December 9, 2020: It’s Gonna Be a Covid Christmas in the Country—Most Countries [videos] ~ December 9, 2020

What a lovely surprise to hear from the Kew Team last night—at 5:05:50, no less, and with a message of encouragement.

I was surprised to hear Juan O’Savin tell us that a Naval flag officer actually believes the appropriate action now is for President Trump to roll over and play dead while Joe Biden/Kamala Harris and the New World Order take control of the White House. What a slap in the face to the American People; 100 million (min. 74M) of whom cast their votes for their champion, President Donald Trump.

Juan did a new interview with VGuerrilla/Rogue News yesterday. “The Plan is Working Flawlessly. ” Just in case you need more words of encouragement we have an accurate sit-rep from someone who knows and is in it for the long haul. He talks a little military strategy to help us understand what is happening currently. He says he’s working with Patrick Byrne on a legal issue, as well.

He says a delectable bit of fate was that on the day that President Trump pardoned Gen. Mike Flynn, Flynn’s brother, who is also a general, was promoted from a 3-star to a 4-star general. Coincidence? Not.

Juan agrees that unfortunately, some people will refuse to take the red pill and will insist on remaining within their programmed bubble of illusion. He says the tide is turning now, however, and the numbers are improving. The public are now understanding that people get “elected” who weren’t really elected—they were installed.

Therefore, those people are not representing the electors and they can extrapolate it from there. We’re getting to the point that WE, the awakened, are not the anomaly any more. We’re not “conspiracy theorists”, but the ones others will turn to for a greater understanding and comfort. More revelations will follow, Juan says.

And wasn’t it curious to learn that globalist sell-out Cindy McCain wore an orthopedic boot like her husband? Coincidence? V mentioned that in Juan’s previous interview. Cindy’s boot looks like it is “thicker” than others, but since she wears skirts it would have to hide the tracking device whereas Witch Hillary lived in pant suits and didn’t have to worry about that. The Tweet below is from October 2019.

Cindy McCain is wearing a boot now?

— Kab (@Kabamur_Taygeta) October 25, 2019

There is a brilliant strategy in play that most are unaware of. If you’re here on a regular basis, you know about it.

Time for a quick sit-rep.

This is where we are right now

— We The Inevitable (@WeTheInevitable) December 9, 2020

Why is Google’s BS about the election appearing in uncalled-for notifications beneath a video about the COVID-19 vaccination press conference—nothing about elections?! We need to end Big Tech. Take them out!

LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks at an Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Summit 12/8/20

I watched part of the press conference on RSBN for ‘Operation: Warp Speed’ and got to thinking. We hear that the White Hats are going to conduct a sting to trap Big Pharma, etc. and I am confident that they have thought of everything and there is no way the safety of the American People will be risked. (or other countries)

The participants in the press conference are all over creating the perception that the vaccine the US Military is distributing is safe and effective. What if a potentially risky or outright dangerous vaccine is switched with a powerful remedy that would actually either improve our health, OR, more importantly, act like an “anti-venon” treatment to counteract something the psychopaths have already introduced into our bodies that could be be very dangerous or even lethal at some point? Perhaps it hasn’t been “activated” yet.

It will be very interesting to see how this delicate operation all comes together to eject the criminals at warp speed. They don’t want to tip off the psychopaths, and they don’t want to cause fear or panic in the public.

I believe Dave is correct in his X22 Reports when he says what President Trump’s team needs to do is relieve the fear in America and elsewhere with a therapeutic or something that will mean the globalists attempts to move their agenda forward to incarcerate, control, and de-Humanize Humans is halted IF—and I stress the IF the People

This article from Jon Rappoport could be very good news for us in the Kung Flu war, and if there was a governor to do it, I would bet on Ron DeSantis. We demand accountability from the ones who think they run the show.

Boom: Florida forcing labs to report number of PCR test cycles—game changer

And We Know uploaded a new update 2 hours ago. Is it just me, or do LT’s videos just get better and better? Maybe I rely on them more because I’m unable to keep up just now.

12.9.20: STORM WARNING!!! Troops, Ships, States…Something Strange is happening!

Nothing is what it seems.

Knowing what’s about to happen, this farewell has much more meaning #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #Evil #GodWins #EDEN #YRFT

— Adam Foreman (@adamlforeman) December 9, 2020

The Human/child trafficking industry is under assault by the White Hats.

“PornHub is knowledgeable of many cases of rape and abuse that have been uploaded onto their site and yet refuses to remove them. They must be held accountable for every case where they continually share and profit from the exploitation of an individual’s violation of human rights. The world is watching and the government of Canada must take action,” says Merta.

MPs call for action after child pornography, abuse allegedly posted through Canadian website

Wearing the masks, social distancing, lockdowns… it’s never been about stopping the spread of a virus. Remember… way back when… nine months ago when the “experts” the New World Order installed to control the plandemic said we just need you to do these things for a couple of weeks so the hospitals aren’t overwhelmed? Remember “flatten the curve”? Funny, they never  talk about THAT any more, do they?

Why? Because it was all bullshit. They got their foot in the door and scared everyone into willingly complying with these measures that strip us of our freedom and got everyone used to just doing it every day, week after week, month after month…

We’ve all shared every contagion that ever presented on this planet, folks. Our immune systems work very well unless we are suffering from other conditions. When are people going to get it?

Canada is in the thick of the crimes against Humanity in the name of Covid-19 now and the traitorous government is of course putting the screws to the Canucks at Christmas.

If they had their way everyone would be gifting hand sanitizer and designer masks this year.

Some Canadians are having none of it and will do Christmas THEIR way regardless. Go, Canada!

A new poll shows that almost a third of Canadians still plan on celebrating the holidays with their loved ones despite coronavirus public health advisories which currently prohibit gatherings.

30% of Canadians plan to have holiday gatherings this year

They’re going to make it more difficult to leave home on the East Coast, too—or do business elsewhere.

Air Canada suspending flights in Saint John, N.B. and Sydney, N.S.


I got a promising email from Brasscheck TV this morning but the powers-that-were seriously mess with these folks and I get an error message on the video itself on their website. Maybe it will get fixed.

Special Report: The Scientific Fraud Completely Deconstructed

You can see  more great articles about the scamdemic at Peers/Want To Know.

You had to know someone was going to go here. We must keep our sense of humour through all this crap dished out in the asylum. Thanks so much to Simon Parkes for the share. “Sanitizer’s coming to town…” LOL

Not everyone is into the spiritual side of what is unfolding, and goodness knows it’s overshadowed by the 3D practical side and the war effort but it IS very important to the Human race and our planet. Everything is spirit. Everything is affected. The Oracle Report Laura Walker presented called, “Into the Mystic” was outstanding and powerful. To ignore that aspect of our reality is to miss a huge piece of the puzzle and could prevent us seeing The Big Picture. As Humans we are far more than most of us realize and therefore are affected by far more than we realize and that puts us at a disadvantage.

“The Great Awakening” Q repeatedly mentions is not only about Humanity realizing that they’ve been controlled, manipulated, and lied to for frickin’ ever, it’s about our evolution as a species. It’s about our collective journey upward in consciousness to a higher frequency and greater enlightenment. We’ve been trapped here and it’s time to move on. Onward and upward.

Remember who you are, and why you came.

THE BIGGEST SHIFT THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN takes place on Dec. 21st, 2020. It is a unique time of upliftment. Manifestation will be simplified. This energy threshold opens doors for everyone & a new cycle begins. It is the birth of the 5D New Earth. 2021 is the year of abundance.

— La Luminista (@LaLuminista) December 8, 2020

Time for walkies. Keep a stiff upper lip and all that rot. These are challenging times and no one ever said a revolution would be easy. Cheerio until next time.  ~ BP

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