ENERGY UPDATE BY THE PLEIADIANS ~ December 1, 2020 ~ posted December 3, 2020

Beloved Ones,

We are finally entering into the last month of the year. A transformational year for all of us, in some way or another, that helped us to truly realize who we are and the reality that we desire to create for our human journey. This is a month for us to allow our soul, the wisest aspect of us, to guide us throughout new destination, although of course there is never a final one, for our journey of embodying higher levels of love, is never over.

During this month of December, as you are already seeing in the collective, we have a representation of what is taking place in all of us, from an inner perspective. We are witnessing the importance that personal liberation, and hence expression of personal truth, has, at this unique time. A time when many are not just awakening but losing the fear to stand tall in who they are and if there are challenges to speak our truth, finding new ways, for there are always many spaces we can create to share and reunite.

This month, I have received the importance that has, in a general way for all, working with our throat chakra, for it is something that many may not become aware, when they are beginning on this evolutionary journey, and as they move into a more advance stage, where they begin to feel the urge to speak their truth, is one of the most important things to work with.

Opening and balancing our throat chakra is the first step, or one of the first ones, for there are many other things we should balance at the same time, that we all should do when we begin to awake to our soul mission, for a part of it will always be to be who you are, in whatever way we choose to do so.

When we focus a lot in our upper chakras but forget the importance that the rest of them have as well, is that imbalances occur, and that even though we may feel connected, receiving guidance to share, we not always find the courage and strength to open our hearts and speak out, because we still need to work with personal expression.

Our throat chakra is connected to our second one as well, as you already know. These chakras work interconnected as one is feminine in essence, our second one, and the other, our fifth one, masculine, being one in charge of expressing creativity and the other of putting our soul creations out there, in the way we choose, however, it does so mainly through our voice expression.

When we have one of these imbalanced, it is hard that the other flow properly. During this time, not just December, for we have been seeing evidence of this for a while, in the collective especially, as they are raising their voices, so everyone can hear their truth, is important that we do so too in an individual level, working on our self-expression, as we too focus on descending more wisdom. Remember that without the proper clearing of out throat chakra, we cannot truly express our wisdom, for we are still feeling fear, doubt and lack of personal power to do so.

December is a key month to work on both descension of guidance and the proper wisdom to continue our new journey. It is all about finding the personal power to express our hearts with All, for if we do not express and share a part of who we are, then we would be impeding the world to grow in love, wisdom and power, for we all are important and have something valuable to give. Remember that simply with being the love that we are, although inner work is pivotal, acting with generosity, compassion and benevolence, is that we would have seeded what we came here to offer.

I wish you a wonderful December,

Beloved Ones!


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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