December 28, 2020: The Stormy Plan Soon To Be Revealed [videos] ~ December 28, 2020

The President and all the President’s men (and women) have everything under control. I believe POTUS always under-promises and over-delivers and I believe they have the satanists on the run. I trust the Plan.

“The art of the deal”
So many of you on Twitter last night was dogging Trump for signing the stim.

— michael (@GhostTradr) December 28, 2020

There’s better stuff on Twitter than my inbox so I’m goin’ with it.

Information to follow..
The Storm is Upon Us
The Final Countdown

🎄𝑆𝑖𝑙𝑒𝑛𝑡 𝑁𝑜 𝑀𝑜𝑟𝑒 369 (@AdventuresofEB) December 28, 2020

What do you think of the plan below?

What’s up, Doc? Simon Parkes didn’t reveal the name of the “RV bomber” in the Nashville explosion but would only say the name was related to Bugs Bunny. Right on, Simon. Warner Bros. Simon’s newest video update is below.

Breaking: An RV can be in the google map search of the address linked to “Anthony Quinn Warner,” the person of interest in the #Nashville Christmas explosion.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) December 26, 2020

In my opinion, the RV is a distraction. When there’s a laser/DEW weapon deployed that leaves a big hole in the ground that Google Earth blurs out so we can’t see it… that’s where the story is. The RV is irrelevant, and there’s always a patsy to blame who is killed so he can’t talk. There are too many rabbit holes opening up around this RV and I’m not going there.

27th December Update Current News

Here we go again, folks; the over-the-top propaganda out of China. There is no problem getting this kind of news out of the country, but as for anything else—forget it. Firewall. No truth gets out of China—unless the CCP wants it out. Fear! Fear! Fear! A new, more virulent strain—be very afraid, Humans. Wear TWO masks. Never leave your home again. Never speak to a family member or have bodily contact again. Get a vaccine QUICK!

Of course they knew. We told you it is a plandemic. Planned long ago.

Yes, Obama was in deeper than deep. Check out the recent Wikileaks headlines. Right in the White House. Chicken. Pizza. Hot dogs. Walnut sauce.

Do you feel this way? If not, why not?

Woman Has Courage to Say What Millions of Americans Are Thinking “I’m Done” With this COVID Insanity

I saw an infographic on Twitter stating that the insert for the Pfizer covid vaccine said “no unprotected sex” for a specific time period after the second shot due to genetic manipulation. There. They said it. Transhumanism à la carte. Unfortunately the Tweet disappeared before I could grab it. Total censorship of anything criticizing the vaccines.

The Truth is coming out, regardless. This was a shocker. Who said the lamestream media is soon going bye-bye? I can’t recall, but I suspected it would because we can’t go on this way. The World needs to be told the Truth about everything and protected from these genocide vaccines.

Censorship of a different sort. It used to be holistic doctors who were suicided. Now it’s people who might tell the truth about the Kung Flu and the vaccines. Too late. We already know.

Who’s murdering all the COVID scientists?

I had to laugh when I saw this Tweet from Don Jr. because Santa sounds a lot like the NSA. Nice trolling.

You better 👀 watch out
You better not 😭
You better not 😕
I’m 📢 you why
🎅🏻 is coming to town
He’s making a 📃
He’s ✅ it ✌🏻
He’s gonna find out who’s 😈 or 😇
🎅🏻 is coming to town
He sees you when you’re 😴
And he knows when you’re 😃
He knows if you’ve been 👎🏻 or 👍🏻

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) December 25, 2020

There’s a very good reason they are trying to eliminate supplies of Hydroxychloroquine. Not only does it protect us from this China Virus, it sounds to be a very potent and safe tonic for what ails us.

They knew since 2005. To coronavirus. #CrimesAgainstHumanity

— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) December 28, 2020

Change of topic:

This happened yesterday, I guess. Fabulous capture. Looks like a ship.

Sir something weird going in West Virginia any idea ?.

— Tyga (@Tyga77777) December 27, 2020

These recent discussions and “slide shows” from Patti Brassard are killer. They talk about all kinds of fascinating things no one has ever wanted us to know. We see photos of astonishing space craft right out of star wars that land on our planet all the time, and hover in our skies enveloped in clouds. Hundreds of underground bases, tunnels, “space guns”, landing strips, etc. in this riveting two-parter. The odd-shaped “cloud formation” seen recently was apparently a distress signal from the cabal. It’s wakey-wakey time.

I found it a little difficult to hear Patti so I put the captioning on so I didn’t miss the gist of it.

Australia & NZ DUMBS Update Part #1- Pattie Brassard MUST WATCH

Australia & NZ DUMBS Update Part #2 – Pattie Brassard MUST WATCH

Signing off for now, folks.  ~ BP

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