Judith Kusel ~ October 19, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…can you sense the changes happening within yourself? Have you witnessed yourself moving in a new direction, or…staying where you are despite other circumstances to move you?

NOW is the time to “go with the flow” leaving yourself open to BE in the field of Who You Are. Enjoy all moments, as in the reality of BEing…nothing is actually bad…it’s just an experience to be, well…experienced…with love!

Love all moments with your Magnificent Heart brimming over with Quantum Love, which yields nothing but…

Quantum Joy!


We are literally changing form. We are morphing from a very low vibrational frequency embodiment into a much higher vibrational frequency one.

Note that drastic changes are upon us, escalating in the next three months.

We are stepping from the old into a totally new existence, in all forms and expressions, which includes the physical, emotional, mental and spritiual bodies.

I have been told over and over again, that this TRANSFIGURATION.

We are being transfigured.

In the highest vibration, the True Christedness, we cannot operate with the very dense and slow physical forms we had in the 3D. The old duality, polarity, separateness which we so clung onto and believed in, the judgements, the pain, the lies, etc. cannot exist in the higher dimensional frequency band, and the highest form you are morphing into.

Your soul knows this in the highest degrees.

Soul Searching is a necessary compotent of the whole greater waking up, and it there in whole morphing process. You literally need to shed the old, in all forms and expressions, which includes all false programming, false beliefs, all lies, all illusions, and all which ever felt like you were separated from the rest of humanity, or even from yourself and from the Divine. Indeed, you cannot ever be separated from the Divine within you, nor can you be separated from your brothers and sisters, your fellow men and women and indeed all forms of existence on planet earth and beyond. Those were the old 3D lies, and old belief systems, and old forms of life, that are redundant now. Embrace the changes. Embrace the inner morphing. Let your heart open, let the tears flow, and they will flow when you are cleaved open, and these are healing tears. It means that you are now changing into the TRUTH of who and what you are, at SOUL level, at Divine levels and thus you are now ready to step into fullness of soul, in all levels of Creation and existence thereof!

Shed the old garments. Shed the Old Adam. The Old Eve.

et go of the past. It no longer exists, except in what you are hanging onto.

Let go of the ego and mind, which tries to keep you within the framework of the old programming and belief systems. They no longer serve your highest soul growth and good.

Embrace the Divinity within you!

Embrace the new you – which in truth has always existed, and is eternally there. It is just that you forgot this for a while, and now need to re-member. Literally.

Do not attach to anything or anyone. Let go! This is ascension in the highest degrees and all degrees.

Rise up!

Allow the Divine within you to become AS ONE with you, with All that you are, so that you can remember and rise into the Truth of who and what you REALLY Are – at Soul and Ominipotent levels!

Judith Kusel


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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