Marika Moretto ~ December 28, 2020

We’ve been in full direct connection with the Central Sun for a few days.

This means we’re continuously absorbing HIGH Frequency Photon particles!

It’s very important to BE Aware of this.

Our DNA is BE-ing Updated and Reprogrammed.

Blocks that have binding and limited it so far are removed.

This Never happened before!

This is why Observe what happens with Gratitude.

This process, obviously, requires a deep cleansing of the matrix and the physical body.

Know that the memories of pain stored in our thin bodies belonging to other incarnations are NOW ′′Awakened′′ and Reactivated, all at once.

What does this mean? The only way to HEAL memories of pain is to Relive those memories.

Repeating information, meaning a situation, cancels it.

And this information of pain disappears, as if it ever existed in us.

It’s important to understand this precisely because these days we’re solving ancient and very ancient ′′ knots ′′ even if only in minutes.

We’re reliving and solving Massive amounts of trauma and fears in a few moments.


This is why these days we may have even more amplified emotions, and overlapping, that come and go, and that dominate our entire BEing.

Until interacting with the physical body, and from him to expel the ′′toxins′′ of these painful memories.

The physical body has many ways to unload this information of pain: but first of all is tears.

Crying is precious because liberating.

Let the pain out: whether it’s a cry of joy, of confusion or of sadness… let it act:

Resistance to change has been permanently abandoned!

If you still feel continuous sicknesses, please know that it’s perfectly normal.

Especially linked to the first three Chakras: what are commonly referred to as gut viruses that therefore involve diarrhea and vomiting, are simply mechanisms to release such energy work in progress.

Migraines mean subtle work in the mental plane: for those who are very ′′rigid”, rational, very mind-bound.

And it may also have continuous disturbance or pressures at the top of the head, temples, the back of the head.

Chest pain and mild tachycardia are simply unlocks of the fourth Chakra, which happen gradually for each one.

The throat is under pressure at this time, precisely because communication is missing right now.

This is why blocks related to the Fifth Chakra are removed and this could cause voice lowering, difficulty speaking, sore throat or simply need to remain silent.

Know that the Nervous System is brought to the limits of endurance in this Energy SHIFT. So insomnia or difficulty sleeping is perfectly normal.

And in the Astral we’re disposing of everything.

So Dreams are Loaded.

The important thing is to understand what is happening: understanding brings relief and gives Peace of Mind.

Who wouldn’t feel any of this: it’s fine.

It means that he has already completed these processes. Everything is always absolutely subjective: it depends on what the SOUL has chosen to do here in this incarnation.

But it’s really important to understand the immense work our body is doing lately.

So far the Central Sun has worked ′′intermittently′′ precisely to prepare us for such a direct, intense, and continuous connection with him – this is what’s happening NOW…

So in these years we have been prepared for this exact moment.

The continuous illnesses we’ve had over the years have been a preparation for the deep work that is NOW coming to an end.

It’s fair to point out that whoever started this journey years ago has Now come to the conclusion of this Karmic cleaning and DNA is so easily reactivated in no time.

For those who have never worked before, obvious that they will now have more difficulty absorbing these processes but will be accompanied gradually. T

his is to say that there is absolutely NO ′′deadline′′ for Ascension.

In the next few years anyone will have the chance to Ascend into 5D.

Surely those who will find themselves starting an inner work will have more difficulty than those who have already started it.

This is simply because the Frequencies are increasing and increasing, and for this reason the Energy pain can no longer remain in this reality.

So she will be stimulated to Heal at all costs.

Sometimes gently, sometimes decisively and resolutely.

Those who still live in the low frequencies will find themselves increasingly difficult here, and they will have to start an inner work, or choose to abandon this reality and proceed in other third-dimensions.

Every SOUL chooses and will choose what is best for their Evolution.

In this we are BE-ing followed and cared for by the Higher Dimensions.

So let’s thank these precious days when our body literally gives way to our SOUL!

A body that’s  breaking up, to rebuild itself in the NEW ENERGY UNION.

et’s LOVE it even more.

And let’s Honour it.

It’s the tool that lets us be here, doing what we have to do.

Our body from NOW on will undergo Great Healing and Transformations.

Simply because the Healing  we’ve done so far, NOW materializes in the material plan.

Matter is ready to ′′receive′′ the SOUL.

nd it BEcomes a manifestation of it.

JOYFUL… and DIVINE. And it is Just the BEginning.

Happy Rebirth! ~ Marika Moretto 💜

Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energy of Photonic-Plasma Light Codes – via Fra Chicca Sghinni

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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3 Responses to Marika Moretto ~ December 28, 2020

  1. Neil Vidican says:

    WHEN are we gonna feel better and get…you know…BENEFITS? And WHAT benefits?

    I ask…no one answers.


    • gratzite says:

      I know exactly what you means, to scream defiance at the perceived threat to Free Will. Not to worry, Free Will is sacrosanct and cannot be taken from you. It helps to acknowledge the power and Love and accept it, as is always on offer from the Solar Logos. In the depths of experience deemed necessary in the mysterious agenda of your Soul the offer ever exists, but it appears you have acknowledge and ask for it.


      • Neil Vidican says:

        I am getting SICK and TIRED of AGENDAS……ESPECIALLY mysterious ones.

        MY free will’s been violated and raped since I was conceived…..otherwise I’d be a PLEIADIAN WOMAN, traveling the stars……not trapped in the body of an ugly little man, on a GULAG of a planet…infested with stupid apes and sheeple that worship their jailers.

        Liked by 1 person

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