I’m Queen An-Ra, I’m from the galaxy of Andromeda, from one of her many planets. I’m here today to light up and guide you on the things you’re experiencing right now in your civilization. I come from an ancient Egyptian civilization; it is we who built the pyramids in your world a long time ago. On our planet, pyramids have different types of shapes: square, oval, triangular, round, and are extremely tall, 10 times taller than Dubai’s tallest building. Egyptians have been on Earth a while ago, over 10,000 years ago, and we were the ones who were helping humanity with their progress. We were your teachers; unfortunately for us and the human race, we had to leave humans because at that time they were moving in a negative direction, influenced by the Dark Forces.

After we left, we focus on our development and creating incredibly advanced technology. We are a very powerful and intimidating nation. Everybody knows who we are and nobody dares to attack us. We are a peaceful civilization, we love peace, but don’t try to invade us, you will regret it as soon as you do. Our image is very intimidating, as Anubis mentioned earlier, we are between 20 and 25 feet (6.5 / 8 meters) tall, we have a majestic and great presence when we introduce ourselves.

I am Queen An-Ra (Ra means sun), I have attended the Great Council for over 12.000 years and am part of the Galaxy Federation of Light. By Andromeda I get daily reports of all the obstacles that continue to appear in his Ascension process. We’re planning to come to Mother Earth whenever it’s time to teach them and show them the way again, as we have done in the past, on how to manage new technologies and how to prosper and guide them to their new life.

Meanwhile, I just want to tell you that right now you need to look at your own lives and start paying attention to what really happens around you. Your freedom has been removed from the virus; it is a very mild virus and your governments with the media proclaim you and almost scare you saying how dangerous this Coronavirus is. Your body can handle it and you can heal without doctors taking you to the hospital. Please understand that it is very easy here on your planet to be deceived and guided in the wrong direction; it has been done for thousands of years and it is nothing new to us that we have been watching and watching Earth for a long time. The main reason human civilization still exists after so many years is due to the Galactic Federation of Light, including us, who have participated in saving Earth from so many catastrophic events, as we have been involved in this process of help your planet to ascend.

One of the things I would like to catch your attention is that many Light Workers and Warriors of Light have volunteered and come to Mother Gaia to help her in her transition into 5 D. Also, Anubis has already told you that we have some descendants here on Earth. My daughter has been reincarnated here as a human being, and right now she’s trying to finish her mission in this prison. Missions should be completed by Light Workers who enrolled in this a long time ago. We look forward to your completion so we can start working with you to help restore freedom in your world.

As I said earlier, our technologies are beyond your imagination, most of it comes from our consciousness; we are from the 16th dimension, so there are no limitations for us. We can create anything we want in a fraction of a second and it’s not complicated for us, because we are connected to Universal Consciousness. You’re still in the process of Ascension and your 12 strands of DNA haven’t fully activated yet.

I am Queen An-Ra and I would like to recommend you stay in unity with each other as a unit of consciousness working together to reach 5 D. Many lives have passed here without evolving enough as a civilization to become a Galactic Human Being, because of the Negative Forces that have controlled this planet for a long time. I want to give you an update on a great battle that has taken place recently, one of the biggest of last year, between Light and Dark. The dark, desperate side gathered all its strength trying to win and regain total control of this planet: it didn’t work for them, we won. My Egyptian Fleet participated with Anubis in charge, the Pleyadian fleet was there with Ashtar in command, and the First Creator with his own Fleet overseen the entire operation.

Sometimes you wonder why this is taking so long; the process here in Terra Christa is much slower, due to 3 D density on this planet. We have no time where we are, time does not exist for us, we are always in the present moment; here it is always difficult for you to be in the present moment. Every Ascended Master has said to them, please connect to your conscience through meditation, it is an essential part of your Ascension Process. You have many things to learn, you are still in the childhood stage, you allow your emotions to control everything. Your emotions bring out the best in you, please live your life through your spirit and not from the point of view of your mind. It’s hard to break behavioral patterns, the best way to do it is to connect with your soul. After you connect, you’ll want to continue to strengthen contact with daily meditations, and eventually this will become part of your daily habits.

In the reality I live in, nothing is impossible, anything is possible, we live in love and mutual respect. We love our great appearance, our way of being is the way we present ourselves to the world, planets, galaxies and universes, because that’s what we are. We are a powerful civilization, unique and ancient, we live a long life without illness or poverty and we don’t use money. We love wearing gold, white and black. Color black in our society represents a high authority, the highest degree you can reach. We love our animals, they are our friends and colleagues.

We communicate with them telepathically and they are much higher and bigger than on their planet. You’re probably curious to know how they are, it will be a little shocking for you. Personally I have many animals in my building. I want to mention two of them: the 10 foot (3,3 meters) tall cobra and the 15 cat black foot (5 meters) tall with a gold necklace. They are our family and play an important role in our society. They are treated like kings.

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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  1. Neil Vidican says:

    Hurry up and land, change me to be as tall and long lived as you, please.


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