Inanna/ Venus at Gateway of Death by Intent at Earth Star Chakra ~ February 11, 2021

On Feb 10 , Inanna/ Venus reaches the last and Mystical Gateway at Earth Star Chakra called Death by Intent on her shamanic journey of descent to the underworld to meet with her shadow self . At each of the 7 gateways/ chakras that she has passed through since the beginning of her Journey as Morning Star , she has had to release a possession or article of clothing representative of Power and Title of Queen of Heaven and Earth , symbolising a release of our own conditionings/ stories / walls/ filters of Perception that keep us attached to a false sense of Protection ,Identity ,Pride and Self worth that our Ego aspect represents.

Now she has reached the 8th Gate at Earth Star Chakra which is not typically part of every Venus/ Inanna Journey and hence makes it even more noteworthy in this particular journey as the Gemini Archetype for it is the first cycle ( of 5) of a 8 year Pentacle and Cosmic Rose that Venus will be tracing in the heavens that marks the beginning of the Mother Aspect in the Creation of New Earth ie The leadership, Service ,Activism and Cocreation that is required to lay the foundations and blossoming of New Earth will be spearheaded by the Divine Feminine !!

While the prior 7 gateways corresponded to Chakras directly associated with the physical body , the Earth Star Chakra is a Transpersonal Chakra. It gets fully activated only once a certain level of Clearing and Activation has been achieved in the 7 main chakras of our physical body for only then is an individual ready to step out beyond their individual karmic redemption and self serving attitudes to enter a frequency of Service to All for the Earth Star Chakra grounds us strongly into Unity and Interconnectedness of All That Is.It is here that we begin to act as Agents of Change for the Greater Good of All . My work ( sessions) with some extremely Powerful CoCreators of New Earth has revealed the Earth Star Chakra to be a highly Mystical Chakra for it aligns with the colour of the individuals Soul Purpose ( the prominent Soul Light evident in their Aura) and it is deeply connected to the Soul Star Chakra of the individual.

So getting back to Inanna at Earth Star Chakra….this infrequent and unusual leg of her Descent to the Underworld journey does not correspond to giving up a tangible article of clothing like the physical chakras (but you may decide on a physical item to represent the release that this gateway entails as per your inner guidance) , but it does represent a Release that is a sum total of all that her journey has entailed till now and more… It is here that we are called to release those aspects that no longer serve with respect to :- @relationships to ourselves +others+Gaia and her sentient beings+money+political/social/economic/environment realities on our planet @values and value systems particularly corresponding to the Feminine +masculine ,so called righteous ways of being, our sense of safety and security and Boundaries therin @judgements (of ourselves and others) and the subsequent projections that arise there off @ our Purpose of Embodiment and how we envision our path of Service To All for The Greatest Good Of All.

It is particularly at this gateway that we need to examine our role and purpose as a cog in the scheme of The Whole and identity where we have attached to “ spiritual Ego” (which is thousand times worse and more detrimental that normal Ego) so that it may be released and we may be more “Present” in deciphering the Flow of The Universe as opposed to being rigid crusaders in the name of righteousness, ascension and spirituality .

As i have mentioned we are in the brand new 8 year cycle of The Mothers Creation….as opposed to Patriarchal rules of many thousands of years, and so we need to go over All our Foundations of Stability and Security with a fine comb to weed out that which no longer resonates with the energies of the Divine Mother aspect of the Divine Feminine. Just like the Earth Star anchors our integrated column of Light (accumulative light of All our Chakras) so too the aspects we need to release at this Gateway of Death by Intent is a cumulative whole as we prepare for Death in the Underworld / Inanna meets her sister Ereskigal in the Underworld /Venus disappears from the morning sky on feb 13 and moves behind the Sun on March 25 .

And thus does Inanna/ we enter the domain of Ereshkigal ,completely stripped and naked ,raw, defenceless and vulnerable with nothing to hide behind and in total Surrender . All attributes of arrogance and ego are left behind at the 8 gateways , for only then will inanna/we be humbled and receptive enough to comprehend Compassion and Grace . For only then will Inanna/ we understand the importance of Being Present in order to witness and acknowledge our shadow aspects ( Ereshkigal) , the ones we shoved deep down in shame,rage, guilt ,disapproval and denial and in the process abandoned ourselves at multiple levels. The Underworld is our opportunity to acknowledge and unify the sadness, Pain, trauma, woundedness, shame, guilt and deep abandonment for it is exactly this integration of these shadowy aspects that serves as the medicine and alchemy for our Rebirth and Transformation into our Inner Strength ,Power, Sovereignty and Freedom grounded in Humility, Courage, Compassion ,Grace, Integrity, Understanding, Gratitude and Love…..for that is how New Earth will be (re)Built….Led by the Divine Feminine.

Be Light ,EnLight ,InGrace

✨…/inanna-venus…/ Gratitude to Artists Anne Stoke, Solveig Katrina, Wolkstein and Kramer and others Unknown

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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