November 17, 2020: The Battle for Planet Earth is Entering the Collective Consciousness [videos] ~ November 17, 2020

It’s Day 14 of #ElectionGate and the Patriots are taking the deep state to task for their corruption and treason. Meddling in an election is very serious and widespread, which many people didn’t know… year after year.

The data continue to be released from the ongoing investigations and we don’t know where it will all end. It’s possible President Trump may be declared President by default when it’s revealed that the opposition is in line for life in prison or execution for treason.

We know one thing, however. Joe Biden will never be president other than in his own feeble mind. He wouldn’t even get the sympathy vote.

LT did this update for us from And We Know, featuring everyone’s favourite legal eagle.

11.17.20: LEGAL challenges remain ACTIVE in several Battleground STATES!

Simon Parkes pointed this out. Too funny. That’s what you get for airing fake news.

BBC Joe Biden ‘Technical Glitch’

I was pleased to see this update on Simon Parkes’ blog. There is no way in hell Biden and his cronies are getting access to the information within the Trump administration if the Earth Alliance has anything to say about it.

He’s NOT President-elect—he’s a criminal, probably already sentenced and banished to the great central sun or whatever they do with psychopathic demons. As for the clone or double we’re seeing… something appropriate will be applied to that one as well I suppose.

Biden Denied Classified Intel Briefings

Here’s Dave’s X22 Report from yesterday. Read, listen or watch at the link.

Trap Was Set In 2018, The Evidence Will Blow The Minds Of Every Person In This Country – Ep. 2330

If you think it’s bad in the US, don’t move to Greece. Un-friggin’believable.

Greece Requires People to Text Government for Permission to Leave Home Under New Lockdown

Is saving our civilization worth skipping a few concerts to show these fascists who really controls the economy? Boycott these terrorists. It’s our way or the highway. If you comply, you are part of the problem. Pick a side.

Ticketmaster to ‘Verify COVID Vaccination Status’ Before Issuing Concert Passes

Gina has some remarkable captures from space via the International Space Station (ISS). OMG. How beautiful! Better watch soon in case it disappears. 11 min.

City of Lights

It’s incredible what some people will do when they believe they’ll get away with it.

2 Charged With Voter Fraud, Allegedly Submitted 8,000 Fraudulent Registration Applications

I had a session with my hair stylist in Scottsdale this morning who says almost none of her clients want her to wear a mask. A young Latina in the salon heard us talking and she said she’s on board. Doesn’t believe any of it. The hoax is understood by many people but you don’t know unless you talk about it and people speak up.


Bill Gates compares people who refuse to wear masks amid COVID to nudists who won’t wear pants in public

Laura Walker did a new Oracle Report you can read about or listen to at the link below.

Scorpio 2020 Cycle: “Come Down & Rise” or “Room At the Top of the World”

Dr. Dave Janda made an interesting observation in his video recently. He said that those in the Operation: Freedom community didn’t panic as he expected when the election results didn’t go the way we expected. That’s because people like Dave, and the Q Movement, informed the masses as to what is really transpiring.

Over the course of three years they showed us that higher powers are in control, know what’s coming, are dealing with the corruption and protecting us via many long-planned operations, and we don’t need to worry.

We understand, “The Patriots are in control.” We have had the guidance we need to avoid panic and a violent revolution. Americans don’t need to take up arms and fight the enemy. A peaceful and very strategic Plan is unfolding and we only need to act as requested by President Trump or the Generals, like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Dave mentions a few others who have come forward to reveal the treachery.

Being informed is the best thing we can do, and sharing knowledge with others whose minds are open. Law and Order will prevail. Very little bloodshed will be involved if we stick with the Plan.

That’s it for today. More news to follow—guaranteed.

Thanks to the crew for keeping the hailing frequencies and info conduits open. We have a date with the future of Mankind. Ahead, warp factor 8!  ~ BP

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