Solar storms have intensified in recent years. Whether you were aware of it or not, work went on to prepare the Earth and all of its inhabitants for the great dimensional leap. The energy from your Sun has been charged with the photonic energy of the Central Sun to prepare our bodies for accelerations and stabilize change. There is a greater plan, the Universal Plan, which has been in existence for millions of years, and it is all focused NOW, in this Moment that you are. Everything is coming together exactly as it should. As you have heard many times, everything is orchestrated. So we only ask you to TRUST now and TRUST in what is and will be. Look at everything that is happening, but just look at it. Just see it for what it is. We can’t say exactly when the Event will be yet, but it’s getting closer. WE CANNOT give you a date, but we can say that everything is leading to this. But, once that happens, everything will be smooth and you’ll be able to unfasten your seat belts and breathe a huge sigh of relief. The great ascension of humanity is near and it is time for you to begin preparing your body, mind and soul for this process. If you follow world news and events, inquiring is fine, but you must also be aware that the continuous flow of this third dimensional information will lower your vibrational level. It will arouse your anger, sadness, and at worst, for those extremely sensitive empaths among you, it can even leave you helpless. You have to balance the information you look at. Get used to turning off the television and other media that send negative news. Disconnect from media and electronic devices for a few hours a day. Walk, spend time in nature, play with your children and pets. Listen to music, move your body and relax your mind. The frequency of the Earth is increasing and your physical bodies will learn to match this new vibratory level, but you must be determined to diligently undertake this sacred journey. PREPARE YOUR PHYSICAL BODIES. The best way to do this is to fast. Start intermittent fasting as soon as possible because this will allow for a very fast frequency shift. It will allow to redirect the energy currently used for digestive and metabolic processes towards the strengthening of neurological systems. Drink plenty of fresh water, eat raw fruits and vegetables, and avoid processed foods, sugar and alcohol as much as possible. Meditate, relax, let go and let the love flow. Things are pretty calm this week, but next week it will be anything but. We will continue to have a ton of Ascension Energies flowing from our Central Sun. These waves of Ascension Energy will become very intense as we wrap up the rest of this month. From next week, we expect solar storms to intensify. These energy waves are physically preparing us for the solar flash event. This year the Ascension Energies have been powerful, as have the changes that have come with them. We are going through a rapid activation process as our DNA continues to change and update from the incoming LIGHT CODES. These new codes are used to transform the physical body from carbon to silicon, that is the new structure of the human being who will have to get used to entering the 4th dimension first, and then quickly pass into the 5th dimension. Due to these solar storms, there may be some phenomena in the skies. IF SO !!! PREPARE YOURSELF. It is very likely that these strong photonic storms that arrive from the Central Sun, entering the earth’s electromagnetic field, in addition to making visible phenomena appear in the sky (northern lights or fiery red sky), cause electrical and electronic networks to blow up for some time, telephones and internet included. Reason for which we urge you to procure goods and means of primary necessity, such as: – candles, – flashlights, – drinking water, – water in drums for washing and other necessities, – gas bottle with camping stove, – firewood if you have a fireplace or stove, – dried fruit, – long-life fruit and vegetables, – canned food, – food for your pets, – small cash for expenses, – necessary medicines. It is necessary to eat little and healthy, so as not to tire the body in this transformation process. Stay safe and secure at home, close the doors, as many people will panic not knowing the facts, due to the misinformation of the media. Help your neighbors if they are not aware of the situation, inform your loved ones. Stay calm and have FAITH. Thousands of our ships and beings have come from all over to assist in this transition. It is in the great interest of the Earth and the star nations seeded upon her, embodied through her. We have all come out to facilitate the fast approaching changes and to be by your side and ready to take action. You are loved and supported by all of us in this momentous moment. Collie Salvatori

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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