December 2, 2020: Them’s Fightin’ Words! Rise Up and Fight! [videos] ~ December 2, 2020

It’s Day 29 of #ElectionGate and the world is rockin’ as the Patriots dismantle the New World Order, make arrests, have record numbers of military aircraft above us, and call out the criminals. Very exciting times, my friends.

I hesitate to use sensational worlds like “explosive” and “bombshell” because they’re over-used and lose their punch. I don’t want to misrepresent what I see and hear or what I bring to your attention, but we’re really amping it up, there’s no denying it.

Four Apaches sailed above us here in the east valley yesterday, two and two in formation, and a fifth on a different trajectory coming from the same direction (possibly the state prison in Florence which we heard was shutting down????)  Or was repurposed? Just sayin’. I wonder about these things because I’ve seen significant traffic in and out of that sector of the desert. A number of times in the last couple of weeks I was seeing Chinooks from that heading on a straight shot to Luke AFB.

If the craziness is alarming to the point it gets your blood pressure in the red zone then tune out. My best advice is to trust The Plan. This is a military operation that was decades in the making and I am confident there is little to worry about as long as we have a little food, water, supplies, meds, cash, on hand and keep the gas tank at least half full. Then we can relax in case… well, anything. It will be fine. Just take responsibility for caring for yourself and your family. The military and law enforcement will take care of the rest.

This press conference below via RSBN is big because it’s from two powerhouse attorneys who are taking the deep state to task and telling the People exactly the status and the truth. These folks say Donald Trump WILL be sworn in as President of the United States on January 20th, 2021. Wow, the cheers Sidney Powell got. America is paying attention and they know who General Flynn is, too. MAGA indeed.

This really is inspiring to watch. They’re all chanting, “Lock him up!” and Lin Wood is telling the People this is the battle between good and evil. He stated that Trump won in an unparalleled landslide victory. He says Sidney Powell has worked up to 23 hours a day in this fight. She says the People inspire THEM and the People responded, “We love you!” It brings a tear to my eye. Then came, “Thank you! Thank you!” and they told Bill Barr “Do your job! Do your job!”

RSBN lost the stream many times and my DSL didn’t help but I was really glad I persevered and watched it all.

Rep. Vernon Jones said he supports Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue but Lin Wood asked where are they? Why aren’t they there? He brought up Dominion voting machines and said if those two want our votes they have to EARN them. Lin also told an emotional story of his beginnings in life and how he would not be where he is today in any other country.

It began as a news conference and went the path of a rally but with questions, as well. Lin Wood said 1,000 people bused in for the event and there were 190K watching on the Internet. Like President Trump at his rallies, they pointed out that the media is brainwashing people and they must turn off the television, find their own sources of information, and look at what is happening in front of their eyes to establish the facts. They called out criminals. Wow. Lin said Trump should fire Gina Haspel and fire Christopher Wray.

They also talked about voter experiences in Georgia where poll workers scanned their ballots into one of TWO machines; one for Biden votes and one for Trump. Shocking, I know. They said Dominion Voting Systems trained users how to delete BATCHES of ballots.

How can I tear myself away to walk the dog when there’s so much amazing stuff going on? Canada—you need to watch this video. This is how it’s done and it’s beautiful to see the Americans taking their country back. You can do it, too. And you will if you can pull this same spirit out of your soul and TAKE it back.

The sound went bad just prior to the 90 minute mark for a couple of minutes but they fixed it while Sidney was speaking.

LIVE: Sidney Powell and Lin Wood Hold Press Conference in Atlanta 12/2/20

Is this another “coincidence”???

Whether you believe “Cue” is legit, or just find it interesting, this is crazy.

From a Cue drop on 9/13/20.

How a LARP could throw out an absurd number of ballots like 80 million, & nail it is bizarre.

No one ever thought 80 million possible! Obama only got 69 million….yet:

— Rosie’s Legboot Revival (@DarnelSugarfoo) December 2, 2020

Nigel Farage: No doubt there was ‘industrial scale’ ballot harvesting in US Election

More material for your research and personal vetting…

Obama, Biden, CIA Director Gina Haspel Evidently Arrested for Espionage, Voter Fraud

The American People paid attention, got off their behinds and are behind their President. There is another Women for Trump rally for the woke in this grand bus tour. The Patriots are on fire. Learn here how to help the movement in this video from RSBN. It was quite a response when this organizer announced that Fox News wanted to do an interview with them, about 30 minutes in.

Holy cow—when I tuned in the speaker was saying they were heavily censored. I’ll say. Now I see the video is gone. You can watch it here on another channel.

Watch LIVE: March for Trump Bus Tour Rally in Morehead City, NC 12/2/20

This video is the only place at this point I am seeing this news so… we await confirmation. I would say it is possible, however. It concerns phone calls and came via a tip.

The patriots are going to take these indictments, arrests, etc. fairly slowly so the public can digest them and to hopefully avoid violence from the mind controlled minions of the loonatic left. Don’t expect to see this on the 6:00 news.

We also hear what Justin Turdeau has been up to in Canada in cahoots with China, and the restoration of The People in nations globally. That will supersede the long-planned Reset the New World Order planned for us to control us more than ever before.

Steffen Rowe (Tank) brings us this news segment on a People-funded journalism channel.



Yes, I’m adding my own “label” here to bring your attention to this next bit of news.

Here’s an interesting approach to the coming Wuhan Flu vaccines soon to flood the world. Highly censored vaccine expert attorney Robert Kennedy Jr. asks, “How do we know these vaccines won’t turn us all into asymptomatic carriers?” or walking, talking transmitters of the Coronavirus? Because, you understand, vaccines traditionally have portions of virus in them; alive or dead.

I don’t believe there has been a dire threat from a harmless cold virus up to now, it’s all media hype and a psyop, BUT—what are they putting in these vaccines? I don’t trust Big Pharma drug manufacturers do you?

There may have been little to no threat to us up until now BUT, what if they put live virus of some kind—any kind—a highly contagious and lethal strain of a biological terrorism contagion in these vaccines? What a great way to infect everyone who has lived in fear and flocks to doctors, clinics, and hospitals to get this magical vaccine to protect them from the Kung Flu? What if it does the OPPOSITE?

Do you feel lucky? Check it out in this exclusive 13 min. video with Ben Swann.

RFK Jr: The Big Question About C0VlD Vac3ines that No One in Media Is Asking

Everyone is in an uproar over the comments from AG Barr about the lack of evidence of election hacking. Michael Jaco brings us his news from the coup currently underway in America. Former military people often have good contacts and he reminds us that both sides of this war employ tactics like disinformation. It’s to be expected. Just chill and watch what happens. Beneath the video Jaco adds, “Deep state actors are revealed and will be rounded up. CIA Haspel is gone more will follow.”

Deep State Barr will be arrested. The black sites used for questioning and Gitmo have heavy traffic.

My sources tell me that raw data will probably show that Trump won CA and NY.

The DOD military intelligence folks are still going through the servers from Germany.

Biden probably got beat as bad as Mondale.

— Richard Green (@123RHGreen) November 28, 2020

It sounds like Gina Haspel really was on the dark side, but disinfo is necessary so I wouldn’t bet on a lot of these people. Too early.

More to come 👇#TreasonGang

— John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) December 1, 2020

Ya see? This is who the demonic left are. They’re vindictive. They threaten. They retaliate. They have snit fits and want to teach us a lesson. “How dare you tattle on us? Shut up, or else.”

Twitter Blacklists Mathematician Who Testified at Arizona Voter Fraud Hearing

This is the guy Twitter attacked: Bobby Piton. He’s a bit of a geeky financial numbers guy who did a few experiments on his own time. You can read more about him on YT below the video which has been seen by over 1 million people. It’s good for numbers people but his final statement is really all you need to hear.

‘Biggest fraud’ in US history—up to 300,000 fake people voted in Arizona election: expert | NTD

Sidney Powell: Witness in Hospital After Beating

The deep state attempts to head off at the pass the People’s understanding of the sheer magnitude of the election tampering with their CISA agency “fact checking”. The People know what they saw—on their televisions on election night, while lined up and voting in person, and while monitoring activities at the polling and tabulating areas.

Gullible people might fall for this “official” BS suggesting that attempts to hijack the election are exaggerated, highly unlikely, and probably more hysteria than truth, but isn’t it odd that in 2016 when Hitlary lost that the democrats cried foul and said Trump won due to voter fraud, but now they’re saying no… there wasn’t any?

President Trump fired Chris Krebs, the guy in the video below trying to brainwash the public. He outright lied when he said the terminals/Dominion Voting machines in Phoenix were not connected to the Internet. He lied about a number of things, apparently, and the press backed up those lies. They’re vilifying Trump.

Watch this 2 minute video at the CISA website to see a deep state bad actor lying through his teeth. He’s basically telling the public to ignore the silly rumours they hear about election fraud. He suggests, there is always a little cheating because the system can be hacked but don’t worry—we’ve got this. 

They’ve got it alright. They so royally stole this election from the American People that the numbers are too overwhelming to be possible. No matter how you slice it, you can’t do the math and get a result anywhere near what we’re seeing in an honest election.

We’re seeing fractions, for godsake! The only way you can have fractions of a ballot are with the use of an algorithm to shift votes cast. Doesn’t happen in the real world. You can’t have .3 of a ballot any more than you can have 2.5 kids in the real world. We can guarantee not one voter cast one third, or three fifths of their ballot for Joe Biden or Donald Trump—or anyone else.

Another dead giveaway: There were counties with over 800% of registered voters casting ballots. Even if you’re bad at math you know that you can’t have more than 100% of voters showing up to cast a vote, or mailing in an absentee ballot.

There has never been an honest election where every registered voter actually voted. It just doesn’t happen—yet they are telling us that hundreds and thousands of people MORE than were registered to vote, actually cast their ballots—and overwhelmingly for Joe Biden. It SCREAMS election fraud—and 80 million Americans who voted for President Trump are more than a little pissed right now.

Because they don’t burn buildings, loot, or riot, you might not be aware but trust me—they know—and they’re not going to stand for it.

Fortunately, many members of the legislatures in several states wanted to know exactly what happened because they didn’t believe Joe Biden won. There was far too much evidence to the contrary, and after the Election Hearings and witness testimony—they KNOW there was widespread fraud and the election was basically hacked and planned. Organized crime. Right here in America.

Almost identical stories are coming out of key states; Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Sidney Powell recommends California and Virginia take a good look at their ballots as well and demand recounts. We hear Trump won Virginia.

The attempts to steal the election for Joe Biden were so blatant, so massive, and so impossible to have occurred in the real world that the entire election should be scrapped, in my opinion. How do you even fix this? Corrupt members of the shadow government like Nancy Pelosi and we’re now hearing Kelly Loeffler have interesting financial connections to Dominion Voting Systems. It’s deep, folks. Deeper than deep.

Kelly Loeffler owns DOMINION STOCK! Looks like someone put their hand in the cookie jar and got CAUGHT. This is HUGE, PATRIOTS!

In case you’re not aware, my Canuck friends, an upside-down flag is not a mistake, it’s a distress signal. You probably never thought you would ever see this in your lifetime, but… Canada is under siege—just as her cousin to the south is under siege and at war with shadow demons who seek to destroy her.

They’re after all of us. We’re in this together—and every country on the planet is fighting for Humanity’s civil rights and freedom to choose; to choose their religion, what’s right for their bodies, their children, their morals, the right to travel freely, the language they use, the right to earn a living, for free speech, for the liberation of their nation.

It’s getting way, way, out of control, folks. How can you sit by and watch this happen and not do anything? If they will do this, what’s next? They won’t stop. They’re on a roll! It’s outrageous!

WATCH: Canadian Police Block Church Members from Drive-In Service

Here’s another bioterrorism-based cash cow for the Canadian government.

Manitoba issued $181k worth of lockdown tickets last week

A health crisis does not cancel the constitution or basic civil rights. A FAKE health crisis certainly does not. If you’re not aware, a certain attorney in Toronto, Rocco Galati, has filed a class action law suit against the government of Canada over the abuses taking place under the “Covid Pandemic” scam because the Orwellian measures are harming and even destroying the nation. See the website here. Follow him on Twitter here.

Another attorney, Reiner Fuellmich has filed a class action law suit in Germany.

The People of Canada need to learn the law, find out what their rights are, and FIGHT for them! The freedoms you let slip away because you believed there is a dangerous pandemic—you need to fight to get them back because your corrupt government will not willingly do it. People who understand this are calling for mass civil disobedience. Not riots, burning, looting, and violence—CIVIL disobedience. The “polite Canadians” should be able to manage that.

Are you aware that thousands of Canadians have been protesting against these Covid measures, lockdowns, mask mandates, etc. in marches in cities across the nation for months now? No… the CBC and other media loyal to the corrupt government don’t show you that very often, do they?

Are you aware that a group in BC petitioned the government in Vancouver Island locales to end the absurd mask mandates? They successfully used Common Law to do this. Civil. Legal. Precise. Effective. Watch the short video update here.

Are you aware that even bigger anti-government lockdown and mask protests are taking place all over the world? Berlin, London, Barcelona, Paris, in Denmark, Poland… Patriotic people who oppose the tyranny are being arrested most weekends now at these protests and they won’t stop until the tyranny stops.

People who no longer believe the government and media narrative because it opposes common sense are organizing, gathering en masse, and showing the oppressors that they’re not having it any more. They have businesses to run, jobs to go to, food to put on the table for their children and children must go to school.

It’s been over 9 months now, people. Domestic violence is increasing along with child abuse. Teenagers deprived of their social support networks are suicidal. People of all ages who cannot cope with this PLANdemic are overdosing on drugs and taking their own lives because governments are saying this hoax is going to continue into 2021 and 2022. They see no hope for the future. It’s tragic—and criminal. Human Beings will not survive this oppression.

People of the world want to be free to worship as they please, have access to TRUE information, and be free to travel. They locked down the entire country of Wales for crying out loud, folks! They have police checkpoints to prevent people from leaving. It’s happening all over the world. Is that okay with us? Hell no!

And the facts are that almost no one died of this mysterious cold virus. Yes, the ‘novel coronavirus’ is related to the common cold. Unless you’re very elderly and very sick with serious health conditions, there is almost no risk. The PCR tests they’re giving everyone don’t test for contagions. They were never meant to. The government is using them to terrorize the people with false positives and get them to surrender their rights because they BELIEVE there is a threat.

Over 50,000 doctors, health professionals, researchers and scientists from all over the world have come forward to tell us this “pandemic” is not what we’ve been told and that the risk of death is almost nil. There are articles and videos from them in many places on the Internet. You need to stop listening to your corporate TV media which is owned by the global mafia running governments everywhere and do your own research.

The real experts—not the actors at the CDC or WHO—report that 94 – 99% of people don’t have severe symptoms or if treated, recover fully. It’s the FEAR that is hurting people. Fear of a fake virus that no one has even been able to isolate in a lab or prove exists. The media is lying and spreading disinformation to fuel the fear and get people to voluntarily surrender their rights.

Now they’re going after your privacy with their “contact tracing”. They want to know where you are sheltering in quarantine, where you go, who you’re with—and the most laughable of all—Theresa Tam is telling you to have sex with a mask on. Seriously, people? You believe this stuff? It’s all lies.

Every doctor on the planet knows how to treat any symptom we might get. There are numerous, very effective products that bring relief within hours. Most people never even have to visit a hospital. The People of the Republic of Kanata need to get informed, smarten up, start sharing the TRUTH within your sphere of influence and stand up to the thugs.

They have you so focused and afraid of an imaginary boogeyman you fail to see the real enemy—the criminals who hijacked your government! YOU direct YOUR government. Not the other way around.

They’re laughing at you behind your back because you so willingly fall for the lies, give up your freedom, wear a face diaper and police each other—while THEY go about life as normal without any of those restrictions because they KNOW there is no threat. The laws they make are for YOU—not them and your tax dollars are paying them handsomely to do it.

They tell you to stay home and not travel to spend Thanksgiving with family. But they do it. They take their private jets and don’t wear masks and don’t wear them in parliament, either. If there really was a lethal contagion don’t you think they would be worried? Just stop it, people. Stop being polite, law-abiding Canadians and RUN YOUR COUNTRY as you should be. Tell your government representatives to toe the line or they’ll be out of a job. Take them to court. File criminal charges together in class action law suits.

There’s lots more to share but I have to go. Keep doing what you’re doing and bring change to our planet. The rallies, press conferences, news conferences, independent media and new content platforms are changing how we communicate and share the reality in our world. We can see it happening.

Signing off for now.  ~ BP

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