no form to see, I bathed only in the knowing I was this light. This is me. No form, no name.

When coming back to the awareness of form, I am reminded, to cherish the vehicle. But to always know I am not that.

Same with you, let go of this form as you. And as you continue with your chrysalis period of transformation. Know that one moment in a flash, you will awaken to you new form.

That of crystalline light! In love, always.

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L’Aura Pleiadian

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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