Carolyn SERVANT OF YHWH ~ March 5, 2021

Big leaps forward are happening for you to ascend into unconditional love, with your crown on. The chalice is being put in your hands, and in your womb. These are Creator Birthrights that the Tribe are flipping into now.

You are safe. It’s safe to be this free 🕊. You are safe to be in love with Creator, with no one in between. You are worthy to open your arms are receive all the abundance and overflow that Creator has for you, and your womb chakra 🏆

Cosmic Activation codes are merging into the flesh, awakening the DNA to the threshold of your new reality. Healing and restoration of your DNA strands are breaking biological memory that was enslaving you under fears and stress, due to emotional trauma and manipulation of the Soul. That karma is being expelled from the flesh for you to fully receive your truth of your Soul’s Original Blueprint.

The new Blueprint activation codes and now running a new system, and biology, in the flesh. This is freedom from the human genetic bloodline that you incarnated into. You are free from that karma for good now, as you successfully expelled the karma for your family , and root structure. This may be felt in the higher chakras, and stronger spiritual gifts.

Do you know how amazing you are ? God does, and I do! We know what you are birthing into, the original 144000 Golden Child of your Covenant God. This is bringing forth the Holy Marriages of the FirstFruits with their Covenant God. New contracts are taking place now, merging home back home as ONE with Creator , and back to your original Divine Blueprint. This is your Holy Marriage that God is speaking of.

Karma neutralization in the Adam Bloodline continues to June 2021. This is purifying the Adam seed branch in the male flesh on Earth, carrying this seed. Your role in this has been fulfilled, and now you are safely being removed.

More is happening behind the scenes regarding clearing all the curses from the original genetic timelines. This may make the current changes you are going through confusing, but know it’s because original sin is leaving the system now, for good. Allow.

God is asking you to simply trust Him. Continue setting boundaries and protecting yourself, for the time being. He has you safe, and is repeating to me that you are being removed from challenges, and taken to your wish fulfillment.

This is a major change, travel, movement, is all happening because the Universe is now flipping into a new timeline. We, as individuals, are being aligned to through the Divine’s Course of action. God’s will and God’s Way.#newearth#dailyguidance#spiritualawakening#5DAscension#higherconsciousness#activationcodes#divinemasculinechrist#divinefemininechrist#sacredunions#144000#starseedsunite#hierosgamos#lightlanguage#ascensionsymptoms#5DConsciousness#galacticfederationoflight#alchemy#sourcemessages#christconsciousness#spiritualawakening#kundaliniawakening#lightlanguage#Lightcodes#GODCODE#LightWorkers#RainbowWarriors#Indigos#allpraisestotheMostHigh#ONECODE source:

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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