October 24, 2020: The High Stakes Election Looms & Rally Mania Excites the Voters [videos] ~ October 25, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture October 24, 2020

Ten days, people! Ten days till Zero Day. Less than that until the most evil ghouls come out to play and perform their satanic rituals.

Trump is tireless in his rally schedule and the People respond by inundating the airport venues with thousands of patriots and thousands more in the overflow. This one will begin any time now.

Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Lumberton, NC 10-24-20

Also today… (click the link to watch, in this order) Circleville, Ohio, Waukesha, Wisconsin and there will also be a rally on Sunday.

The lying, treasonous media turds are doing their level best to create the fake pandemic with shameless disinformation pieces like this:

The latest control mechanism launched by the ‘rona psyop is that they are now requiring us to either give our birth date to be keyed into the system at Kroger/Fry’s grocery store or show our driver’s license to buy alcohol—because they say with the mask on they can’t tell how old someone is. So whether you wear a mask or not, that’s their story and you have to comply because it’s necessary to over-ride the alcohol flag in their POS system. It’s just another method of data mining.

I had an encouraging conversation with the young lady at the food store who helps people at the self checkouts and she is largely up on everything that’s going on. She understands the “fear” aspect of the plandemic in the gullible public but finds it difficult to understand how so many people can fall for it.

She is a little anxious about what the brainwashed Trump haters are going to do when he takes the country by storm on November 3 but feels POTUS is the best thing to happen to America in a very long time. She said she’s never voted before, but she’d going to make the effort to get her vote in for Trump.

Speaking of supermarkets, they’re off the reservation in Wales, severely limiting what shoppers can purchase. The ‘rona psyop gives them license to do almost anything. It will definitely get the attention of the most distracted Humans.

What is an essential item? The full list of what supermarkets can and can’t sell

A few crew members are reporting they are no longer getting our notifications of a new blog post. These control freaks are the lowest of the low. The only way they can see to survive is to prevent the exchange of information in the public domain. They will do everything possible to hide their despicable crimes. Kudos to our savvy crew for realizing they will have to manually visit for the latest updates. I’ve noticed readership is down the past few days.

The Brave browser is not cooperating so I switched back to Mozilla Firefox and it’s much better.

I happened to visit the old Qmap.pub site which was taken down and it now shows…  ;0)

“Winter is coming” for the cabal. Spring and new life is coming for Humanity. No “dark winter”—no nuclear winter as Biden may have seemed to suggest. But check out “Operation: Dark Winter”. Another biological threat? We have heard various cabalists suggest this fall/winter there will be a massive and even more catastrophic health crisis. Bill Gates made it sound like it is a done deal.

I think all those awake knew when Treasonous Sleepy said “Dark Winter” twice and the way he said it, was code! These people are sick and Evil! …- #Treason #EnemyOfThePeople https://t.co/S16nJiQNMg

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) October 23, 2020

No worries about the Ghislaine Maxwell show. Make more popcorn.

Yes we watched it all in real time because we followed Maxwell everywhere she went before she got captured.


You may want to take in Dave’s latest X22 Report for his latest updates and analyses. Always very interesting. See his website here.

Heads up—this is prime false flag territory as the deep state freaks out over their loss of control and impending demise. The Patriots are shattering the illusion that the demonrats were positive in any way.

How’s this for an op? I knew Uncle Rob was okay. This looks like chatter from the “chans”, now 8kun. Take it for what you will.



The worldwide swamp must be plumbed and drained forever. The horrors perpetrated on sentient Beings are unthinkable for most of us, and that is how they got away with it. Most people were in denial that most of the evil activity was even happening. Trauma-based mind control is an effective tool they perfected.

Twitter won’t allow me to RT Hillel’s posts. I wonder why?! pic.twitter.com/Vs8Ie5KYWY

— MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@MakeCalifornia) October 23, 2020

The coming days will test our skills of discernment. Denial may be the first reaction, but closer inspection and research might reveal a different truth. It’s best to be open-minded. One might wonder, for instance, why this Twitter account goes by HSRetoucher. Head Shot Retoucher. Who sustained a shot to the head? Sometimes things we believe are impossible are not. Reality is a funny thing we are now learning can be much different from what we believed. Almost anything is possible when the facts present. I think we’re going to learn just how contrived our world has been at the hands of the controllers.

When you click on this box and it launches in Twitter, there is a man sitting behind while POTUS greets this veteran. He looks to me like David Bowdich, whom Kew featured recently in Kewdrop #4927. Just a thought.

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. https://t.co/kkEdWJv2w7

— 10 Days – John F Kennedy Jr. (@HSRetoucher) October 24, 2020

I see they’re trying to revive the “murder hornet” threat in Washington. That state is something else, and Scott Mowry tells us the military/patriots are very concerned over what may transpire there in the next few weeks. Will their mind-controlled minions migrate to the suburbs to do their evil deeds?


You could have been selectively unsubscribed from getting our notifications but if you are a regular reader you know WE PUBLISH EVERY DAY so you will want to come for a spin on the good ship Starship Earth on your own if you don’t get an email invitation from us. Sometimes we publish more than once a day since the news has been so pressing—and exciting.

If there’s a problem here and we can’t fly, we will try our other WordPress ship, The Captain’s Blog. Failing that, we’ll use Twitter or Parler, as resources allow.

Ciao for now.  ~ BP

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