9:9: Through The Eye of The Needle on The Wings of Transfiguration ~ September 9, 2020

The 9;9 portal fans the Flames of Transfiguration Now within us, in an outer reality that is deeply polarised ensuring High drama . Creation is based on Polarity/duality, masculine/feminine, positive/negative, lunar/Solar, logic/intuition , Ida/pingala. There can be no Creation without Polarity/Duality. Existence of Polarity is a Given in The Earth matrix we agreed to incarnate into. However we came, not to plug into the High drama that Polarity/ duality creates (as is so very evident in our deeply polarised outer world today) , BUT to Unify/ Balance the Polarity ie Activate the Sushumna (only possible when Ida and pingala are balanced) / The Neutral Channel/ The Earth Ground in a circuit of positive and Negative Terminals. Not to be confused with being unaware of unfoldings around us, for that is just escapism, but To be a detached Observer, discerning where to place our Energies (be the Earth grounding/ sushumna ) for the Highest Outcome/Timelines to be anchored, those that are in alignment with Ma’at’s Principles. As within, So Without.

And it is exactly this aspect that the Winds of Transfiguration assist us with at this Point in time.

For Transfiguration to occur, Old attitudes, attributes, beliefs, patterns, habits, etc will be placed under the scanner. What is no longer serving you (that way it did before)? Where are you being called to spring clean, make changes? Where are you being rerouted? Do not be distracted by the drama of the Polarities….they are meant to provide high octave drama/ distraction. Right and wrong are often matters of Perception. You are here to Transfigure your Perception to a Higher Vantage Point so that you may be aligned with Divine Truths (as opposed to relative truths) and assist in anchoring this Timeline for Gaia.

For higher Timelines to be anchored, those that are aligned with Divine Cosmic Truth (Ma’at’s principles of Truth, Justice, Balance and Morality), the Winds of Transfiguration will necessarily carry you through the Eye of the Needle…releasing the Old n Obsolete and that which no longer serves, so as to be able to access higher Knowings /wisdom that in turn fans the flames of new Creation and Manifestation.

Venus/inanna is currently at Gate of Perception at Third eye Chakra showing us those aspects that stand in the way of aligning with our highest Intuitive wisdom. It’s a time of Spring Cleaning/ clearing out the excess baggage so that we may pass through the Eye of the Needle on The Wings of The Orange-Magenta Flames of Transfiguration. This is the opportunity that this portal brings forth for us as it carries us to the Eye of the needle/Equinox Gateway…

Be Light, InLight, InGrace


https://isischannelings.wordpress.com/ Gratitude To Artist Brian Froud from Faerie Oracle #9:9 #transfiguration#polarity#duality#drama#venus#inanna#ma’at #eyeoftheneedle

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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