Hare in the Moon Astrology ~ October 22, 2020

“We are now in that territory where the practices that have sustained us no longer can guide us. It takes some major spiritual cojones to navigate that terrain because it’s so vulnerable, there is nothing to cling to, no familiar reference points.” Miranda MacPherson These are End Times, End Days, the Shadowlands complete with ghosts of the recent 3D past trying to cling on to life. We’re now in the very last stages of a combination of celestial patterns we haven’t seen in centuries. Similar patterns in the past have accompanied the rise and fall of civilizations e.g. the beginning of the Dark Ages and the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

Obviously, the world survived those transitions. This one looks even more consequential. You are living through the most epochal astrology/time-line of your lifetime – a perfect storm.

Remember: this is what you are for!

It is time for those of us who for years have been in the shadows holding the light to step forward, to come out of our caves and safe sanctuaries where we retreated for fear of not belonging and to become visible as beacons to a world in transition.

You are needed to stabilise and anchor these profoundly extreme times and shifts

Whether you recognise yourself as or have ever been called a healer, a teacher, a sensitive, an empath, a way shower, a path paver, a word weaver or a psychic mender, it’s time to drop your reluctance to come forward and to become someone who blazes a path that others can follow.

No more keeping your medicine only for like-minded souls, no more waiting to be asked, no more apprenticeships, no more waiting for approval. You must have a presence, a strong physicality and be willing to attract attention.

No matter how flattened, ragged, bereft, raw, heartbroken or exhausted you feel, your very presence makes a difference. Most Forerunners, Outliers and Wayshowers were born highly Sensitive/Empathic and have— like it or not—always felt humanity and their emotional energies.

For the sake of our sanity and health we’ve had to learn how to not be run-over, derailed or broken by other people’s lower frequency emotional energies just because we can feel them. Let go of old ideas about who you are as you witness the withdrawal of many of your previous creations – roles, careers and alliances -that are still imprinted with competitive 3D ways of doing business.

This is about co-creating new realities to be available to the collective. It is an act of commitment, blazing the paths which others may follow by choice, consistently releasing the grip of the old illusion.

Make the shift from attempting to wake people up to collaborating with those who already have and walking alongside those who show up. Move away from interventions, tools and techniques designed to change others from the outside towards installing higher level generative change.

Be a bridge not a change agent-a clear channel to Source radically open to whatever arises in the space between you. Become a catalyser, a truth teller, a mysterial – drawing from the unified field.

The past is disappearing. Time becomes very fluid as your emotional attachment to the past dissolves. These are End Times and you are needed to breathe the flickers and flames of new beginnings into life – as we enter the electric Aquarian Years between 2021-2043.

For much more on transitioning your work to the new Aquarian Way Finder paradigm, get: ” 2020-30 The Next Big Leap for Sensitives, Mavericks and Creatives” :www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk New! Sign up to my November 5D Report:” A Critical Rite of Passage” at: www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk “Your 5D Reports are that unwavering flickering light from the lighthouse that confirm my shaky steps on this uncharted path” Sunny P California USA Art by Karen Lyn

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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