The Late Edition for Sunday, October 25, 2020: Damning Evidence and the Early Morning Victory Rally in PA [videos] ~ October 25, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture October 25, 2020

This is a short update.

Since the President is starting early on Monday, I’ll get the link out for Lititz, PA. He’s hitting multiple states on Tuesday and heading West on Wednesday. POTUS is mopping up all the undecided and awakening voters and the loonatic left won’t know what hit them.

Register for tickets to future events or get voting information here.

Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Lititz, PA 10/26/20

Only the beginning.

— Sean (@SeanCordanon) October 25, 2020

We can’t trust the headlines. Del Bigtree and Jefferey Jaxen expose the strategy to dupe us into believing that because Sweden failed to employ the strict, tyrannical measures to “flatten the curve” that other countries did, they are now forced to go through a second wave and severe lockdowns. We know what “rising cases” mean. Video at the link below.

The unfortunate truth is, the White Hats are also using this scamdemic for their own purposes and we’re just going to have to live with it for now. These are both short videos.


Del also discusses the death in Brazil in the AstraZeneca vaccine trial. One comment I saw on Twitter said they suspected the trial which involved a placebo and a myelitis vaccine up against the CV vaccine, probably involved the death of the volunteer who got the myelitis vaccine rather than the Kung Flu vaccine. That is the perfect case for mandating the saline placebo Del speaks of.

I haven’t seen the proof of what the expired participant was given, but I’m not getting a vaccine of any kind. They’ve never been proven safe or effective but have had far too many deaths associated with them. There are failed vaccines on the books and our immune systems protect us better than a vaccine. That’s why we have one. Stop putting foreign materials into the Human body and wondering what went wrong. It’s not rocket science, it’s junk science.


Did you see this? There will be many “booms” of war.

BOOM !! – Ukraine corruption
John Kerry: “All of us were trying to get rid of that Prosecutor: me, Joe Biden and Obama”

also OBAMA was in it


— Greg Rubini (@GregRubini) October 25, 2020

I didn’t realize they would go to such public lengths to expose the globalist criminals, but they have. A honey trap video came out that might incriminate multiple parties, including the CCP and a certain politician’s son but you’ll have to go to the source.

I’ll save more riveting news for tomorrow. I hear we’re not that far up the scale as far as the flow goes. It will intensify.  ~ BP

Soon may THE STORM rain down a WRATH OF FURY on the EVIL poisoning our planet.

The GOOD GUYS are now on the OFFENSE.

It’s time for BUSINESS.

— Film Ninja (@actiondirector1) October 25, 2020

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