December 3, 2020: The Battle For Our Minds Erupts in Etna-Like Proportion [videos] ~ December 3, 2020

It’s the 30th day of #ElectionGate. Are you enjoying the show? A masterful game of chess is unfolding in our favour and we’re on the edge of our collective seat watching the black pieces fall amid the magic of the White Hat magicians.

I haven’t yet listened to the President’s message but am about to. See the shocking reports of election meddling at his Twitter page.

Statement by Donald J. Trump, The President of the United States

Full Video:

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 2, 2020

Amid sensational stories meant to cast a negative glow on the Patriots, we can see through it. The enemy has put out the most absurd Tweets and headlines suggesting the Trump family has been under investigation, that Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are Democrat operatives, and there’s even wild talk of mysterious “monoliths” discovered in various locations across the planet—now the incredible disappearing monoliths.

Technically, these are monoliths. Stone.

The first image I saw depicting the anomaly in Utah looked like a triangular metal sculpture with rivets—not a monolith. And there it was—gone! Today I see news of more anomalies. Distractions? Look over here, not over there? Alright, alright. We like anomalies so we’ll go there—but an alien structure?—please.

The mysterious monoliths in Utah, Romania and California: Everything we know so far

As futile as it is, the media is scheming how to groom the public for the “smooth transition” to the Biden presidency. What planet are these psychos from? Wherever that is, I wish they’d all go back there. They’re insane. Biden didn’t come anywhere close to winning and we all know the crime syndicate known as the Democratic Party broke every law possible to steal the election from Donald Trump—who won by a landslide—as we knew he would.

If they don’t think it’s easy to prove then they’re more stupid than we thought or must have a lot more faith in their mind control program than we thought.

I don’t believe Trump is planning on leaving or entertaining a transition team at all. It’s an act. More high drama to come. He may see us in 2024 AS WELL, but he will definitely be President in 2021.

Sun Tzu said, “Appear strong when you are weak, and weak when you are strong.” Kew said, “Enjoy the show.” Don’t panic.

‘I’ll See You In 4 Years’: Trump Hints He’ll Run In 2024 During White House Christmas Party

The world knows what’s going on and they’re all watching and providing context and perspective.

American media has ‘ignored truths’ before their very eyes

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas explains the undercover phone call discussing CNN’s transition strategy. And talking about 9/11???!!! Now that they’ve broached the subject out of the blue, does it mean the 9/11 Inside Job is going to be a topic for revelation in the near future? We understood that would be one of the last “truths” to shock the normies. There’s still the pedophilia/pedovoria/tunnels/DUMBs/hybrids… and our friends upstairs and the Secret Space Program atrocities… and our long term captivity in this construct. Lots of exciting stuff to look forward to, eh?

Suppression Media!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 2, 2020

Here’s some juicy news, lol. This could be why the DOJ hasn’t done any investigating of the election fraud. They’re busy! We hear that the DOJ doesn’t NEED to investigate the election fraud to prosecute the criminals. There are other avenues of justice. I laugh every time I read this headline. Rather than sugar plums, the deep state psychopaths may have these visions dancing in their heads this Christmas.

DOJ Quietly Amends Execution Protocols, Clearing the Way for Gas Chambers, Firing Squads

You know, it’s almost like the Patriots are keeping the media talking heads so busy (and distracted?) that they can’t react quickly enough to the information coming out about the election from Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, the independent media, President Trump’s tweets, his rallies, the Kung Flu sideshow, military deployments, rendition flights, trips to Gitmo, arrests of major figures like Obama in the news, protests, angry citizens parading lines of vehicles around Democrat governors’ homes, and on it goes. We still haven’t finalized the stimulus plan, but news broke of that just now.

Trump to Support a Coronavirus Relief Bill

There are so many balls in the air that no one can keep track of them all. (except the White Hats) Who knew there would ever be this much happening under the Big Top and with Christmas approaching.

Slow what spread? No one is sick over and above the same number of people who are always sick from flu, colds, pneumonia, heart disease, etc. The statistics prove it. I’ve never been sick and I don’t know anyone who was sick. People are dying every day, however, of the problems the lockdowns and masks are causing.

Are the criminals starting to walk back their stringent measures just in time for the Christmas season to save their bacon?

CDC says coronavirus quarantines can be shortened from 14 days

In the following article we learn the crimes of these heartless creatures running the world. They are causing the deaths and the sickness. Our seniors are dying of broken hearts and utter despair, the care givers sometimes working under inhumane conditions.

Letter From a Care Home Whistleblower

When you look into the facts about the so-called “coronavirus” they don’t add up. Researchers independently tested the data put forth by “experts” and found it lacking in substance, to say the least. Basically, hyperbole. A snow job. A bunch of rhetoric they hope no one will fact check.

RT-PCR Test to Detect SARS-CoV-2 Reveals 10 Major Scientific Flaws at the Molecular and Methodological Level: Consequences for False Positive Results

What will it take for the majority to get it? It’s a psyop. A hoax. You had to know that if they could keep it going for months that people would just resign themselves to wearing masks and kissing their freedom goodbye. Not so for the informed patriots. China pulled a fast one, and the New World Order unrolled their plan to unseat President Trump and destroy America and every other nation. Humanity subjugated by their own choosing. It was so easy.

“They don’t want to give up the mask, they don’t want to give up the social distancing,” he said. “[People] are impervious to reason, to logic, to education at this point. They are psychotically managed by their fear.”

Are they insane at this point? Will reason have ANY chance? Great article here from The Epoch Times.

Americans Are Suffering ‘Delusional Psychosis’ About CCP Virus, Psychiatrist Claims

The worst of it all may be the gullible Humans’ programmed response to rush to get a vaccine they have no confirmation will be effective—and may very well be a trojan horse. I wouldn’t get within eyeshot of anything from Pfizer, Moderna, Eli Lilly, Astra Zeneca or any other Big Pharma company. They’re murderers. But this could simply be fear porn. Play it safe. Just don’t get any vaccines.

Head of Pfizer Research: Covid Vaccine is Female Sterilization

Laura Walker uploaded two new Oracle Reports on Nov. 28 & 29th if you enjoy exploring the effects the energetics have on events and inclinations amongst Humanity. I keep hearing things I’ve never heard before so I feel the learning process never stops.

Folks not in the loop may be hearing for the first time the mention of the destruction and remnants of Tiamat. And that’s another story. In fact, there’s more in the next video below. Click here to go to the Oracle Report website and listen to the two wonderful audios at the right side of the page.

This won’t be for everyone, but since we’re on the topic of our history, if you have the luxury of time—even in a few large chunks—you may enjoy exploring this lengthy video from Canada’s “Naughty Beaver” who also brings news of who we are, how we got here, the nature of our confinement, and at whose hands, etc.

What got my attention was the mention of the ‘new King of England’ and the Christ—according to madman Gregory Joseph Hallett who claims to be both.

It’s always interesting to hear the theories of people who delved deeply into our secretive history. It’s like pulling teeth trying to get a handle on any of it but some of this is new—and I didn’t get very far yet. I’m going to have to take it in bite-sized pieces because in totality it’s 3.5 hours so I’m sorry I can’t even tell you when he gets to the punchline but the Beav does interesting work and it might be a welcome escape from the exhausting political roller coaster.

He begins by addressing Earth’s lack of a moon—because it’s a spaceship. Just go with it and keep an open mind. We understand the planet Tiamat was destroyed in the wars; all new history for many that you may wish to contemplate to connect a few dots.

This article provides a bit more perspective. Of course we have little in the way of proof of any of this but one day soon we will learn the truth.

The Celestial Battle

Nostradamus Exposed Joseph Gregory Hallett As A Usurper Of The Title Of Christ. EPIC! Naughty Beaver

Insanity and chaos seem all-pervasive at the moment as I wrangle the profusion of news and developments on the war front. I’m still periodically dealing with my mother’s estate, and… while we’re supposedly 2 weeks out from closing on our new home, the appraisal company doesn’t share our sense of urgency and says they’ll get to it by December 8—leaving 10 days until closing for the financiers to decide if they’re going to hand over the funds to bridge our mortgage until we sell our house. A similar scenario is mirrored on the seller’s end as no one contacted him to do the appraisal and he is probably on tenterhooks as well.

Pfffff… no sweat, right? Why would we need to know if we’re moving or not—right before Christmas?! Rather than decorating for Christmas we should be packing—but neither of us want to do that because it could all fall apart at the eleventh hour. I will be glad when this year is over and will eagerly ring in the New Year like never before.

Life is not normal for anyone but we will get past it. This is war, and we have to be flexible and know that we will get to a splendid new normal, better than we ever dreamed. It’s coming—and it’s all thanks to the amazing and courageous people who stepped up to “save Mankind”. There are heroes in our face, but there are many more whose names we will probably never hear.

We know 2021 will be another blockbuster year and this movie isn’t yet over. Thank you for the support of all kinds and just keep being who you are. Checking out now.  ~ BP

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