Pars Kutay ~ November 6, 2020

We are currently moving through a Highly Energized place in Space.

All bands within the Electromagnetic Light Spectrum have increased… the Schumann Resonance has had unprecedented spikes… incoming Cosmic… Gama… and X rays from far off distant Galaxies are also bombarding Earth increasing exponentially as well.

The Sun has been very busy with Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Flares… also having an impact socially… Economically… and Physically. These incoming Energies can create mood swings… lethargy… emotional outbursts… social and economic changes… severe weather… and an increase in Volcanic and Earthquake activity.

The Earth is Expanding with these Energies.

There also is the Influx of Higher Consciousness and Energy that comes with the presence of Higher Dimensional BEings adding to the Consciousness and Energy of the planet. In Truth God SOURCE is the ONE Consciousness that encompasses all Consciousness on All planes and Dimensions throughout the Multiverse.

The Omnipresent… Omnipotent… Omniscient Creator within all Creation.

As all Great Masters Saints and Sages have told us the Temple is Within. By going Within through Conscious Prayer Meditation and other Spiritual practices we expand in Awareness… in Consciousness until we BEcome ONE with the ONE Consciousness.

The only difference between us and Higher Dimensional BEings is they have Access to and Utilize more of the Unified Field… the ONE Consciousness. That Access in NOW on Earth like never before… a Golden opportunity to take a Quantum Leap in Consciousness.

There is a Plan… it is Multidimensional and in the end God SOURCE Wins.

The Beast will Fall… all those aligned with the Beast will Fall with it. The Earth is ascending. Those who cannot raise their frequencies… release the past… heal and align themselves with Universal Law cannot sustain themselves or their kingdoms.

There will be a great unraveling.

What we are seeing right Now especially during these elections is the Great Awakening. Nothing will remain hidden.

Try as they might to cover up the Truth… the deep state… the corporate sponsored mainstream media… even the social media those who have sold their souls for fame power and wealth will be exposed in deed and character.

Those who have lied to the masses… used them by creating divisions in culture… race and religion to further their own position… power and wealth will be exposed.

America is not perfect… it is a work in progress… it is more aligned with Universal Law than any other country. America’s destiny is NOT to be another third world country which is where the controllers want to take us.

At one point you were half way there. We dodged a bullet.

NOW we have another chance to set things right.

America is on a different course. A Wave of Freedom… Higher Consciousness and Energy is flowing through America. It will affect the entire world which is watching… praying for America.

It is sponsored on HIGH and it will BE Victorious. The Forces BEhind it are Unimaginable. NOW is the time to demand All the Freedoms be fully restored… hold accountable those who have trespassed on these freedoms and continue to lie to and deceive the people.

NO longer follow as willing participants or in ignorance the dictates of the controllers for the end goal is our enslavement and eventual demise.

They are governed by Evil… seen and unseen that care nothing for Humanity or the Earth. This is God SOURCE last stand. What some call Armageddon.

The vanquishing of evil and the BEginning of a thousand years of Peace. As the prophesies foretold this is the Death of the Beast… the BEginning of a thousand years of Peace where Earth Joins the rest of the Universe… a Grand Reunion with the Star Nations and takes a Quantum Leap in Evolution.

It’s time to stand tall in our own Divinity make Universal Law the Law of the Land. Universal Peace… Brother / Sisterly Love… Individual Freedom and Prosperity for ALL. with Sacred LOVE of ONE

~ 💜 ~ Photo: The Witching Hour at Black Church Rock – captured on October 31, 2020 by Aaron Jenkin

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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7 Responses to Pars Kutay ~ November 6, 2020

  1. gratzite says:

    A great photo.


  2. Neil Vidican says:

    WHEN are we going to SEE the good stuff happen? And WHEN do I get to LEAVE planet Gulag? I want my freedom…and I want to GET OFF this planet of the stupid apes/sheeple.

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  3. gratzite says:

    I understand how you feel. I could say, you only have to live long enough to see but I don’t know your age. For myself unlikely at 96 now, and so may not be here much longer. The development of better things is creating some chaos but it will pass, with a modicum of peace with acceptance and some knowledge.


    • Neil Vidican says:

      I am 41 (though inside, I feel three or four times your age, Grat). And IF I am denied the FEW things I EVER asked for, personally, in life….which is meeting, and going with the aliens…..get my TRUE gender and species RESTORED (theREAL me is a PLEIADIAN WOMAN….BUT, thanks to the Archons and Lizards….I got forced to incarnate on earth, as a human…and WORSE…as a MAN, and an ugly one at that…I need to be restored….or else all that will keep my alive is the need for cold blooded REVENGE….SCREW ‘spiritual development’…won’t be worth spit to me if I must live in misery and emotional pain), to travel the stars, and to find my REAL home planet, my REAL family…and my special someone out there….whom I KNOW is an alien.

      For the above is the ONLY reason I have ANY will to live left in me. Otherwise, I either would have become a drug addict, or put a gun to my head and end it…..even got a hollow tipped bullet in storage, just to make sure it blows my head away, in case it comes down to that. So, for me, there is NO options, NO second best…… consolation can replace what I need. And this is going to be my LAST reincarnation ever….I’m DONE after this one….to hell with ‘spiritual development’ or ‘soul evolution’….not worth the emotional pain….not one damned bit. So, ET contact, and the transformations I need, are of PARAMOUNT important.

      This song, I feel, fits me to a tee.

      Far beyond the world I’ve known
      Far beyond my time
      What am I, who am I, what will I be
      Where am I going and what will I see
      Searching my mind for some truths to reveal
      What thoughts are fantasy, what memories real

      Long before this life of mine
      Long before this time
      What was there, who cared to make it begin
      Is it forever or will it all end
      Searching my past for the things that I’ve seen
      Is it my life or just something I dreamed

      Far beyond the world I’ve known
      Far beyond my time
      What kind of world am I going to find
      Will it be real or just all in my mind
      What am I, who am I, what will I be
      Where am I going and what will I see

      Please don’t let me down, ET’s…..don’t walk out on me like everyone else in this miserable life of mine.


      • gratzite says:

        Thanks for the reply. If you take trouble to read “The Twelve Blessings” I think you would find it worthwhile, and feel worthy of endurance in this present life, for which we are supposed to have volunteered. That is how I look on my own situation and have felt some benefit.
        Good poem, by the way.


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