October 16 | Part 2: The Justice Phase In Our Face; It’s in the Stars [videos] ~ October 16, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture October 16, 2020

What’s the word after four episodes of The Amy Coney Barrett Show? She’s good to go. ACB will be confirmed next week—in the nick of time.

Mitch McConnell: GOP Has Votes to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

Democrats interrupted Judge Barrett 78 TIMES.

Zero cries of sexism or “mansplaining” from the media.

Their bias and selective outrage is unreal! #ConfirmACB pic.twitter.com/UKqkFeau0u

— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) October 16, 2020

What was all the hullabaloo on Twitter about? On YouTube and Facebook, yesterday?

BREAKING: Sen. Ted Cruz Announces Judiciary Committee will Subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Testify After Second Day of Twitter Blocking NY Post Hunter Biden Reports

Facebook and Twitter cross a line far more dangerous than what they censor https://t.co/R0hTSmPsgs by @ggreenwald

— Joe Rogan (@joerogan) October 16, 2020

We’re not having that suppression of the truth. It’s all coming, and nothing can stop it.

The world is about to find out the darkest secrets of all; what the deep state controllers have fought to keep under wraps from Humanity. It will be the most difficult truth to accept—and some will not—at least not right away.

The fact that the Bidens stole money is significant, but not the game changer. The world is used to corrupt politicians.

Hunter and Joe Biden Scandal Takes a Dark Turn — FBI’s Top Lawyer on Child Porn Involved in Case

And how about that bag Savannah Guthrie at the Trump Town Hall on NBC last night? It was hard to watch. Every question she posed to the President felt like an accusation; a thrust of a rapier designed to hurt him, but he parried the blows and came out on top. Guthrie wound up looking like just one more wicked witch of the west trying to drop a house on POTUS.

Why do they hate President Trump so much? He is destroying the cabal’s corrupt way of life, and saving the children, for starters. Read the legislation under the Department of Justice.


They told us that JFK Jr. had been executed via a bomb on his plane because he was running against Hillary Clinton for the Senate. What if there’s more to it?

A lot of people are linking Joe M, JFK Jr., Juan O Savin, etc. and saying the voices are the same. They’re not to me… but what if Joe M, and some of the voices that sound like this narrator—while they might bear some resemblance to the voice of JFK Jr.—could they be the voice of his son, perhaps? So many questions.

John Jr. did publish edgy material in some of his George Magazines. Let’s explore that in conjunction with what might have made him too big a target for the deep state to ignore. Try to make time for this important video, 24 min.


It appears that Joe M’s channel was purged from Themtube in the last week, but fortunately this particular video was mirrored by several patriots. Everyone on the planet needs to watch this. It says it all.

I would think that if JFK Jr. and his wife went underground and had several children, they would be well schooled in the ways of the world, our enemies, their ruthless strategies, and no one would be better prepared to tell the story. It has been suggested that significant funding has gone into productions the ‘good guys’ wanted to bring Humanity in the way of movies and documentaries, just as the controllers have done the same to brainwash us and condition us to respond as they would like.

Q – The Plan To Save The World REMASTERED by Joe M

What will happen in Britain as a result of the new, stricter lockdowns? These folks are either ignoring it entirely, or perhaps having one last hurrah before the to to “‘rona prison”. I don’t see any masks.

Live from Soho as London prepares to tighten COVID-19 restrictions

The President has added Nevada and Arizona to the rally schedule in the next week. You can register to attend here at his website.

It’s clear from listening to and watching what is unfolding that as a result of divine intervention, there is a new vision for America—and the world.

At the Ocala, FL rally, the Republican candidate had the whole crowd singing, “God Bless America”. The People are feelin’ it. It is an exceptionally excited crowd in the sunshine state today. They can’t contain their enthusiasm.

You know reality has shifted when you see signs in your neighbourhood saying “Protect Our Police – Vote Republican”. Now it’s the People protecting the police, rather than the other way around.

I came across an astrological update via Twitter and I believe it warrants the time to sit down without distractions and explore. As we learned from Laura Walker’s Oracle Report this month, whether we subscribe to “astrology” or no, Pluto is probably exerting its influence over us at this auspicious time.

Whether it is expressed through outright bullying or through secret manipulations the negative expression of Pluto is about seeking to gain control in abusive and dysfunctional ways. When Pluto is ‘active’ in a horoscope it always raises issues around power struggles and that which has been hidden from consciousness in the world of the shadow.

It’s not all bad, and the article also queries this intriguing bit as a result of the current cycle…

Wow! Is it possible that in November 2020 western civilisation may be completing a great cycle of time that began nearly 4,000 years ago in Babylon?

If that interests you and you wish to indulge, click here to read,


We had a colourful sunset last night with striking pink and purple clouds on the horizon, but this morning those “clouds” had moved across the northern horizon and looked like smoke. It appears there is a new fire up at Crown King and they’re calling for evacuations What a shame. I like camping up there in the pines. Our hot, sunny weather goes on and on, with no precipitation in the forecast. The desert is parched and desperately in need of rain as a result of the “non-soon” season this summer.

Mandatory evacuation issued for Crown King due to nearby 3,500-acre fire

That’s plenty of updates for today. It’s time to wind down just a smidge for the weekend. Rest up, keep fighting, maintain situational awareness, and support each other. Astonishingly exciting days are on the way.  ~ BP

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