11:11 Portal of Shifting Foundations For New Creation of a New Epoch ~ November 12, 2020

11:11 represents the energy of the Foundational Pillars of Creation, The Sacred Union, The Portal or Gateway to a New /higher Perception or Dimension of Reality. And this present 11:11 gateway comes in a wave of Shifting Foundations in the decade of 2020.Foundations are a- shifting ,for a New Epoch is to come into existence …so not just a mini or mega cyclical change, but a shift of epoch proportions is in progress ( but then we already knew that from the moment 2020 announced its Grand Entrance!!!)

The very Foundational Pillars of an old epoch will give way to New Ideas, New Beliefs, New Perceptions, New Expectations, New Boundaries, New Knowledge and a new Existential Reality. The Current Venus ( Divine Feminine) Cycle which heralds this change has just begun to trace its 8 year Cosmic Pentacle in the heavens in the Archetype of Ixchel (Crone Wisdom and Healer), Athena ( Wisdom /Strategy in Warrior Energy for establishment and protection of Justice and Truth) and Iris (the StoryTeller and weaver of New Realities assisted via shapeshifting between dimensions) . This cycle represents The Mother Energies of New Creations/ beginnings . So in a nutshell , what we are moving into is :

– New establishments / experiencing realities of New Creations (Social, Economical, Political , Environmental) based on Justice and Truth , guided via Crone Wisdom and Healing with Courage ,Intellect, Intuition and Skill paving the way….. these new Foundational Pillars can not stand atop old Patriarchal pillars of control , domination, manipulation and subversion wrt Power ….for this energy is totally Different….and Hence a Total Collapse of the Old Guard is necessitated….n underway…

This 11:11 gateway opens on the last day of Venus at Shamanic gate of Heart Chakra and smack dab in the middle of the Astrological Samhain Gateway (Nov 6-Nov14) . Venus at Heart Center means in order to stay afloat these quick sands of shifting foundations we need to be Heart Centered ie energy of Forgiveness ( for the wounds that made the heart bleed only made the Soul wiser ), energy of Flow ( let Go and Flow) , Courage, Trust , Faith and Love/ oneness/ honour/ reverence with respect to all Sentient Expressions of Life Force Energy. The Energy of Samhain is one of Transition, the entrance into alchemical cauldron/ dark womb of the Earth Goddess …releasing the vestiges of the Old to be ReBorn into a New Reality, a new narrative, a new goal, a new purpose, A New Creation!!!

What vestiges of the old reality are you holding on to that are clearly no longer serving you, where are you lacking in Courage …its Ok to be scared, but Show up any way with Grace and Dignity, where are you in need of Healing ….wrapped up like a cocoon in the warmth of the Great Mother’s womb…let the healing and regenesis alchemy run its course for healing can not be hurried … have patience….You will be “Born” at exactly the Right Time!!, where are you being called to weave your Story Anew….?!?!

Happy 11:11!!

Be Light ,

InLight ,



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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