Hare in the Moon Astrology ~ September 9, 2020

“Each of us has that right, that possibility, to re-invent ourselves daily. If you do not invent yourself, you will be invented.

So, to be bodacious enough to invent yourself is wise.”Maya AngelouA heads up!

Something big this way comes……today Mars turns retrograde in Aries for the first time since 1988 and won’t repeat this rite of passage until 2067. Now at his closest to the Earth, the Fire God will re-activate the catalyst for the lockdown- Eris, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter- twice more in the next 8 weeks in cahoots with Jupiter direct- expect more spikes in the infection rates into December.

The next few days are going to be felt at a cellular level – manifesting in the physical as surges in the Californian wild fires along with protests,rage and clampdowns.

In this dysfunctional, dystopian year of constant chaotic disruption, with Mars at Max until January 2021 in the midst of Pluto’s burning fields, Mars Retrograde in Aries is the call to individuate:speak truth to power, including your ownknow that your body is the vector for your evolutionredefine how you respond to life’s challenges through a makeover or rebirth of your self-expression in the world leave behind the roles – all the settling for, the making nice, the barely breathing and calling it a lifeembody your maverick spirit, wisdom, gifts and unique qualitiesbe audacious, brave, instinctual, passionate and focusedcreate whatever causes a revolution in your heart.

This is the start of the incoming 2021 Resonant Time-lines.As both Mars and Jupiter slow to change direction this week, just feel the plasma influxes literally shake and vibrate the old structures to release collective creations, creating Freedom from old experiences. Magnetic fields shift, break apart.

Your DNA holds the record of all you have been and will be across the dimensions and densities and this magnetic unlocking will release what is no longer compatible with your new energy signature.

September’s astrology is all about exiting the trance of overwhelm by taking back your Self, your Core and your Agency. Get your essential Guide

-sign up to my September 5D Report:” Taking Back Your Superpowers” at : www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.ukNew Resource for Way Finders! Get “Your Body is Taking You Along for the Ride” covering: Earth’s Magnetic Field Shift/The South Atlantic Anomaly/The Schumann Resonance /The Solar Cycle and Solar Flares/Extreme Climate Change/How to find Your Go Window + Go Offline Window/How to Support Your Energy Field: www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.ukArt by Cathy McClelland

About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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1 Response to Hare in the Moon Astrology ~ September 9, 2020

  1. gratzite says:

    Thanks for the term “maverick” used, because that is how I feel as an honoured member of The Aetherius Society feeling out of tune in its development.


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