Your Sunday Digest for November 1, 2020: The Red Tide is Turning & Rally Day… Everywhere [video]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture November 1, 2020

Witch’s fingers, anyone? My favourite treat. Fun to make and fun to eat.

OMG it’s NOVEMBER! One more day after today until November 3rd. What will happen? Wait and see. The President is about to speak at the rally posted below.

Millions in Chinese Donations To Biden Center Raise National Security Concerns

One of our fave ladies is back on Twitter.

The cookies tell the story!

— MiGFlasher (@flasher_mig) October 31, 2020

The rally I’m seeing at the moment is in Michigan. Looks chilly up there and precip, too. We’re up thirty degrees from the other morning to 72F. Freaky weather.

Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Washington, MI 11-1-20

This is the rally schedule posted on YT by Right Side Broadcasting. Unbelievable. You can see their YT page here to access any of these rallies. Click here to get voting information or register to attend a rally.

“Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. announced that President Donald J. Trump will travel to Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 31st, 2020 to deliver remarks on Making America Great Again, Again in Bucks County at 12:00 PM EDT, and to host Make America Great Again Victory Rallies in Reading at 2:30 PM EDT, Butler at 5:30 PM EDT, and Montoursville at 8:00 PM EDT.

On Sunday, November 1st, 2020 President Donald J. Trump will deliver remarks at Make America Great Again Victory Rallies in Washington, Michigan at 11:00 AM EST, Dubuque, Iowa at 1:00 PM CST, Hickory, North Carolina at 5:30 PM EST, Rome, Georgia at 8:30 PM EST, and Miami, Florida at 11:30 PM EST.

On Monday, November 2nd, President Donald J. Trump will deliver remarks at Make America Great Again Victory Rallies in Fayetteville, North Carolina at 11:30 AM EST, Scranton, Pennsylvania at 2:00 PM EST, Traverse City, Michigan at 5:00 PM EST, Kenosha, Wisconsin at 7:00 PM CST, and Grand Rapids, Michigan at 10:30 PM EST. The Make America Great Again Victory Rallies will feature remarks from President Donald J. Trump and Republican candidates.”

I was going through all the memes AIM4Truth put out on Saturday afternoon and just for the halibut I clicked “like” at the end and for the first time in months, my icon showed up! It allowed me to do it. The tide must be turning.

This is my favourite because you have to look closely to see all the goodies hidden in it.

Juan O Savin certainly had a lot of information to unload with Michael Jaco on October 29th and some of it may have been new to some readers. According to him, there have not yet been a lot of arrests or people sent to GTMO. Yet. It was a sobering conversation, and what has happened to this planet and those who dwell here need to take this seriously and in some way do our best to atone for our inattentiveness to the horrors ongoing for so long and allowing them to continue unchecked until just recently.

Investigative journalist Jim Stone also had some fascinating things to say (below) about the election, voting, an Internet shutdown, etc., as well as some topics I haven’t had a chance to look into yet, and we were socializing again last night but I will have more time to explore later. We are aware of all sorts of things the psychopaths would like to pull off, but they will not be successful. Sometimes putting their plans out there prevents them from coming to fruition so we never know exactly what to expect. However, we always expect the best because of Divine Intervention. As Juan O Savin indicated, evil is losing its grip, and the Light is making a difference this time. It’s not like previous times in this lengthy battle.

You can access Jim’s site here. He says…

Let’s be frank here: The nation HATES BIDEN’S GUTS but the deep state HAS TO HAVE HIM WIN or they all go to jail. Who’s filling out the ballots and counting the votes?

Rush Limbaugh just walked off his program while live on air

Waiting for details. Not looking good.


Last night TONS of sites that use Cloudflare for HTTPS were accessing the Guo videos and at about 1 AM ALL the sites that were using cloudflare vanished. I am surprised it only dropped traffic by about 40 percent, however, all the KEY sites, like Infowars, use it.

Cloudflare is already being used to block links to the Guo vids even if the site operators can’t tell, there’s no other reason why all SSL hits completely vanished.

SSL is expensive to set up without Cloudflare, but I identified Cloudflare early on – in about 2013 – as a menace that should be avoided at all cost. When you use Cloudflare, you hand an outside entity a way to destroy your site, and just like WordPress, Twitter and Youtube, Cloudflare has gone down the toilet, there is no other way all the SSL sites just suddenly vanished.

SSL is expensive to set up without Cloudflare, but I identified Cloudflare early on – in about 2013 – as a menace that should be avoided at all cost. When you use Cloudflare, you hand an outside entity a way to destroy your site, and just like WordPress, Twitter and Youtube, Cloudflare has gone down the toilet, there is no other way all the SSL sites just suddenly vanished.


The main site here, ( has always had Cloudflare reduce hits to whatever extent Cloudflare can manage, but that was just life. Seeing them do that to Voterig showed me just how big the damage is. Cloudflare is damn near satan.

Before cloudflare kicked in their censorship last night, the ratio was about 550 megs to cloudflare sites and 850 megs to sites that are not using them, once every 8 minutes. After their censorship kicked in the 550 vanished completely.

I have warned about cloudflare being dangerous in the past and have explained why my site is not HTTPS even though it is right there in Cpanel, waiting to be switched on, and last night I just saw why NO ONE should switch it on.

Senate releases scathing report that is going to destroy Joe Biden???

The rumor going around is that they did. They did not.

Joe is taken out of all of it, and is instead an innocent bumbling fool who was totally unaware of it all, and totally qualified to be president. At least according to the senate. No matter how excited you might be about a “scathing report”, nothing will come of it and it won’t even be real until Americans use the second amendment to force it to be real.

We are far past the point of this government remaining capable of doing anything other than serve corruption. Perhaps Trump could fix a lot of this if he knew how, perhaps not, even if he was fully aware and had 8 years to do it.

One man with an AR in this case could match the power of the president. A million or so would have a chance of solving the problem.

The Biden corruption videos had a problem in Firefox.

If you have Firefox and they do not work, switch to a different browser. For now, by using Firefox to troubleshoot I got them to work in Firefox. Very odd.

ALL THESE VIDEOS ARE FROM BILLIONAIRE GUO, AND ORIGINATED ON HIS SITE. THEY ARE DIRECT SOURCE AND NOT HEARSAY. Guo’s site is I have big difficulties trying to find anything on that site, which is why I am posting the videos on my own servers.

They are going out at a rate of about a thousand views every five minutes. I am happy with the server, which is not even registering a load.

If the link to Guo’s site lands correctly, there will be two new videos there which are worse than the ones already posted (no porn, just great and daming facts) that I’ll post tomorrow, plus there are new e-mails, Guo has a sense of humor, those mails look so innocent yet are SO damning and he is so casual . . . . an example of the problem his site has: on one computer I hit that page I linked above and it worked right, but I switched computers and it was in Russian and the exact same URL loaded totally different content. That type of thing happens all the time on his site and it makes it VERY confusing, which is why I am serving these from here.

I hit a treasure trove of Guo corruption vids

In the videos there is proof the Biden family received a billion dollars from China, which was split among America’s top politicians, including Obama.

There is also proof, (these have not been blanked out like all the other crap out there – proof that Hunter had sex with both of Obama’s daughters while they were under age, plus his own cousin, while she was under age, PLUS a 10 year old girl naked in bed with Hunter with other women on top of her, she was obviously not being treated well.

The big hit in these is proof that the Bidens got a billion dollar payoff from China. Everything is proven, everyone in the Chinese communist party that was involved is identified and tied in, it is a total smack down. I obviously saved these and will serve them from the server (since the site is destroyed now with completely cut communications it totally needed to work at all) I might as well use the server resources for this.

Guo has the goods, but he has not organized them well and they are all but impossible to find, this treasure trove of videos (all less than three minutes long, they are very efficient and to the point) is HERE and it is obviously under heavy load. I’ll help with that.

It will take me at least an hour to set this up in a way that won’t eat the server, if Guo is too overloaded wait and they will be here.


If the election gets stolen, Rush is going to announce himself dead from terminal cancer and he will flee the country. He’ll hang around for as long as it is patriotically wise to do so, attempting to save the situation and if in the end all is lost, he’ll have to flee because the bullet will already be out of the gun.

This will not be an election, it will be a coup attempt and the MSM is already working very hard at it.

HUNTER HARD DRIVE BUST: Want to know how compromised even the secret service is?

This is the biggest bust off the Hunter hard drive and it recently dropped

Hunter requested the secret service set up a hidden video camera in the oval office at the request of Xi, before Hunter met with Obama in the oval office. The secret service itself recorded Hunter’s meeting with Obama, and in this meeting key items proving Obama was sufficiently compromised were discussed. The secret service then gave the recording to Hunter, who brought it to Xi and upon viewing this, Xi decided it was safe to continue with the blackmail of American politicians and the rest of the Biden corruption.

Early on Guo was only posting still captures from the video, to “terrify whoever may be concerned” without saying what it was. But anyone who was involved with this would know. I’d say doing that was a mistake, he should have said it the way it is being stated now BECAUSE TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

Look people, even the secret service is corrupted. They made the recording for Xi. And I do not know why American jewry is allowing this to continue by censoring everything in the media UNLESS. THEY. TOTALLY. CONTROL. XI. face it, they have GOT TO own him, this would not be allowed to continue in silence any other way.

Our very own secret service turned it’s back on EVEN OBAMA on behalf of the Bidens and red Chinese. The corruption is so much worse than anyone imagined that even I am shocked. NOT VOTING THIS TIME IS IN ITSELF A VOTE TO DESTROY AMERICA, I know, I know – your vote may not be counted anyway but it will sure as hell make the steal more difficult by increasing the difficulty of burying our voices by one vote more. GET OUT AND VOTE, we are on the precipice of doom.

That concludes that portion of Jim’s post, according to his information and perspective. Use your own discernment. We’ve heard talk of “Quantum voting machines” and other measures to shut out the attempts to steal the election but we’ll have to wait to see what actually unfolds this wacky year when everything us unpredictable and upside-down.

We do not consent! The People are not complying any more. They ignored the governor’s orders trying to restrict fans from the Minnesota Trump rally and they went anyway. That’s how it’s done. Just ignore them. Exercize your rights. The 99% rule—not the 1%.

Basilico’s Restaurant in Huntington Beach not only decided to never shut down, but doesn’t allow people with masks to enter the premises. Surprisingly, his restaurant has remained packed despite a direct challenge from CA Gov. Newsom and the liquor board

— The HighWire (@HighWireTalk) October 31, 2020

Does Lemon look different to you? I thought I had seen someone else, but similar in the past.

Hey @DonLemon are you a pedosympathizer? You seem to give much more empathy to pedos than Trump supporters.


We the people.

— 3Days3Nights (@3days3nights) October 31, 2020

If you watched the video recently from the Austrian patriots who delivered a Notice of Liability to the President of Austria, you will remember Claire Edwards. She used to work at the UN and has important insider information to share about the plandemic, COVID-19. This TrueTube video is about 20 minutes, so very digestible. Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to embed one of these or if it’s possible so click the link below to watch.

The Miracles Intel Conference Call is tonight and you can tune in at 6 pm Pacific if you wish for dot connecting and the latest intel from the Earth Alliance and the patriots.Our conference call line is: Dial-in number (US): (712) 770-4598
Access code: 767664#

International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: scottm6975
Join the online meeting:
Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access code:  767664# / followed by # againBackup Number: 425-535-9162If you encounter any issues with our Miracles Intel Calls please reach out to Free Conference Call Technical Support: (844) 844-1322

If you’re in a cerebral mood you may want to learn about Quantum Language. This Twitter post gets into how the Quantum system will affect our reality and fundamentally change how we live.

This is not another four year election! Optics and timing is everything. It all leads up to November, but will there even be an election on Nov. 3rd? Buckle up! The world is about to change.

We have way more than we know!

— LadyQanuck (@LadyQanuck) October 30, 2020

Thank you to the crew (that’s all of you readers) for the links and shares. There is so much fascinating information available to us now. Be sure to scan the comments below the posts for more gems to research and enjoy. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

Trump will win Pennsylvania!

— CHIZ (@CHIZMAGA) October 31, 2020

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