48 ~ Energies of Sacred Union and Zero Point of Creation ~ Archangel Sandalfon ~ GREAT LIGHT ACHIEVEMENT ~ February 15, 2021


Greetings beloved ones! I am Archangel Sandalfon.the twin brother of Archangel Metatron. I am sending this today for several reasons. First of all, it is time. It is time for the prayers that have been reverently uttered by the lightworker community to be fulfilled.Secondly, she is worthy. She is struggling to write this. You are all worthy. You all also seem to struggle with this sense of dignity. Beloveds from the heart of God, from the magnificent and wondrous All That Is, you are all worthy.Gaia is worthy to ascend and you are worthy to ascend above her and into her aura field. (I see rainbow colors enveloping Gaia like a huge prism bubble and everyone in her is also filled with this rainbow).This feeling of unworthiness and deficiencies is false. It is part of the indoctrination program for the lower spheres and you have learned them well. Now you must forget them, for you are ready to lead and in order to lead, you must know in your heart of hearts that you are worthy to do so. Each of you has earned your rewards.These energy-filled weeks, as well as the push and pull of the lower energies and the densities within them, have been exhausting. Like a strong pull, these energies stretch further and further, until one can no longer remain in contact with the other and a rupture occurs. A lengthening of spheres, as the dimensions shift and draw further and further upward.There are infinite points within the dimensional hard stretches. Infinite points of perspective. When you perceive Source within, you do not question feelings regarding worthiness. When you allow doubt, it can be more challenging. Now is not the time to question your mission.The prayers of all people are in the process of great fulfillment. The great awakening is at hand. It is now approaching your world. (I hear the sound of angel trumpets. I see ancient sealed documents as they are opened and huge bronze bowls are emptied upon the Earth). Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear awaken to the inner call of higher dimensional love, which is within them. This love is everywhere around them, but has felt repressed within this holographic framework they have experienced for eons.I am Sandalfon. I answer prayers, strengthen intentions and assist in the realization of results. I work with the music of the spheres, the vibration of the tones. You can work with me. Musicians already know me, you may not realize this within your human density. The density is raised. Gaia peels away the layer of the lower pathways. So you too must remove what no longer serves you and what depresses you. Now is the time to serve yourself with inner love and nourishment from Source. Allow yourself to be loved, to feel this love all around you. Allow yourself to feel the dignity of this mission that awaits you.You were chosen to lead. Lightworkers were selected for a specific task and all of you have enough talent and experience to do it. Some of you lead in the quiet moments. (I see parents with their children, they teach them quietly). Some of you will be a great voice for many. (I see renowned teachers with great social media platforms). All are important. All are equal in the eyes of God.You must carry out your mission, whatever it may be, with the inner certainty that you are not alone, that you are worthy and that you will be infinitely heard and loved. I am the archangel Sandalfon. I send you frequencies of angelic music and codes of dignity, wrapped in light. (I feel and see a wonderful mantle that is filled with prism light and colors that vibrate with sound. I feel the fears and unworthiness melt away. Something inside me bursts a little more. I am in a cocoon of light and sound.)How can a child of God be unworthy? There is no separation. You are the same light and love that shaped the stars and it took an incredible amount of effort to do this. You have the same power of intention within you. Speak aloud the intention for your path to be clear to keep your will strong. I Sandalfon will help you.Your world needs a great change. Your people are tired of the burden. This burden is being lifted. Light fills the darkness. There is no place for its absence. I am Sandalfon. I activate your third eye and your inner ear which is about ancient wisdom, to allow greater inner discernment.You are immensely loved and you are not alone. Peace.

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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