A Most Intense and Potentially Cathartic Week Ahead ~ Be Awake, Be Alert By Daniel Giamario ~ January 13, 2021

With a lot of worthy attention being placed on the wondrous stellium of Mercury/Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius, very low in the West, just after sunset, we might end up missing the truly remarkable astro events of the week of January 11th. As Mercury rises in the West after sunset, and with Jupiter and Saturn sinking into the underworld (behind the Sun), let’s direct our awareness to these stunning events over the next week:

MONDAY JANUARY 11 – Moon enters Capricorn

TUESDAY JANUARY 12 – NEW MOON at 23Capricorn13 9:00pm PST This new moon is activating that remarkable region where the dominant configuration of 2020 was. Hope for something new? What kind of “reset” do we intend?

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13 – MARS SQUARE SATURN 3Taurus04/3Aquarius04 3:00pm PST A square is a time known as “crisis in action”. Literally anything can happen under this aspect.

THURSDAY JANUARY 14 – URANUS Stationary direct at 6Taurus43 An extremely high concentration of unknowns, the unexpected, and endless synchronicities. “Getting hit by lightning in a good way”

THURSDAY JANUARY 14 – SUN CONJUNCT PLUTO at 24Capricorn37 6:30am PST The yearly date of exactness when Pluto is directly behind the Sun in the celestial underworld. What needs composting? Where is there any denial?

SUNDAY JANUARY 17 – JUPITER SQUARE URANUS 6Aquarius43/6Taurus43 2:29pm PST In this year of the Saturn/Uranus triple square, and the Jupiter/Saturn Great Mutation in Aquarius, this is the ONLY square from Jupiter to Uranus. These two planets amplify each other, and another “crisis in action”.

AND SHORTLY AFTER: WEDNESDAY JANUARY 20 – MARS CONJUNCT URANUS at 6Taurus44 This will be written about next week.

FRIDAY JANUARY 22 – MARS SQUARE JUPITER 7Taurus56/7Aquarius56 This will also be written about next week. These are certainly intense and challenging aspects. They certainly amplify hugely the main themes of 2021, as exemplified by Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School advocates the “Three World’s” approach.

This can prevent the spiritual bypass of too much Celestial world, or an unwillingness to look at Objective Reality. It can also offer a way to dispel the fear that can arise when many things are unfathomable and beyond our control.

It’s even possible that the courage to see it all without fear can even help dispel outcomes and alter time-lines. Happy New Year to our readership, and in the words of John Lennon’s great song: “Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear.”

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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