9-EAGLE, 4 March 2021 “

According to Maya legend, the Sun was an Eagle and one of the most powerful day signs.”

On a Cosmic level, Earth is Ascending and expanding and we are at the center of this sacred process of the evolution.

You may have felt that the pressure of the energies has built up, this is for a release and subsequent equalization of sorts to occur, the door has opened to allow the Light to enter and bring a new balance in a certain way, that is in tune with the Ascension of Earth.

With 9-Eagle today DIVINE Time ascends itself to a larger view, its a day of heightened aspiration and taking new aim and the tone of 9 creates forward movement, this all in a period of LIGHT on the Ninth Wave, the 102nd Day which is from 20 Feb to 9 March, 18 days of new information downloads and new growth. 9th Wave calculator –

In order to ASCEND, the Memory of the Divine Universe is programmed to reboot ITSELF and clear away old destructive patterns, this happens automatically if we don’t do it consciously, and because of the acceleration of time it is happening faster than the mind can think.

Time has arrived CREATION to live in the heart on the highest level of consciousness, this is activating the collective ASCENSION of Earth, understood to be in resonance with the Ninth Wave frequency of Divine Universal time.

The time things took in the ancient past is happening almost instantly now, in terms of the 9 ascending Creation waves reflected in the codes of the Mayan calendar, what happened in a 20 year period on the 7th Level, happened in 1 year on the 8th Level. See a graphic of the code of the 9 levels of consciousness at this link –…/the-structure/

Now since the Completion in Oct 2011 all the 9 Waves of the evolution of consciousness have merged to run in parallel as one Light of Creations Full Maturity, this is causing things to happen instantly and thus at Light Speed, this is also causing confusion because all of a sudden the mind has to very quickly adapt to the rapid CHANGES the Ascension of Earth is bringing, the things that are flawed are having to surface and be unveiled.

Earth’s ASCENSION process is an inner Quantum Shift of Divine TIME that is CONDENSING the crystal of the Mind to form a flawless Diamond Light Consciousness.

The pureness of the New fully mature LIGHT of Creation is transmuting the illness of the mind that hide its flaws or problems in the shadows, in other words a fully mature resonance of Divine Universal Time is shining away the immaturity it previously lived with.

With this new DIAMOND Light Consciousness now emanating from “WITHIN” , the synchronistic wave of flawless heart centered intent – that the NINTH WAVE is in resonance with – is taking over the reins.

Creation is now living with a time Wave resonance that is automatically bringing everything to live in sacred relation and in balance with the mirror of ITSELF, consciousness is awakening to the Divine understanding that everything is a reflection of the soul of self, everything is connected, separation is an illusion fueled by a mind that is heartless.

If we live with something in our mind that we might no is imbalanced we need to deal with it before it deals with us in a way we might not like, we need to process it, because of ASCENSION the mind is becoming more and more conscious of ITSELF.

The weight of what IT knows is wrong will keep IT off center from the heart and give you anxiety, until you SURRENDER and liberate your mind by clearing your conscience and thus healing your SOUL.

Divine Time does not trust the mind, it TRUSTS the HEART because the heart holds the center in place. “Take a moment now and sit in silence, close your eyes and focus on your heart. Feel the warm energy of love coming from your heart.

You can place your hand over your heart as it may help you to connect more easily. Take a few deep breaths, and when you’re ready, ask your heart whatever question you need an answer to.”

We really are living in miraculous times, especially if you consider the overall view of Creations Evolution, as seen by the Eagle, the connector of Earth and Sky. Today is a day of intuition and vision, a time to break away from the traditional and find your inner soul truth, which can be attained with the panoramic acute vision of the Eagle.

The EAGLE helps guide our ASCENSION, fly with EAGLES to higher and higher states of awareness, feel the Light, be the Light of Creations Love. Enjoy the journey, dance to the sacred songs of Divine Time.

The Universal Frequency on Facebook shares the DAY KEEPING of Divine Time, at – Sean Caulfield

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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