February 6, 2021: Where We Are Meant to Be [videos] ~ February 5, 2021

I’m so out of the loop this seems woefully inadequate but I have to put up something so the amazing crew has something to respond to and add to, so here goes. I’ll be back full strength in a week.

President Trump has apparently posted for the first time on Gab although a search will not do anything for me. Gab is not cooperating.

Dave’s X22 Report for today is right on, I’m sure.

LT uploaded a great new video yesterday in summary. Something he pointed out stuck with me. He brought us a pointed remark from someone who said there is no such thing as a disease with no symptoms. Exactly! If we have no symptoms we are not sick—so why do we have to wear a mask, stay 6 feet from other people, etc. etc.???? It’s insane.

Calgary, Canada is saying that quarantine will expand to 24 days for the “new strains” of Covid now spreading from Africa, or wherever the hell they’re saying these fake new strains came from. How can people be so gullible???

And that reminds me of another stunning observation made recently that grabbed me: Since when are we all sick until proven healthy? The psychopaths running the world have turned everything upside-down. It’s a world seen through the looking glass. It’s the reverse of reality—and millions of people don’t get it!!! They don’t question!

2.4.21: Money. Power. Control. Enough is ENOUGH! Pray!

Please check out the latest posts on Simon Parkes’ blog. Lots of interesting stuff there. Thank you, Simon.

Charlie Ward did an update with Nicholas Veniamin today, as well.

I have my phone back and will be catching up tonight on Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call from Sunday and the intel he dropped. My sister-in-law has a few Androids at home she was forced to update and will be sending me one so I will be entering the 21st Century in the near future with a smart phone—but probably still not connected to the Internet. Baby steps.

Three weeks away from the current developments at this stage is overwhelming to try to stay abreast. Thank you to the crew for all the support of every kind. You’re so kind and often in my thoughts. I feel like I’m “lost in space”, unable to get back to the mother ship.

I loved the “Catturd without his glasses” video. That cat has an attitude and it was SO Catturd.

Apologies to those who don’t know who Catturd is. Follow him on Twitter and Gab. He’s hysterical—and he knows what’s going on.

And check this out. Lou Dobbs is the latest casualty.

Fox News Axes Lou Dobbs’ Show; Top-Rated Pro-Trump Host Not Expected Back on the Air

While I am out of the loop on many details, I know everything is unfolding for our benefit in untold ways. The Patriots have this under control. The “normies” should be worried, but of course have no idea what’s coming.

Scott Mowry had a wise statement to share on a recent call. He shared a quote from somewhere… “The news is all lies. Propaganda pretends to be the news.” or something like that. It’s so true. If only everyone understood this.

Whenever I tell my other half and my sister-in-law what is coming… like “no income tax, med-beds, everyone having good food, clean water, free energy” I get the same response. “Not in my lifetime.” Because they didn’t hear it on the news, they don’t believe it’s possible. Sad, isn’t it? Back in 2001 NESARA/GESARA were about to become a reality until the cabal pulled off 9/11 to stop it, and it’s taken this long for the Earth Alliance to get on track. I really hope this will be a reality very soon. It certainly appears that the arrests in Washington have been taking place; probably elsewhere, as well.

It’s been a rough ride, but for those of us who had the sense to wake up, we will love how this movie ends. It will be worth all the anxiety, the isolation, the ridicule, the angst and uncertainty. We are exactly where we are meant to be TODAY. And now is all that matters.

Be sure to check out the comments from the crew beneath each post because they provide quite an education. Ignore the trolls and naysayers. We’ve got this. Check mate is coming.  ~ BP

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