Energy Update: Mother Wound ~ September 30, 2020

Hi, StarseedsAs we go deeper into our Ascension journey we are realizing that this journey is packed with life-altering weaving at every corner and it takes immense strength to not want to give in and give up, but there’s no turning back is there? I wanted to touch on some of the new energies I’ve been witnessing these last few months that I never could put into words until now.

Some major themes that I’ve been seeing popping up are the Mother Wound/Womb, The metamorphosis of the Throat Chakra and the Ultrasonic frequencies have begun. A few months ago there was one person speaking on Ultrasonic Frequencies and that was Judy Satori and at the time I felt into her words and knew that although I was not experiencing this as of yet that it was coming. These last few months completely up-levelled the energies streaming in with these very SHARP frequencies that completely alters the chemistry of our body.

When I was tapping into these very new, sharp and INTENSE Ultrasonic frequencies in my body the first word that came to me was “rigor mortis”. Rigor Mortis happens when we physically die, it’s one of the last stages of “death” when the body starts to stiffen up because the necessary chemicals that the body needs start to change. Stay with me for a sec, If you’ve been going through the Ascension journey for a minute you know it is a form of death to the old way of how our body and mind function in a limited (3D) capacity. What is happening is the chemicals, (a stream of consciousnesses) are changing within our bodies and as the chemicals change within our blood but more so with our CELLS and DNA, we are going to feel for the next couple of months like death. I can’t express how HUGE this is.As I went deeper with this new knowledge with my team I realized that I was looking for a “logical” way to explain this but logical left the building the moment we started ascending! To exist in LIGHT and on many different timelines where you are merging and using energy very differently, your body HAS to change but it has to change metaphysically within our major operating systems such as the Nervous System, Adrenals, Immune systems etc. For the past few years, our bodies have been preparing us for this shift/next level we are about to enter. I’ve always said that this recalibration HAS to happen in stages or it would overwhelm our mainframe (Nervous System) and we would get very sick or even die. As this Ultrasonic starts to really hit Earth, I am guided to write; PLEASE DO NOT FEAR.

Some new symptoms:– Stiffness of the joints, “stroke-like symptoms”. I cannot stress this enough if you are unsure or worried please get checked out by a Doctor or Medical Team. This is will feel scary as there will be times where you can’t move your body, limbs, muscles; but you have to trust the process Dear Ones. All energies we are stepping into right now and for the next few years are AMPLIFIED. We have never felt symptoms THIS intense. I will go into the importance of BREATHING from your CELLS in the October Forecast–

Eyes: Your eyes with Ultrasonic frequencies will start to see many realities. For example, there’s been a few times where I swear my dog is beside me, I saw him, was talking to him and he ends up being in a completely different room sleeping. I would see something on my dresser like a perfume bottle and say to myself “Omg when did I get that perfume?”, next day it’s no longer there. This is seeing through the veils and in simultaneous timelines at once. I live amongst a lot of trees and I know the history of where I live. I was walking one day and this little indigenous girl started waving at me through the forest opening; I am watching her on the land with her grandmother who is one of my Ancestral guides and I knew in that instant that I was walking side by side with that timeline of me as that little girl, it was amazing to witness! While walking side by side with this little girl/me she is telling me tips, herbal medicines and things to start to do with the land. I am consciously communicating with her and SEEING it with my physical eyes.

– The power of mind/body communication has shifted. We know that we live in a holographic Universe but this goes a bit deeper. You will find that your body has now become your compass and will communicate with you better than the mind. This is why sensitivity to food, places and things has been heightened. The Chakras are merging and all becoming one. I’ve been seeing with clients and its breathtaking to see the actual metamorphosis taking place that I was told years ago would start to happen. With this comes instant healing capabilities, shapeshifting with ease, and much more that I will get into over the next few months.

We are experiencing rapid and INTENSE shifts and this year truly just started the sequence of what is to come. The energies sweeping Mama Tara are going to take us into the next level of our becoming; the past 2 years really took us into our relationships, our core wounds, and collapsing programmings no longer needed in our realities. In the October Vibrations Forecast, I will be going deeper with the body, the Mother Wound and how it is connected to the Throat Chakra. The Breath of transmutation, Timeline splits and the New Ultrasonic Frequencies coming in. Please check out Judy Satori as she has started to do light language with these new frequencies and they are powerful!

So much Love Divine Starseeds *******

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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5 Responses to Energy Update: Mother Wound ~ September 30, 2020

  1. Neil Vidican says:

    MORE symtpoms?!!?!?!?!

    $^&# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHEN is the GOOD stuff gonna come?! HOW much MORE misery MUST we go through!?

    I swear, being human is a CURSE/PUNISHMENT!!!!


  2. Ana Daksina says:

    Actually, I did my first hands-on healing very recently and, as a homeless person, seem to succeed in disappearing for many people, or sometimes, surprisingly, being taken for a statue by a few!


    • Neil Vidican says:

      When are we gonna hear any GOOD news? Or it is always just gonna be stuff like this, more misery coming, or more ‘silent cheerleading’ from those Arcturians?


      • Ana Daksina says:

        Both. Every possibility will occur on its own timeline. Your choice is as to which timeline you’ll move to, and when.

        Many have chosen to remain on this relatively negative timeline till the last possible “moment,” gathering souls and leaving trail markers, before making the jump to Terra Nova.


      • Neil Vidican says:

        How much LONGER?! I want OFF this rotten planet, hitch a ride with the ET’s and have a REAL life. I am soooo starting to really HATE this planet.

        If god were to appear before me, now, I’m kicking the fat fuck in the NUTS!


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