October 15 | Part 2: New Kew Today & Extraordinary Actions for Extraordinary Times [videos] ~ October 15, 2020

Starship Earth: The Big Picture October 15, 2020

Here’s the latest from the patriot intelligence board which sets the tone for today’s update.

4875 Oct 15, 2020 2:13:13 PM EDT Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 07ac09 No. 11086444 https://twitter.com/BrandyZadrozny/status/1316755720029822977
Do you get it yet? They are afraid of you [reach][uncontrolled][anti-narrative][free-thought]
Don’t forget about the House Intel Committee meeting re: ‘Qanon’ today.
More ‘conspiracy’ [fact-less base-less claims] pushed re: violent, extremist, racist, dangerous, anti-gov, nazism, white supremacy, anti-religion, anti-American, ……….. #2 attacked topic _[POTUS #1].

Caption on Twitter read, “This onion ring sent me.”

Things are getting more lively by the day. Whatever has been happening over the past few months is magnified and sped up now. Oh—and time is compressing. A week gone by seems like two days, tops.

We have more rallies, more censorship, more arrests, more Tweets, more decodes, more truths and intel, more attacks, more melt-downs, more children freed, and more people awakening.

Will the awakened join the fray and stand on guard for their freedoms, which should include free and honest elections?

The President is asking for patriots to step up.

Volunteer to be a Trump Election Poll Watcher. Sign up today! #MakeAmericaGreatAgainhttps://t.co/3AnrRV7uSz

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 15, 2020

Too bad we don’t have YouTube police. The censorship is in our faces now; there’s no denying it.

YouTube just deleted my account without warning.
It’s all gone. Everything I’ve worked for. Completely gone.
Time to move back home…

— TRUreporting (@TRUreporting) October 15, 2020

I clicked on this one from Lori Colley and she’s toast, too. Unbelievable.

33:03 Booms Away! Caught them All Lori Colley 11K views 15 hours ago

They got Dave. You can see his X22 Reports at his website.

Could everyone please tweet @TeamYouTube for an explanation of why X22 Report was suspended, BE RESPECTFUL. This deletion of my channel was completely unwarranted and unexpected. #Censorship @realDonaldTrump @SenTomCotton @tedcruz @HawleyMO

— X22 Report (@X22Report) October 15, 2020

They also got LT at And We Know. See the website. “Harassment and bullying,” they claim. Give me a break.

In case you didn’t hear… What they are trying to prevent getting out is the proof of the corruption in the Uncle Joe’s family, as well as other activities, of course, as they didn’t operate in a vacuum.

Giuliani to Newsmax TV: B’den Family ‘Taking Money Illegally’ for Years

That’s right: the Earth Alliance has pulled out the big guns. No more pussy-footing around and gently waking the masses. It’s time to let them have it. When the People vote in November, they will be making a life-changing choice and there will be little room for indecision or confusion. They will be armed with the facts and the truth and the choice will be clear.


— Kate (@klrser1416) October 15, 2020

I believe the Patriots have expected this. We’ll see what happens. They probably gave the psychopaths enough rope to hang themselves and will strike when they least expect it. They think they can do anything and suffer no consequences.

You were warned https://t.co/pJ6XsAGkWs pic.twitter.com/83nC2uyhrN

— Qohn Galt (@QohnG) October 15, 2020

The judges are in a similar light-hearted mood to President Trump.

It would be funny if 2 terabytes of Intel about a certain h4ckerr suddenly finds it’s way online on our Twitter feed.




Calling out the censorship may have a temporary buffering effect. I have experienced malfunctions on the bridge today, supposedly due to server issues, according to the error messages. The tech could be bumpy and intermittent the next few weeks.

Twitter Unblocks Trump Campaign Account

Censoring political speech is what you’d expect in countries like China, North Korea, or Iran — NOT America.

This should scare every single American who values free and open discourse. Do NOT let Big Tech silence YOU#TwitterCensorship

— Kayleigh McEnany (@PressSec) October 15, 2020

Twitter Locks Out Jack Posobiec Over Hunter Tweet

A couple of women passed us on our walk this morning. One walked with her dog at the side of the road. The other wore a mask and walked down the double yellow line in the middle of the road. Anti-social distancing. My friendly Golden headed her way to say hello as he does with most people and she warned, “Don’t even think about it.” Stunning.

How are we going to deprogramme so many people and re-educate them? It’s shocking how this virus psyop has put so many in an altered state. It didn’t make them sick, but it vapourized a lot of brain cells and made some of them mean and confrontational.

That is what the fake news and the globalist control freaks have done to Humanity. They laid a blanket of fear over the entire planet and some are afraid to even lift a corner to peek outside to see if the coast is clear. The demonic ones always make sure a boogeyman is lurking in life to stifle our joy and discourage us from fighting back.

Shocking https://t.co/VBFAD0T58k

— Botalia (@Natalia01Mateo) October 15, 2020

Many of us are on the same page, I’ve found. Will the ‘rona fallout continue to shape our society for years to come? This video provides logical perspectives to the psyop in 60 minutes. I think we will create what we wish, and we are evolving every moment.

This is a Spiritual Battle

We are witnessing the self destruction of Big tech, the liberal media, Hollywood, academia, the Washington establishment, and nearly every other powerful institution.
What are the statistical probabilities that this could happen organically in the span of 4 years?

— Q++++ (@sparkledocawake) October 15, 2020

Santa brings us an update from their insider Anon who says it’s time to stock up a little on supplies. We have urged everyone to do that for years now, as things are unpredictable, particularly when the “big news” drops that we hear is coming. The anon also mentioned “riots” again. Certain big cities (you know who you are) are probably more likely to see civil unrest, but don’t panic. It should be short-lived and isolated. If it’s time for the “shock factor” news we believe is necessary to fully awaken the masses so they cannot go back to sleep, anything could happen.

If her channel disappears, you can find her website here.

Angel Anon Updates! Get Stocked up! Internet MAY go down! Get ready please!

It’s a happy day in Yemen following the release and return of prisoners as a result of the recent peace talks in Switzerland brokered by President Trump.

Yemen: Plane with detainees freed in large-scale swap deal lands in Seyoun

Regardless of how bad it looks at the moment, I do believe we will love how this movie ends. A lot of people have decided there is sufficient evidence to support the return of JFK Jr., Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, and Elvis. Some are so convinced they just have to share what they’ve found. The video below is 11 minutes long. What do you think?

Considering what we see in this photo… is anything off the table? Is anything impossible?

Every day I am getting a better idea of the grand scale of this take-down. It’s far bigger than I first imagined. I believe it spans generations, dimensions, and timelines. The culmination of this liberation effort; this war between good and evil, will be spectacular, historic, and yes, probably biblical. It almost defies imagination, and I think it’s safe to say that none of us will be the same at the end of this journey.


If, for any reason we are unable to publish here on Starship Earth, we will endeavor to work from the satellite ship, The Captain’s Blog. You can follow in your WordPress “reader” or subscribe as you have for SE post notifications sent out from here to your inbox.

If WordPress or our server are completely off the reservation and shutting us down across the board, I’m occasionally on Twitter, as time allows, and at that point I would probably also perform my parlances on Parler.

Not everything is running smoothly, however. Parler wants to send a verification code to your cell phone when you’re trying to log into your account, my flip phone has had very spotty bars this morning and I had to power it off and back on because the message from Parler didn’t come through until I did that.

I just clicked on Linda Paris’s video on Twitter to see how she’s faring the censorship and the dialogue box said Twitter was busy and to try again in a few minutes! I think there are a lot of patriots contacting Twitter and YouTube on Twitter about their communist tactics, lol.


— Linda Paris (@Linda_Paris) October 15, 2020

Roadblocks and deterrence measures will be increasing in the coming days, I expect. We shall overcome.  ~ BP

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