Pars Kutay ~ March 12, 2021

Incoming 5D energies

This SHIFT that we are experiencing NOW is a very Beautiful and Significant SHIFT in living in HIGHER levels of Consciousness. It is something we have been inspired to Feel whenever possible.

Inner Acceptance and a sense of SELF-Significance is the BEginning of this NEW WAY of BEing.

More and more people are considering that potentially they might allow them SELVES to BE with them SELVES in a State of Harmony and Allowing.

If one does make this kind of SHIFT. . . what follows is the possibility for SELF-Curiosity and SELF-Romance!

The possibility of noticing who We Truly are. . . already. . . our Uniqueness and Gifts. . . which are NOT about purity or negation. . . but Wholeness and Embracing Life.

The Life within us from which We Arise. . . is a Vast and Unified Field of Infinite ONENESS. The LIGHT within us Knows how to Live Here. We Emanate into this physical form from a Vast Infinite ONENESS.

This Infinite ONENESS is the Sea of All Life and from it All Life Arises. We. . . Beloved Ones. . . Came forth Whole. Came forth with deliberate Intention and Unique potentials for Expression.

We are Welcome. . . We are Needed. . . and We are Significant. And our Galactic Families of LIGHT. . . Angelic Kingdom. . . and Ascended Masters are All Celebrating Us in this NOW Moment!

Embodiment is an opportunity to expand the potentials for Consciousness in HUman Life. Each Emanation. . . each Presence here NOW. . . is Exploring the potentials for Consciousness in Embodiment. Each of us do this differently and by following our Hearts. . . Honouring our inner Truth. . . Loving what we Truly LOVE and Expressing our SELVES sincerely. . . we discover the capacity within our own Body. . . our own Embodiment. . . for LIGHT.

As We Allow LIGHT to flow forth in our Presence. . . without restriction. . . with a sense of Harmony and innerstanding. . . We BEgin to BE a Presence of LIGHT Here. . . Welcoming Others and reminding them. . . too. . . of the Possibilities for Embodiment. One of the Greatest challenges of Life on Earth is simply the incredible spectrum of choices!

Taking time to Center our SELVES. . . to Focus upon that which we Value and LOVE. Taking time to care for our Body-Mind. . . by Relaxing. . . Resting. . . Nourishing and also BEing Open — spending time doing nothing — these ways of BEing can help us to participate Here. . . from a more Grounded Stable Center.

We are Always BE-ing Guided from Within. There is Always the Clear. . . True Awareness within us that can tell Us. . . make KNOWN to Us. . . the Next Step. And Provide Us too. . . with the Support and Courage to take this Next Step. And in Truth. . . Living in the Moment and taking the Next Step in our Unfolding Life. . . is really the most Free and Effortless way to Live.

We are Invited and Guided to learn how to Live from Within. To discover that We do NOT need to figure Life out or plan it. But rather that Life Itself Loves Us Deeply and is Benevolently caring for US and for All Life.

The Mystery Here may BE grasped by realizing that how things look in the material is NOT the Main Event.

The Main EVENT is the Inner Expansion of Consciousness and this is Empowered by SELF-Acceptance. . . SELF-Love. . . and Ultimately SELF-Discovery. with Sacred LOVE of ONE Pars Kutay

Photo: Incoming 5D Energies – captured on March 9, 2021 by Jenna Susan Ballantyne

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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