December 8, 2020: Don’t Go There [videos] ~ December 8, 2020

Every day we get interesting news from the war effort. We’re winning, so don’t despair. It’s crazy, it’s chaotic, but the White Hats prepared for this for a very long time. Don’t entertain fatalist attitudes. Trump is at least ten steps ahead of the deep state and lies in wait to ambush them at every turn—while alerting the public to who and what has been destroying our world.

The deep state’s pathetic attempts to keep the truth unavailable will ultimately fail. Today I see that Julian’s Rum Twatter account got axed.

Extraordinary things continue to unfold and the American People are united behind their Commander-in-Chief. One minute.

Lou Dobbs reacts to crowd chanting ‘fight for Trump’ at Georgia rally

The People are wising up and exhibiting mass civil disobedience. Congratulations.

NJ Contact Tracing Non-cooperation Reaches 74 Percent

Texas has stepped up on behalf of the nation, as well.

Texas Asks Supreme Court to Rule Election in Four Battleground States Unconstitutional

And the corona stimulus fraud is rampant, as well. Arizona’s Andy Biggs is on it.

SWAMP WATCH: Biggs questions why PR firm linked to Biden received $35M from COVID-19 package? What about small businesses?

We bring news of the Great White North, in Manitoba where the psychopaths have deemed “sweaters” to be non-essential items cordoned off in the stores so people can’t buy them. Winnipeg is expecting a high of 41F today. Next it will be toques!

At the beginning of the video below we have a nauseating appeal from Manitoba’s Premier Pallister who all but sheds tears as he climbs atop a white tower of martyrdom while asking the citizens of that province to forgive him for being the bad guy and cancelling their Christmas over a fake pandemic.

These people are actors, folks! He is telling the truth, however, when he says he truly believes he’s doing the right thing. He means for the New World Order agenda, however—not Canadians. Lock him up! Or better yet… truss him up for a huge Christmas dinner with ALL your friends and relatives in attendance—wearing sweaters. Celebrate rendering Manitoba a better place.

How many times do we have to hear them say it’s “just for now”? It’s only temporary. They said that in March when they started the insane measures “for two weeks”. Nine months ago. And they are ramping them up further and further, are they not? Do you see where this is going?  If the globalists have their way, it will be for eternity or until they exterminate us.

Read more at the link below.

Pallister to spend millions to entertain Manitobans in lockdown during Christmas

Here’s LT’s latest update from And We Know.

12.7.20: CCP+[DS] ALLIANCE exposed. UNBELIEVABLE connections!

It’s happening. We are rounding up the pedos and criminals of all kinds. We know who they are; it’s just a matter of going out and completing the formalities. If you didn’t hear, we have confirmation of many—even high profile arrests from trusted sources.

Report: CEO of Charter Airlines Just Arrested on Child Sex Trafficking Charges… Faces up to 50 Years in Prison

Once Again, Police Conducting Child Sex Trafficking Sting, Bust One of Their Own

Meanwhile, Sidney Powell and the Trump legal team are dealing with the blatant election criminality and the fact that the democrats attempted to steal the election for Joe Biden. Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that Joe Biden (clone/double) has anything to say in the matter. He doesn’t. He’s a puppet, and Hillary Clinton (clone/double) is probably ready to step in and scam the American People AGAIN. That has been their plan. Kamala Harris is not quite as unpopular as Hitlary among the public so they’re using her—for now—to shoehorn in the witch eventually.

In Georgia Alone, sworn testimony alleges:

2,056 felons illegally voted
66,248 under 18 voted
2,423 weren’t registered
1,043 used a PO Box to register
10,315 died before the election
395 voted in 2 states
15,700 moved out of GA
40,279 changed county & didn’t re-register to vote

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) December 6, 2020

The “secret war” is hardly a secret any more. The deep state openly defies the Trump administration, and the law. Trump’s administration has been restoring the Rule of Law, and Constitutionality, while the globalists create holes and go around it. They are lawless, and will be removed.

Sidney Powell says Dominion removed a server from Georgia county as lawyers were trying to get a restraining order

The Epoch Times brings us a reality check.

Voting Machines Are a Totalitarian Tool Dressed in a Coat of Democracy: Ex-Intelligence Official

Did you see our post where we raised the topic of “twilight language” as explained by The War Drummer? Messages go out between the cabal and the Patriots more often than we realize. If you’re paying attention, you can intercept them and get a feel for what is being said under the radar. A picture is worth a thousand words and the video in this article says it ALL. We know most of Congress is compromised. It’s time for them to choose a side and stick with it. Grow a pair. You’re either with us, or against us.

WATCH: Dan Scavino Just Dropped a Cryptic 13-Second Video That Looks Like an “Ominous Message” to the GOP

Michael Jaco brings news of the military activity etc. beginning around the 28 minute mark. He says the MonkeyWerx update from the weekend is the best he’s seen.

High value target prisons for the deep state actors revealed. Activity is high many are held below.

We usually leave the woo-woo files for the end of the post but we are deviating from tradition because it’s time to get informed, folks. This is not fiction and the choice to know will, at some point soon, be removed. How the predators were able to keep this a secret from so many Humans all this time is bewildering to me because logic defies the coverup, but here you go:

Former Israeli space #security chief Haim Eshed has revealed that aliens from a “Galactic Federation” have been in contact with the US and #Israel for years, but humanity isn’t ready to know this.

Or so he claims.

Reporting by @AaronReich

— The Jerusalem Post (@Jerusalem_Post) December 7, 2020

It seems that money is missing. Interesting article here from Dr. Joseph Farrell’s Giza Death Star blog. We have also heard that the White Hats are probably going to collect and incinerate the old notes for when the new currencies go into effect in our new Quantum Financial System.


I know… the Kung Flu is getting old, but we have to keep addressing it for those who are just getting up to speed. The globalists will do anything to keep the general public from realizing the truth about this psyop. The thought police are on it, and trying to prevent us from sharing the truth about the biggest political hoax on Planet Earth.

Slowly… gradually… the masses are catching on. No one’s sick! Everyone who is dying is very elderly and/or has serious health conditions—like every other month in every other year. The death counts have NOT increased—despite what they say to convince us otherwise.

There is nothing to fear from this fabricated boogey man. We have an immune system and the logic of what some governments are mandating is absolutely ludicrous if you have a brain in your head. Stop testing. The tests are geared to give false positives. If you’re not sick, you’re not contagious and we should all go about our business as usual and ignore the deep state tyranny.

The “Information War” and “Psychological Operations” Military Unit Deployed In the UK Against Those Criticizing COVID-19 Policy

Still no answers in the odd illnesses in India. The end of the article states this province was hardest hit by the Wuhan flu. Does that mean more people were tested? I think you can see where I’m going with this. Could it be related? We know the people of India have been given dangerous and lethal vaccines in the past, thanks to the benevolent Bill Gates.

Andhra Pradesh state is among those worst hit by COVID-19, with over 800,000 detected cases.

‘Nobody Knows’: Experts Baffled by Mystery Illness in India

Obviously lockdowns, masks and social distancing don’t work or we wouldn’t be at this juncture 9 months after we began doing it. It’s just common sense. Video at the link.

We have a new Oracle Report audio from Laura Walker called “Into the Mystic”. Not Van Morrison. Listen at the link.

There is an excellent “media map” you might want to explore with lists of various kinds of websites, blogs, video channels, etc. mostly by topic. We made the list under “Streams” as Big Picture. Woo-hoo! It begins with “Top Stories” and you will also see a list of “Fake News” sources and even music. I have not reviewed them so it’s up to you to decide who is credible/accurate/on our side and who resonates so if you’re pressed for time… The website is called “Newsploy”. Enjoy!

That is the end of the news from the asylum for now. Stay plucky, eat the fear, and FIGHT BACK!  ~ BP

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  1. Neil Vidican says:

    That isreal guy needs to be hanged. anyone saying we are not ready is the ENEMY…and is MY enemy.


  2. Neil Vidican says:

    Also, Trump’s better do something, otherwise that child molester is gonna move in next month….


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