Alagukannan Kumaresan ~ November 12, 2020

A message from ascended masters, light family members, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Sananda, St. Germain, Archangel Haniel, All angels and archangels who support us in this ascension process. Delivering as received. (Channeled by Alagu from 12.11.2020)

Dear Lovable LIGHT beings, Be READY for the GREAT Ascending!!!

TIMELINES are shifting in front of YOU!

Since we don’t have TIME in our reality, we are delivering this message from your future earth day. This 11.11 is one of the most important days for people who vibrate higher.

We already mentioned many times that there are no special portal days in Ascension Time since 2012. Since 2017 we are already here near you, very closer to you. The reason for portal days are the door openings between realms. So that light and dark entities can enter into any realms and visit their other versions and do their work according to the Universal balance. But since the ascension of the entire solar system and the universe has to be upgraded, we put our priority very first to Gaia and her Children including you.

So once again we are remembering you. What is the reason for portal days if the portals are already opened and we are already near you?

There are no special portal days for us since we can come to your realm whenever we want.

However we would like to inform you, there are some special events in the portal days. As we mentioned, this 11.11 is a special day for those who are vibrating higher, especially for Light Workers. We ask you to do “7 Arch Candle Oaths” Meditation for strengthening the Light.

It is a special request from us to all Light beings, Light workers, family members and friends to gather in a peak location of Earth like Mountains or Natural Hills. Form a circle by standing or sitting, hand in hand and lighten 7 candles in the middle of the circle. Call upon your Spirit Guides, Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters to guide your remaining process! The moment you call, the moment we present in this circle in the light and we will strengthen your light by spreading our Light rays. We Promise! We do! Remember we said earlier…. we are already near you. Only Your words are magical and that is going to connect us both. You are the master. We come for your call of LOVE. You will do the same upcoming near future.

While you are in the circle, Close your eyes, Connect yourself together! Relax your body as well as mind for a while….

Take an oath that you keep the Unconditional Love in your Heart. And you be ‘Thy Light’ to others and you will be compassionate to those who still vibrate lower. And you never judge others. And you will forgive all others that are including you… Take an oath that you did nothing wrong that you are not feeling any Guilty and that you came to this Earth for a mission to learn, experience, mastering and guide others. Take an oath soon you are going to leave this low dense earth and your consciousness is shifting right at the moment and you are entering into 5th dense Earth where Love is the only service and that you are going to guide others rest of the time and even after the Solar Flash. Take an oath, you are going to Keep Vibrating Higher and CONSTANT and no matter what situation comes to trigger you, hereafter you are going to approach everything differently and you will do it with the help of higher consciousness. You can do this at any time during the day or night.

Try this and you are going to see the magic in rest of the time and the rest of your life. We are doing this everything for the purpose of your Ascension. We keep standing by your side. Soon you will realise the truth. We are very close to the GREAT EVENT!

COMING DAYS are going to be more and more intense. Miracles are on the way!

Surprises are going to unfold in front of your soul! Those who have eyes will see… Those who have ears will hear it….

Those who have wisdom of light will see, hear, feel and RAISE!! GREAT LOVE to you ALL ❤️🙏🏻💫☀️✨🌕📿

You also can hear the channeling messages via, (Every SUNday we meditate world wide for Ascension via online for Free, if you want to join us:

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