March 12, 2021: Truth is Gushing Through the Web of Lies in High Dramatic Comedy [videos] ~ March 12, 2021

It’s Friday night at the movies and we’re riveted with popcorn in hand to hear the revelations behind the latest headlines from the orchestrators of the masterful spinners of fate; the guardians of Humanity.

For those paying attention and able to grasp the finer points of this overly dramatic process of liberating Humanity, it’s not easy to remain detached. From one day to the next we never know what the greatest show on Earth will entail. From gut-wrenching drama cutting like a Greek tragedy to insidious lunatic satire straight out of Monty Python, we’re on the edge of our seats to see how this production will climax.

Sometimes we’re watching a cartoon and other times it feels like the feature attraction.

How much more can we take in the theatre of the absurd? What will it take to wake those still under the spell?


Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Grant Immunity to Drivers Who Hit Protesters

Press secretaries and republican politicians with black eyes? You can’t make this up. Coded messages, numerology, Gematria, the subtle nuances are easy to miss. Four versions of the White House: DC, Mat-a-Lago Florida, Hollywood CA and Atlanta Georgia. So far.

The plandemic of the Kung Flu is wilder every day, it seems. It’s hard to watch but we trust it will all dissolve in Divine timing.

Regardless of the finer points in this altercation, the crimes that have derived from the power struggles in the plandemic are causing untold hardships for us all. We should not be attacking anyone because they “forgot” a mask or choose not to wear one.

Pitting the police against civilians is cruel and unusual punishment when one is designed to “serve and protect” the other. Society is breaking down and those of us who recognize and retain our sovereignty have to defend ourselves according to the law every day from bullies and bureaucrats with agendas.

Czech police tackle man, put him in headlock for not wearing mask as toddler cries in viral clip (VIDEO)

Canada, the insanity is going viral—and it’s really catchy this time. True North covers the scamdemic in the Great White Gulag. It’s impossible to hear this stuff and not roll the eyes. How will the Canucks respond to this outrageous theatre? Learn more here: A Tale of Two Pandemics.

It was the best of pandemics, it was the worst of pandemics. An Ontario public health official says because of the variants we’re actually in the midst of two separate pandemics right now, and, of course, that we need another lockdown – one stricter than the previous two – to get through it. True North’s Andrew Lawton exposes the latest shifts of the public health goalposts.

Is anyone listening to the experts?

BOMBSHELL: Stats Canada claims lockdowns, not COVID-19, are now driving ‘excess deaths’

Doctors, academics, and health scientists have been warning for months that using lockdowns as a cure for COVID-19 will be far worse than the disease.

I have to say again that Scott Mowry’s updates are priceless in these times when so much is happening one person can’t possible track and share it all. Scott’s crack team of researchers and data miners bring us the most important and cryptic information and lay it out on the table where we can see it more fully and innerstand the implications. Wednesday nights’ call was no exception. High value.

Miracles Intel Conference Call replay numbers for Wednesday:Playback Recording Number: 605-475-4957Access Code: 810201# / followed by # again

As evidenced by Scott’s Q&A callers, some people are frightened by the information available on the Internet. Many people are not entertaining the “conspiracy theories” and need to be shaken awake. Most of us reading this are aware of the dark globalist satanic agenda. We know what they planned for Humanity and we also know that the Earth Alliance has planned for this time and it is under control.

The psychopaths will not be successful in their agenda because the US military and their allies have banded together to take the evil ones down, once and for all, so they can never prey on Humanity again.

Toward that end, they have decided that for our own good the Human race must understand just how close they came to extinction. They can never again drop their guard and allow others to think for them, or act for them. They must play an active, conscious role in their existence to thrive and evolve.  They must innerstand the shortcomings and pitfalls of the old systems which were rigged and govern themselves.

To keep it real for us, the awakened, there has to remain an element of the unknown; there has to be a question as to what is real and what is not. In the end, every one of us will be wowed by what will present. The grand finale will be utterly astonishing with delightful surprises for all.

So in your travels in the blogosphere and on social media, inform yourself, but do not allow fear to quash your enthusiasm. Exciting times lie ahead and The Plan is unfolding on schedule at the hands of skilled and dedicated Humanitarians.

We have been singled out to be here for this momentous time. We’re here for good reason as way-showers, so enjoy it as much as possible. Live your truth, blaze a trail of Light and wisdom for the newly awakening.

There is a veritable buffet of tantalizing material for the choosing on the Internet and I’m not able to sample everything I would like but we do share a lot of the “best of” from the perspective of myself, the crew, and our trusted messengers.

The interview Doug Billings did with Sidney Powell was exceptional and she revealed a lot about things we’ve speculated about and only had “rumours” to go on.

Simon Parkes recommends this 20 minute “breaking” update from Juan O’Savin (107) from March 10; one of the very best sources of what is involved in the plan and what it all means.

We’ve been shown that the process of this takedown is going to go backward and then forward again. There are multiple ways we can see this happening. The military put Trump in control of America (and the world) in 2016, now Trump has relinquished control to the military temporarily, and then they will once again at the perfect moment insert Trump back into the picture because the People lawfully elected him as President in a huge victory last November.

Here’s an interesting post from Gab.THEREALDARKJUDGE@ROYALMRBADNEWS

We will address all the videos of smoke coming out of The White House Lawns and children coming out of The White House with what we have said before.



We understand there will probably be another election soon in the united states for America. Not for President… for Congress. The House and the Senate are so badly compromised we have to start fresh.

We’re getting a lot of negative information about vaccines and it’s clear that Big Pharma is going down and Humans in general will realize they don’t need vaccines and should never accept one. We were made  perfectly. Our immune systems can’t be “improved” by toxic cocktails. That was never the intent of vaccines anyway. They were never a benevolent move to help us and we’re not accepting being guinea pigs for the deep state’s experiments any more.

Brasscheck TV shows us that in addition to all the other horrific poisons in vaccines, there’s another. The dreaded glyphosate.

Learn more here.

If you want to explore the ulterior motives behind vaccines and don’t mind reading, there’s a wealth of information at this website. It’s not a matter of a vaccine occasionally having a minor negative reaction for a handful of people. This is serious and a large part of the planned genocide, folks.

We don’t know what we don’t know—and most people are unaware of the vastness of advanced technology in the hands of the satanic elite which they have hidden from us. It may sound like science fiction but it’s not smart to assume anything any more.

Here’s the table of contents:

  1. Summary
  2. The Covid-19 PCR Test – A Shot of Nanoparticles for Your Brain?
  3. Masks Do Not Stop the Virus
  4. Masks Make Us Sick and Demented
  5. Operation Moonshot: A Shot of Nanoparticles for Everybody’s Brain – What Do the Leaked Documents Say?
  6. What Are the Effects of These Nanoparticles In Your Brain?
  7. Corona Quarantine Camps in Canada, Switzerland, Germany and Many Other Western Countries
  8. Swiss Army Chief Paralyzes Army to Recruit and Arm Foreigners
  9. Immunologist Prof. Dolores Cahill: Why COVID-19 vaccinated people will die months after the mRNA vaccination
  10. Corona and the Ten Stages of Genocide by Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, President of Genocide Watch

Or click the link below to start from the beginning.

The COVID-19 PCR-Test – A Shot of Nanoparticles for Your Brain?

What? No, no, and no. Not happening. IT’S OVER!

U.S. Public Health “Experts” Say The Pandemic Will Never End, We Should Embrace A “New Normal”

THINK, people. How can it last this long? They’re making it up. If masks, social distancing, and lockdowns worked we would have been done with this a year ago. This is terrorism, my friends. It is illegal to tell people there is a pandemic when there isn’t one and the class action lawsuits will take these people to task.

Just found this on Telegram from GhostEzra.

Even though we are dealing with a glorified flu, intentionally releasing any virus on a population is considered terrorism which is punishable by death.

Michael Jaco urges those of us who are awake and realize what is unfolding to carefully consider our choices as well as bringing a number of important aspects of this war of good versus evil as it rages on. Excellent video, and some of that wacky stuff we just have to shake our head over. Zombies. Sheesh. They think we’re stupid.

Will we be saved from evil? Take action by pushing back on lockdowns. Don’t wait for a savior.

Thanks again to the crew for fuelling the rockets of desire and allowing anyone who flies with us to arm themselves with information. Life is certainly a lot more exciting than we were lead to believe.

Out for now.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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