Dear Beloved Family of Light of Love ~ February 16, 2021

as above with all company of Heaven and bellow with inner Earth Family with all Star Family with all Earth Inhabitants , and in Divine reunion as One with beloved Mother Father God or Supreme Creator of Great Central Sun and with beloved Mother Earth, and beloved Father Sun Sol, this is
Important message from 144000 Avatars, to continue Ascension Journey of our beloved Mother Earth and All Humanity with all beloved Souls from all Kingdom and Elements by guidance of our Sacred Hearts with Divine Love and Light, and toward to Golden Age of Aquarius. But we are now at another important crossroad, where dark side trying to hold us on lower dimensional frequency with strong influence on many important Light warriors and Light workers, and grid workers takimg important role in this ascension process.
For acknowledge many Ascension process is not just raising of our individual and collective consciousness, but this involving transformation of our physical bodies from carbon to crystalline, accompanied with activation of 12 spiritual layers of DNA, with activation of our subtle energetic chacra bodies / from physical, and emotional, and mental- lower to higher, to many level of Spritual / with expending of our frequency of colour and sound, relating to different higher dimensional realm. But only using “ Mind power” is limited to the mental dimensional level / The Dimension where Artificial Intelligence is very active with creating many artificial time lines with new destructive war games /, but with Power of true Love and Truth coming from our Sacred hearts is possible only to reach our God/Goddess of inner Divine selves, or true selves of pure Divine Love and Light, in reunion with our Beloved Father/ Mother God, in Great Central Sun, located in our Hearts. It is another important fact about ascending with our crystallized physical bodies to mental dimensional realm is that that collective humanity have physical form in higher dimensional realm, for us it is important in 5 Dimensional realm, that we have not reach this level until NOW and HERE with higher Cosmic knowledge, too. This is the reason, why the remnants of reptilian-draconian negative forces trying to stop our ascension, and want to keep us, as slavery and food beings, for next eons of time, but we are enough consciousness to exit from their negative agenda right now and here.
Their influence on light workers is very strong, through their mind, some still stacked in 3- lower 4D AI time line frame of Atlantis, so some, this important crossroad of squared of Saturn- Uranus on Wednesday, 17th of February, are going to create Ascension-Descension / Ascension of Consciousness of Souls to limited mental level controlled by Ai Reptillian time frame, while bodies would descend to physical 3/ower 4 D/. This ideas, coming from reptilian Ai – Mainstream media – Computer and Communication network control program, where they want to separate our Soul from Physical bodies that our Souls would be imprisoned in Ai matrix of negative program, while our physical human bodies would be corrupter by reptilian – draconian remnants of negative forces, to sustain their present on our planet, still thinking that our Beloved Planet is their property. Our Beloved Mother Earth / Soul Gaia is sovereign beloved planet, with Her decision that the last game between dark and light energies has been playing on her bodies, and with her decision to choose which race is going to continue to ascend with Her, but not those ones with destructive manner, and they must leave her, right now, right here. The remnants of negative reptilian races, who wants to fight to their demise, with their selfish thinking: “ If we can not being here, nobody could be else” with their destructive manner to other races and our planet still presents, they can not deserve to live with us and other peaceful races / our wars were influenced by intensive mind control of negative ET races – Archon Reptilian Draconian with their chosen human elites / anymore, and they must continue their spiritual evolution on another lower dimensional planet. Because of this important time, where Divine Light of Love override dark side on astral level, now and here is coming time of getting rid of the last remnants of dark energies on our physical level one for all, starting from tomorrow, Wednesday 17th of February, with opening the Light Portal at Saturn – Jupiter side, that has been closed for eons of time, repeating our Soul reincarnation process in closed time space cycle of Artificial time of our dream state. But we are awaken NOW and HERE, we are living this space = time program, guided by Divine Love and Light of our Sacred Heart, and We are choosing our Ascension to Golden Age of Aquarius, with new time line of Divine Love and Peace, and Harmony, and Abundance equally for all, and with Happiness and Joy with complete new technology, releases us from physical work, because We are creative, higher consciousness beings of Divine Love and Light, and we are Ascending together with our Beloved Mother Earth / Gaia Sophia, and all Beloved Souls with all Kingdoms and Elements, and with all Beloved Souls, who streaming for higher dimensional life ways based on Divine Love and Light, establishing long lasting peace, and harmony with respecting each other, and happiness and joy in whole Cosmos, with creating beautiful creation guided by our Sacred Heart Mind.
Because of this, I as avatar with 144000 other beloved Avatars, asking to open heart chacras more than ever before, and asking Cosmic Heart centre to emit little bit more Divine love energies / not to change our timeline / trough Southern Lemurian Notes first, to activate more our Heart to Heart chacra network, together with our beloved Mother Earth, and Beloved Father Sun Sol with all Planets and Star system in our Solar belts, and our golden pink Universe, and Multiverse and back to our Cosmic Father Mother God as continue golden circle of Divine Love and Light energies to continue to circle, allowing opening of Saturn Jupiter Light Portal, after eons of time, to bright this part of our Solar belt enough to turn down darkness and awaken those deeply asleep, to embraced true knowledge of their true Divine selves. This is starting right NOW and HERE, and we are starting to open this Light Divine Portal, today, Tuesday 16th of February, at 11,11pm at Southern nodes, and changing time limes to Divine Love and Light, guided by our Sacred Heart and our pure Divine Soul.
All my love to all Cosmos, and love and healing energy to beloved Mother Earth / Archangel Sophia Gaia, and Beloved Father Sun Sol.


Just to add to our forgiveness and love and compassion to all of our past life times, and forgiveness and love and compassion to all of our humans and other species with souls, still lost in taking negative roles, to wake up soon and rejoin with us in our Ascension. Golden Age of Aquarius or 5 Dimensional realm is here, and can not being stopped.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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