November 18, 2020: Dropping the Illusions & Piercing the Veil [videos] ~ November 18, 2020

It’s Day 15 of #ElectionGate and we had a lot of good news regarding the Scorpio New Moon cycle from The Oracle Report we shared yesterday. You don’t need to be into astrology to appreciate that update because Laura provides the practical applications to our 3D world and events.

Any time more feminine energies come in to balance the war-like masculine, it’s a good thing. Look at all the women representatives the People elected in Washington this month. Historic. And Laura tells us the cornucopia of blessings will indeed arrive for Thanksgiving.

I thought it interesting that Scorpio came along when the “stings” are unfolding and the Earth Alliance is delivering strategic, surgical strikes to the dark cabal.

I’m getting a lot of interesting stuff in my inbox these days—like the following, and since I don’t know the source, I’ll share it with that caveat. It’s not vetted news my my perspective, but I would say probably true. You decide.

We heard from good sources that the US Military was watching the antics of the New World Order in real time on election night and have more than enough evidence to take these suckers down. You’re probably familiar with this wisdom from Sun Tzu by now:

“Why interfere with an enemy while in the process of destroying themselves?” The Earth Alliance embraces the tenets of this ancient military treatise. There will be no WWIII. The information war is a civil war, in loose terms. Not everyone is civil.

Of course the military won’t be in the limelight. That’s why we have Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Judicial Watch, and Trump’s family and administration and others to lead the charge of the Light Brigade. The President has stated the reality many times. “I won the election.” We knew he would. It just didn’t happen the way we expected.

The Kraken is a supercomputer used by the NSA which may have collected all of the ballot counts throughout the country in real time on election night and beyond.

We also heard that the White House welcomes letters from the public directing it to perform investigations and arrests, so those letter sent in response to the ‘fake news’ when the President was locked out of his Twitter account are valid and deliverable. Instructions at the link below.

Pick your topic. Election fraud is popular. How else do our elected officials get a mandate from the People? Perhaps if the People had done this on a regular basis, they would have had better results. It’s almost like putting your representative on notice, but taking it to the top.

Get Involved

Write or Call the White House

The censorship of key figures in the investigations of the swamp activities continues along with headlines like this from Sunday. The tech available to analyze the Internet activity now is amazing. Anything that uses the Internet is available for scrutiny. And once it’s out there, you can never take it back; it is indelibly inscribed in history.

Twitter accounts for Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood were ‘search banned’ today

The President continues to inform the People of the truth, and the absurd “labels” are still there but it’s fun to watch the likes and shares spin upwards like a casino slot machine.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 18, 2020

Well, when you put it that way…


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 18, 2020

This is great. Sic ’em, Ted!

Cruz – 4 of 5

— GEOTUS-Elect M3thods 🇺🇸 (@M2Madness) November 17, 2020

I’m told one of Trump’s attorneys wanted us to share this. It should be clear to everyone that the Earth Alliance has put in place the legislation and watchdogs required to not only remove the deep state filth but ensure it never creeps back into our society again. Other countries need to follow the lead.

This is a quote from CISA, again Trump’s own agency:

“While we know there are many unfounded claims and opportunities for misinformation about the process of our elections, we can assure you we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should too.”

The military is behind the draining of the swamp, and Trump is their “face man” who has rallied the People of America behind him—them. Their Military Action Plan was devised decades ago, beginning with the assassination of President Kennedy, I believe.

The Q Team is aligned with both the military and President Trump and his administration, and served to educate us and show us that there are powerful forces working in tandem to end the evil and free Humanity. No violence, please. We do not subscribe to that and have to show a better way.

From Q we have also had hints of assistance from other realms if we chose to acknowledge the more subtle elements of the comms.

More interesting chatter… just chatter… just sayin’.

US Military Raid In Germany Revealed Trump Won 410 Electoral Votes!!

(Early report is unconfirmed)

Gohmert saying that now that they’ve analyzed the computer data confiscated and there are 410 electoral votes for Trump – a landside victory!

According to information from the seized server in Frankfurt the true numbers shows 410 electoral votes goes to Trump.

Extra comments from bloggers:
Several people contributed in this thread with material to at least make this plausible. A congressman confirming it, a news channel reporting it, tweets etcetera. We have seen no one putting up material to the contrary.

It would be the greatest news in a long time if true regarding the implications of deep level treason and A LOT of people going to jail.

According to this the servers seized were being operated by CIA.

If true this is huge, our govt had to do a surprise raid on its own Agency to collect the evidence.

No wonder the delay in building the case.

[link to (secure)]

If this were indeed true, the people of the United States would have already taken to the streets in their State capitols. The election was obviously stolen, but TDS is very real and there really are close to 70 Million people stupid enough to vote for Biden.

We all know the election was a fraud. Between postal workers destroying ballots, election workers fudging ballots, and Dominion servers hacking ballots… The only real question left is, will the Supreme Court have the balls to stand up for what is right, or do they have more than just Roberts under their thumb with Epstein style leverage?

Map of state zones that voted for Trump

Source and discussions:

How much sky phenomena can you handle? There’s plenty of it, and as Laura Walker put it, we can see “we’re not in Kansas any more.”

Holographic Sky: Here we see a tear in the holographic sky. These are becoming more frequent. NASA is finding it harder to keep up fixing and patching the SMITH Program. #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #GodWins #EDEN

— Adam Foreman (@adamlforeman) November 17, 2020

Does anyone really think the mounting Kung Flu restrictions do anything to curtail the spread of a cold germ? Really? Does anyone trust a word or a number the lamestream media throws out there?

Look, folks—just in time to curtail your Thanksgiving.

Ohio Gov. DeWine Announces Three-Week COVID Curfew

In the UK it’s really bad. We’re so sorry, folks, but you’ve got to wake the others. They’ve got to turn off the telly. Biden didn’t win and psychopaths have infiltrated your government.

Of course a lot of us are watching Bojo to see whose team he’s playing for. Simon Parkes’ sense is that Boris isn’t a bad guy and wants to help but doesn’t have the bullet proof intestinal fortitude Trump does and may be under the influence of the deep state goons. Regardless, in the end, The People will win.

Another nurse suspended by Cult-controlled NHS after branding ‘Covid’ a ‘scamdemic’ and spreading conspiracy theory lies

This video is outstanding, contains validated information, isn’t too long, and I believe will resonate with a lot of people. The graphs speak for themselves. When did they implement masks?—when the “outbreaks” were in a steep decline so it appeared they were working. BS! It’s just common sense. They have fudged the numbers for this scamdemic every bit as much as they did the election. Everything is an illusion. 20 min.

The Covid Cult | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

I got a push notification that Minnesota media is reporting there were 67 covid deaths TODAY. Please. Do they think we’re stupid? Do not cave to the panic-generating machinations of the deep state.

These statistics are complete lies. In case you’re new… the covid death statistics derive from all the deaths of everything else combined: auto accidents, heart attacks, diabetes, suicide, murders, influenza, cancer—all of it.

Don’t buy into it. It’s not a pandemic and healthy people need to go back to living their lives. If you’re not sick, you’re not contagious and 94 – 99% of people get well on their own—like any cold. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS because of an imaginary health crisis. That’s all it is.

The Human trafficking news has been eclipsed by the election, but it’s still out there, waiting to be pulled into the spotlight. It’s a nasty truth the People will have to come to terms with eventually—like 9/11. Disclosure of our friends upstairs will be a happy bomb after all that other disgusting news is revealed.

After the “Dominion” of Canada election stealing program you may be getting the picture that sweet, innocent ol’ Canada is not the angelic nation we used to believe. Horrific things have unfolded in the Great White North and those monsters will have to pay—if they haven’t already. The government, the police, they’re all in on it. Not every member, but enough in the upper echelons to tip the scales and enable them to get away with their crimes for decades.

Tofino BC resident claims to have documents implicating Justin Trudeau. Contacted PRESS Core regarding “Justin pedophilia documents”. Owned a resort when Justin Trudeau abruptly left teaching job at WPGA. Could have answers as to why he abruptly left WPGA in 2001.#cdnpoli

— PRESS Core (@presscoreca) November 16, 2020

Did I share this yet? Just in case—and don’t say, “They would never do that.” They’ve done much worse. You just didn’t know about it. Never say “never”. This information should get the attention of everyone, because our sources assure us this was part of the New World Order’s agenda for Humanity. To prevent this sort of treachery from happening again, Humans need to understand they have been prey. We have to drop the näiveté and get street wise.

Canadian government publishes bid request for “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” needed “in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19”

Perhaps you’d like to hear a British Columbia elected official and activist discuss it. Laura-Lynn Thompson has very informed guests on her shows and takes care to share facts, to validate, source, and state when information is not verifiable.

Dominion Voting Machines And What We Do Next

Canada, you need to wake a whole shitload more people. The longer they sleep, the worse it will get. Dan Dicks of Press for Truth expounds in his video at the link below. He, too, had to get his own website to host his videos because like so many, YouTube shut down his channel.

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like COVID-19(84) CHRISTMAS NIGHTMARE INSANITY!!!

We’re all in this together. In your car, in your house… give me a break.

GOOD LUCK ENFORCING THIS: Pennsylvania Mandating People Wear Masks Inside Their HOMES

Get the REAL news and intel from Scott Mowry on tonight’s Miracles Intel Conference Call at 7 pm Pacific, or listen to the archived call after its conclusion. You will understand that while it appears a little frightening out there, it’s all under control and unfolding according to a Divine plan. When you have the facts, it’s clear as glass.

Our conference call line is:
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To leave you on a high note, take 1:12 to watch this silly thing. Incredible animation.


— SirWilliamScott (@SirWilliamScot5) November 17, 2020

There’s so much great information flooding the comments, my inbox, my Twitter feed, websites, blogs, video platforms, everywhere—that I can’t keep track of where much of it comes from so please accept my blanket appreciation for all of it without personal attribution. And do peruse the comments for more nuggets I don’t get to.

We’re getting a valuable education on many levels and there is a lot of positive news. All is going according to the Plan and The Great Awakening cannot be stopped.

On top of all that I think we’re about to finalize the deal on our house—after nearly 4 years of ruling them out—so I’m highly distracted at the moment. It’s the year when things that never happened before exploded and nothing is typical or normal—from the weather to Human behaviour. Miracles are indeed unfolding and victories previously withheld are falling like rain.  ~ BP

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