Energies of Sacred Union and Zero Point of Creation ~ February 15, 2021

As Venus disappears from the Morning sky today Feb14/13 , Inanna/ Venus concludes the Morning Star Descent aspect of her Shamanic journey and enters the second phase…The Underworld…(in case you have been feeling a bit off Center….its coz your Soul journeys with Inanna, consciously or unconsciously as Venus is the divine feminine guiding light of our souls ascension process).

Invisible to us as she is Shielded Now in the veil of the Sun’s Glare it is here that she dies to her old identity ( Queen of Heaven) and enters into Sacred Union, meeting, acknowledging and witnessing with her Shadow Aspects . Along with her we too enter the Alchemical Fires of the Underworld to be Transformed as we face our deepest Fears one by one and midwife ourselves into Wholeness , Sovereignty and Empowerment through the Gateways of denial, rage, shame , guilt and pain that we had kept under lock and key ,in order to survive.But Now ,as we move into the frequencies of New Earth, we have chosen to move beyond Survival into Freedom!!! And hence the very gateways that once appeared to offer us protection need to be conquered , for only when we have conquered our deepest cringes do we cultivate the Fearlessness, Courage and Confidence to meet the Shadows of our Earthly realities and Transcend them with ease and grace…an essential prerequisite as CoCreators of the New.

And so while the Energies of Sacred Union ( meeting of the Polar opposites, Light and dark, masculine and feminine ,heaven and underworld, water and Fire

are Not the easiest to traverse, it is In The Union that we obtain the KEYs to our Liberation from the illusions of Fear and move into the Neutral Void Of Creation/ ZeroPoint ( as opposed to polar opposites) that is the womb space for birthing Freedom, Sovereignty and Empowerment in our Earthly Realm to transcend its associated challenges and Inanna Ascends from Queen of Heaven to Queen of Heaven AND Earth!!

And in amazing synchronous , this phase in this particular Venus cycle aligns with the Energies of Brigid , Goddess of The Eternal flame of Transformational and Creative Energies who is also the Keeper of the Sacred Waters of Life of Cleansing, Healing and Nourishment …..ie She is the very Embodiment of The Union of Opposites (water and Fire) and can assist us in moving with fearlessness, ease and Grace through this period of Sacred Union and Creation, within and Without. And what a delicious synchronicity that this phase begins on a day traditionally associated with Love , Valentines Day, for this meeting of our shadows and Union thereof requires us to operate on the highest frequencies of Love ,of self first, for only then may we hold others in judgement free, entitlement free, prejudice free and pretension free ie Unconditional Love…the Super Highway of Spiritual ascension.

Be Light ,EnLight ,InGrace


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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