~The Emergence of the New Earth Sun ~ December 24, 2020

As our Divine Sun becomes ready to emerge as its Higher Self, so do we.

As within, so without.


The Sun is the projector of our Earth experience.

It maintains the Collective playing field for our Human experience.

Our Inner Sun, the Solar Plexus, is the projector of our individual experience within the larger one. It determines the path of our unique journey due to our beliefs, our vibration, our Higher Purpose.

We have reached a combustion point within our Collective experience.

A New Sun is ready to burst forth from within the Old. It is pulsing with Joy and eagerness.

The Sun Beings have been waking me from my sleep in their excitement at what is coming.

It is the Higher Self of our current Sun, and is ready to project a new, divine experience for all of us – the New Earth Paradigm.

We may experience a Solar Flash as the New Sun emerges from within the old, letting us know that the new projection is online, available to be experienced in its fullness.

Many of us will experience the Solar Flash within our own Solar Plexus at the same time, connecting us fully into this new, Higher projection of experience.

Some may connect so fully into it that it becomes their new lived experience immediately. Some may move back and forth between the two projections for a while, as they steady themselves within the new vibration.

Some may take a little longer to connect in at all, which is entirely okay, because all will connect in eventually.

The two Earth projections, or experiences, will be overlaid for some time, until the old one is no longer needed.

When the old projection is no longer required (because all of humanity will be living in the higher dimensional New Earth Projection), our Old Sun will merge fully with the New Sun and they will become One.

Uluru represents the Solar Plexus of the Earth and is now fully activated and online.

As within, so without.

All our Suns are aligned, you could say. We are all ready.

The Dragon Collective have told me that this shift in paradigm is the next logical step, the vibrational balance for it to occur is just right and that there is no stopping it from happening.

The vibration of trust will carry us through.

This is a homecoming for us, and we are all so very deserving of it.

We have lived this confined experience for long enough and are ready for the freedom of a higher dimensional state of living ❤

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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