Pars Kutay ~ September 9, 2020

We Do NOT Wait For The Awakening…

We BECOME The Awakening. We BEcome Aware NOW of the Planets and the Solar System… and the Solar Sun.

And then looking through the Solar Sun… just with our Thoughts we can travel. And we travel through the Sun out into the Galaxy toward the Central Sun of the Galaxy.

And then through that Central Sun into the many Galaxies beyond the millions and billions of Galaxies beyond… all the way to the Central Sun of the Universe… the Cosmic SOURCE of All of Creation in this Universe. We Feel the immense Energy Here. But we also Feel a Connection. And we Know that We originated from this SOURCE long… long… long ago.

We KNOW that We are ONE with this SOURCE… this Cosmic SOURCE.

And We BECOME Aware of ALL the Energy… NOW… that has been coming from this SOURCE.

All of the WAVES of Energy that have been moving through the Universe… through the Galaxies… through the Central Suns of all of the Galaxies into the Solar System and to the Earth.

And we can watch Wave after Wave after Wave that has been coming through.

And We also… NOW… see Waves that have Not yet reached the Earth that are Still in Transit… Still Coming.

But they Don’t travel by way of Time. They travel by way of Vibration. So that as the Vibration is ready Here in this Solar System… then they can reach this Solar System.

So… Vibration and Consciousness is what is Required to bring these Waves of Energy to the Earth.

And as Consciousness has been increasing throughout the planet… these Waves have been coming.

But yet… there are WAVES that have NOT yet come and are holding back… waiting for the Right Vibration to BE Reached so that they can then come to the Earth…

Strike the Earth… and Raise Consciousness yet more… a little bit more… and a little bit more.

And at times… even in fell swoops… all at once.

But there is that ONE Wave… that ONE that still sits far out into the Galaxies beyond this Galaxy.

We can see it just sitting there waiting. A WAVE of Energy that we KNOW that is Approaching.

And as Consciousness increases on the planet… the WAVE comes closer and closer. And as man Awakens more and more across the planet… man will attract this WAVE… this Final WAVE.

The WAVE that will create the SOLAR FLASH in our Sun so that the Changeover can commence. NOW for a moment… Let us visualize this WAVE coming… making its Final Approach coming through the Sun… creating a BLAST of Energy in the Sun.

A BLAST of Energy… a FLASH of Energy… of LIGHT that will BE seen across the entire Planet.

Almost as if a NEW Sun has been born. As People will See it in that respect and look up in Wonderment.

And yes… unfortunately… some will still fear.

But most… because of the Vibrations that accompany this Flash of LIGHT… People will Feel these Vibrations… Feel this LIGHT… this Energy… this LOVE that is the Cosmic SOURCE LOVE… and the LOVE will Overcome anything that is of fear in those Moments.

And as many people will Not BE acclimated to these Energies by this point… some will have difficulty with this.

But those of us that have been preparing and readying… our Central Nervous System… our DNA will Welcome this LIGHT… will take this LIGHT within us.

We KNOW that in those moments it is Transforming us. NOT into the full Ascension… but deeply into the Ascension Process.

As if We were moving to a NEW Phase. And We see that NEW Phase… NOW… as it overwhelms us with BLISS… with LOVE… with Connection to our Higher SOURCE that we have NOT felt at a Conscious Knowing level for many… many… many Lifetimes.

But We Welcome this ENERGY… and we Remember this ENERGY. We Remember this Connection. Because in that Moment… We will understand the Universe.

Because We will KNOW that WE are the Universe. We are LOVE incarnate. We are the LIGHT… the WAY… and the TRUTH.

So… We see NOW the Results and Changeover that will Happen across the planet. Let’s Visualize how WE would want it to BE.

We See People coming together everywhere. We See Animals coming together everywhere. Animals that at one time would prey upon another.

But NOW they have No reason to. Because LOVE has taken over.

And Plants… and Flowers everywhere Blooming… Growing. And the Sky! We See the Sky is Brilliant Blue… like We’ve never seen the Sky BEfore… only in our dreams… maybe.

The Air is Crystal Clear and Clean. And the negative ions that we Love so much when we go near the Ocean or other bodies of Water… We Feel those negative ions just Blissfully washing over us.

This… my friends… is The EVENT. This is The EVENT that Catapults us into the Next Stages of the Ascension Process. With Sacred LOVE of ONE ~ 💜 ~

Photo: Starry Nights at Durdle Door – captured by Aaron Jenkin

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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