Mars Retrograde in Aries- Finding the Warrior Within, Re-Strategy + Re- Ignition, Tempering the Flames of Passion + Aggression ~ September 10, 2020

On September 9th, Mars, the planet of: war, passion, aggression and will power, turns retrograde at 28 degrees in his home sign of Aries. This is significant for a couple reasons. First off, Mars only goes retrograde every 2 years and since he is an inner planet, we tend to feel this redirection from a personal level. Second, he is in his home sign of Aries, so even while in retrograde motion, he is still very powerful and directed.

Mars retrograde in Aries is here to bring awareness of our: inner passions, frustrations and willpower to the surface. Since Mars is the planet of action, there will still be a strong desire to push forward and conquer. In his retrograde phase however, we will be required to temper this desire and instead of plowing forward aggressively, we will be asked to slow down and re calibrate these passions. I often notice during Mars retrograde periods that increased levels of: frustration, anger and impatience are prevalent.

The last time we had a Mars retrograde in his home sign of Aries was in August-October 1988. If you remember that time, it might be useful to note what was happening. For myself, my parents were finalizing their divorce. Although I was quite young, I remember feeling super anxious and unsettled. Interestingly enough, I also discovered Tarot cards at that time(Mars was retrograde in my 5th house of creativity/hobbies) and it allowed me to find a new outlet to release my pent up anxiety and uncertainty. For everyone, similar themes and events from August-October 1988 might occur during this upcoming transit of Mars retrograde so pay attention.

Till November 14th, when Mars turns direct, this is not the best time to begin new projects or start anything that requires a bunch of effort and forward movement. This is rather a good time to use the energy of Mars to: re-strategize, re-calibrate and redirect our desires and efforts. Slowing down and being patient will be of most importance during this retrograde phase. Mars as he continues in retrograde motion, will square(tense aspect): Jupiter, the planet of: expansion and wisdom, Saturn, the planet of: restriction and obligation and Pluto, the planet of: death/rebirth and transformation, all in the sign of Capricorn. These squares will add to the themes of frustration and irritation. Again, grounding yourself and using Mars energies towards a healthy outlet will be imperative. Without that, many folks could be involved in arguments, disagreements and accidents. Tread slowly. Don’t force it. Find the inner fire and honor it. These are themes to remember during this tense time we are all living in.

Mars retrograde in Aries is here to remind you that force and anger never work in the long run. A true warrior is one that finds their fire and passion from within and not without witnessing many battles and tests beforehand. This Mars retrograde phase will ask that you too find your inner purpose and willpower. Slow down and reflect on what truly motivates your heart and soul. When you want to lash out or tell someone to go f themselves, take a step back and chill out. This is one of the final tests for us in 2020. It is up to each person to be accountable and responsible for their own actions. Mars retrograde in Aries is here to bring these tests to the foreground. Mars retrograde in Aries is here to bring: re-ignition of your inner warrior, tests in patience that ultimately benefit your higher self and the remembrance of your inner passion and purpose here on Earth.

For this transit of Mars retrograde in Aries, I have created an extended horoscope for each zodiac sign on my Patreon page:

I give tips and guidance on how to best navigate this transit cycle. These forecasts are meant to empower you through these trying and tense times.

Your pledges on Patreon are so appreciated. I know it’s not an easy time for many, and your support allows Astromomma to stay afloat and provide guidance to so many people. Thanks for your trust and contribution to the page. © Astromomma, 2020 Image: RustyGrey via Imgur source:

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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